Sunday, June 29, 2008


Ok, sorry so long to update!!! As soon as we get Chris off to Africa I will post all about Yellowstone!!! It was amazing, one of the best trips ever! And I even traveled with many teenagers!!!! Ok, must help pack!!!

Oh yeah today as we are running around town trying to get everything for Africa, we have a flat tire!!! It's Sunday no one can fix it!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


My Baby Brother’s growing up!!!! Last week was Andrew and his lifelong friends Matthew, and Erik’s graduation party. My mom, Sandi (Matt’s mom,our friend, and our preacher’s wife) and I planned this party. As some of you may know I was the rush director for my social club at ACU, so this is right up my ally. We asked the boys what they would like at their party....Wrong idea in grand Matt and Andrew style (if you know them it makes sense) they gave us the craziest ideas EVER. Some of their requests...
Strobe lights Fire works Popcorn fal
ling from the ceiling Their names spelled out with Cake Glow Sticks and various other ridiculous things!!!! However, because they are such GOOD kids (not kidding they are some of the best high school seniors you will ever meet) we tried to make some of them come true....WE ARE NOW THE CRAZY ONES! You must also know that we were going to do this at our church’s FLC (you church of Christ people know what that is). Now our church is a small church and our FLC is pretty much a house with no walls in the middle. If you are confused I’m sorry...trying to write all this down so we can remember it later. After many weeks of planning and talking we came up with a pretty good plan. I got on the Internet and ordered 100 glow sticks! We had a popcorn machine. We had a room pretty much turned into a video game arcade. We had their names spelled out with Cakes.(thank you Sandi)We also had their two very FAVORITE DRINKS in the world there!! Dr. Pepper of course!!! and VERY FINE Juice ( no one has EVER heard of it and it's extremely hard to find!!!!) Ok, here are pictures of the night, sorry I am married to a photographer and I am a scrapbooker. After we had a party, the boys had put together a video of the FUNNY things they have done together or a part. Or the things people say Hey, Andrew or Matthew can you do that_________! They showed off a little!! Which is ok cause hey, its their night!!! I will try to post the video when Chris puts it on you tube! Anyways I know he has heard me say this a thousand times but I love you Andrew and I'm so proud of who you have become and who you are!!! I also want to say to Matt (not that either one will ever read this) I love you too and am proud of you!! Can't wait to see what y'all will do next...BTW my brother is the one in the College Shirt!

Monday, June 2, 2008


My baby brother is graduating this week. We are having a party for him and two of his really good friends that go to our church this weekend. We have worked pretty hard on it and I hope that it turns out ok and they will enjoy it.
Chris is working on my brother's senior video for our church's senior sunday and let me just say it's great. (but it makes me cry) I will write a post about my brother some other time along with the video...
Other than that same 'ol same 'ol. In the next few weeks we are going to be SOOOO busy!

Our Schedule
This weekend-Andrew's party, and graduation!!! Congrats brother!
June 8-11 Chris has work camp with the youth group
June 10- Our two year Anniversary! (won't have time to do anything) I hope I will even get to see him....Summer's for youth ministers are super busy.
June 19-My dad's birthday!!!
June 19-25-Chris and I, My mom and Dad, four other adults and a whole bunch of our teens from church are going to Yellowstone!!!!!
June 27-Going to my Dad's homecoming where he grew up! Small town, huge deal to them!
July 1st- Chris, Andrew, and others from church leave for Africa for a month!!!! So far I am not freaking out about Chris being gone for a month but we will see later.
Thats all I have time for right now but I will try to post pictures of this upcoming weekend next week.