Monday, August 30, 2010

Family Time

My cousin has been in Iraq for the last year and just got back last month. (He is a chaplain the US army.) He and is family are stationed in Seattle now and they came for a visit and to attend their oldest son's wedding. A week before the wedding we all had dinner together at my Aunt's it was so nice to see had been too long!
Their family at the wedding.
(only one I could find with all of them. Blog to come)

Whitney (my cousin) was so excited to meet the girls. She moved to Seattle and got married and at their wedding I was VERY pregnant.

Whitney and Madelyn

The girls LOVE stairs and luckily they have a gate. I think they spent all their time sitting on the few steps before the gate. The older cousins all took turns playing with them. I love it! It is just how I grew up, playing with all my cousins!

Madelyn and Darby

Kinley trying to talk someone into letting her go all the way up!

Ashleigh and Kinley. Seriously I wish this girl lived with me. She chases them everywhere!

Kevin ( he is the one that had been gone)

What our family does best...talking!
Kevin and Laura have twins. They were born while they were stationed in Germany but came back not to long after. I have loved watching the boys grow up...they are so tall now. They are 15 but they both played with the girls while we were there. It was like they had a special bond!

The twins!

My Kinley and her mouth full of teeth!

Madelyn, back to the stairs

Next up... The wedding!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Everywhere you look...TWINS!!!

A couple of weeks ago we had the PLEASURE of meeting up with two other twin families at the Gaylord! Yes, I met them through my blog! Amy and Britni both have blogs and both have twin girls! Amy and I have already met and let me just tell you I LOVE this girl....Everytime we hang out I find something else we have in common. Britni...OMG, this lady is just as AMAZING. It was like we all had been friends forever! I mean we do read each others blog everyday...It was like meeting old friends for lunch!

What lunch looks like with 3 sets of twins. 6 highchairs. We sure did get LOTS of stares

Aren't these girls the cutest...Clare and Adde looking at the water!

My girls watching the big girls.
The other twins are all 2! Oh, the things to come!

Clare and Reese...our girls all got along so well.

Madelyn and Daddy...This was the day before Madelyn got REALLY sick!

Reese, such a cutie!

William sharing a moment with Madelyn.

My favorite thing was that we all jumped right in and were helping feed, catch and chase all the girls. I have never met Dads that jump right into helping other peoples kids like Twin Dads. William, Richey and Chris were always watching out didn't matter whose kid or whose bag they were carrying!

Life with Septuplets...Adde, Clare, Reese, Riley, Kinley and Madelyn!

Then we found a mirror...Kinley, Madelyn and Adde

"Kinley you better give that back to Riley"

They were trying to sit on the ledge.

Twin Mamas!!!
We had SOOO much fun hanging out with the Owens and the Keys...We can't WAIT to do it again!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday x4!

August 1st, a bunch of our friends turned 3! The quads had a birthday and we were so excited to go!

At the Quads first birthday,I had just found out I was pregnant (before we even knew it was twins) and was SOOOOO sick during their party. It was very nice to not be sick this time.

Us with the boys when they were one!
This year! I can't believe how it has flown!

Savi wearing her tutu the girls gave her...
Seriously after being around Sav the girls will wear tutus now because they want too! I love it! Kinley wore one over at Suz's house the other day for like an hour and was mad to take it off.

The girls loved the big kid's car

They both fit...for a second until one of them got mad

Benny bear!
Ok, so this last picture needs a little explaining. We got the quads this car and decided to put it together before the party and take it all put together...or so we thought...that stupid car is crazy hard to put together. It made us late and pretty much caused a huge fight...I kept telling Chris to put it together and he thought it would take a sec....WRONG!! So he had to spend a while putting it together at the party!

We didn't take many pictures this year but we had a great time...the twins LOVE going to their house. Happy Birthday, Andrew Ethan, Ben and Savannah! We love you so much and love that you guys are getting to grow up with our girls!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mullets anyone???

The girls hair was getting out of CONTROL!!! You know it's bad when people keeping asking..."when are you going to get their hair cut" Auntie Suz cut it before but because it was too crazy we decided to take them in...I was super worried about how these was going to go....

Madelyn getting ready...Look at that hair!

The lady that cut the girls hair was cutting another set of twins hair when we got there....She is quite used to multiples. She said that were she used to work the Moms of Multiples group would come in all together on a Saturday...12 moms with twins and triplets!!! Two sets were easy enough for her!

Madelyn getting a little bored

Pulled out the suckers and all was fine again!

Kinley's turn, who had spotted the suckers!

Her hair was the worst...Business up front, party in back!

Madelyn playing with Mimi! I was not brave enough to do haircuts by myself! They were all over the salon!

Overall the girls did AMAZING, and completely shocked me! We left and had a nice lunch at Chick fil a and long naps!

Save Now


We have spent most of this summer trying to stay cool...It is WAY too hot here to go outside for more than a few seconds unless you are in the water. (which we have done a lot of) We decided to go and visit the museum with our good friends. I was watching Christopher and Issac that week and so it was something fun for all ages.

I talked my good friend Amber into go with us... WAIT, I have to stop there and talk about her for a minute. It is so interesting that we became friends. She went to church with Chris growing up. I think Chris might have gone to prom or something like that with one of her! Anyways, She still attends church with my mother in law and gave us a very sweet gift when the girls were born...bows and the cutest outfit...and that is where it all began! She is the amazing woman behind all the cute bows M and K wear. I would call her up and take outfits over to match ribbon with... and now I think now we talk or text almost everyday! I have loved becoming better friends with her... She was once my bow lady and I am so glad I can call her my friend! I can't imagine my life without Amber who has been out of town for a week and a's time to come home!

Sadly I didn't get any pictures of her on this trip...we laughed because all the thousands of times we have hung out this was one of the first times we brought a camera!

Our group!

First we decided to hit up the dino dig, which is outside...we had to get that in during the morning!

The little kids watching the big kids dig

They all had a really good time digging in the sand

Alright the little kids had enough watching!

Sam...the girls call him "bubba" Madelyn first real word actually!

The girls LOVED the childrens museum part

They had this little grocery store that the kids could play in...OMG, I think the girls could have spent ALL day in there.

My Sweet Madelyn's, dream world...baskets to carry things around it.
The girl organizes everything

K, getting on in the action

This picture cracks me up...Amiya holding "bubba"
and looking like how much longer do we have to watch the babies in here.

Madelyn and Kinley cleaning the shelves.

Then they found the carts and it was over from there.

Madelyn looking at her loot and wanting to sort it all out I am sure...she is a little OCD.
Just like her Daddy...poor girl! lol

This picture explains my life...both girls going in different directions!

We had such a good time with our friends and can't wait to go again....Ok, Amber come home! LOL