Thursday, September 17, 2009

A peak into our world as of lately!

So Kinley keeps getting this rash on her face. It comes and goes, but seems to come when she gets warm or is in the sun mostly.  I try really hard to keep her out of the sun but sometimes it happens anyways. Of course everytime we go to the dr for check ups it is never there.  

Here is Kinley right before we left to go the the dr!
I just love this dress on the girls! Their cousin Sarah spoils them ROTTEN!!!!
This is so not as bad as it has been. 
This is what it looked like the first time it happened.
 We were at the beach(I know I never finished our trip blog, working on it) 
Yes she was wearing lots of sunscreen!
The doctor looked and looked, asked me lots of questions and said "I'm stumped" She is sending Kinley to a dermatologist. She told me it might take a few weeks to get an appointment. We could not get in until November 4. So I won't know anything till then. I have a few ideas about what I think it may be. We will see. 

 Since we were there I decided to ask the doc about the girls HATING their food. She said due to their smaller size they really need to be eating things other than just formula. Which they have decided they are not crazy about that either lately. She gave me some tips, some are sort of working... They also got their flu shots while we were there! Can't be too careful! 

Kinley's new way of eating! 
She looks like a hamster drinking a water bottle. 
Later that week while I was packing I put the girls in their swings. I came into the room to find this. 
Madelyn fell asleep while chewing on the tray!
I of course got a few pictures before she woke up.  Look at her poor face! 
I have so much to catch up on! We have been housesitting/baby-sitting this week, I am finally home and trying to play catch up. For now however I am going to bed! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Favorite things

I have done this before and figured it was time for another one. Plus we are housesitting/babysitting and I don't have a way to download current pictures so this will have to work as a blog post. 


I am making my own baby food for the twins. They currently are horrible eaters, I hope it is not my cooking. ;) I use my blender all the time and just freeze everything.  A must have in babyfood making. 
Huggies Cucumber green tea wipes

 We change a alot of diapers in the Tarrant household and it is really nice to have something that smells good. I love this smell and plus it is the kind you buy at Sam's. I never cared about buying stuff in bulk before now! 

Gumdrop Pacifiers 
We have a lot of these. I don't always knows where they end up so we go through a lot. At first we color coded the girls. Madelyn had the purple ones and Kinley had pink ones but that is a thing of the past. Now that the girls are older it is whatever. Kinley is known for grabbing her sister's out of her month if they are close enough. I thought we would stop doing pacifiers at six months but not now. This week we actually started using them while we feed the girls. They hate everything about eating babyfood, so I give them a bite and put the pacifier in their mouth and it helps them suck it down. Baby steps! It is totally not making feeding time great but at least helping a little. 

Double stroller, we use this with the carseats now and it is wonderful. I get to go places by myself easier.  It does sometimes attract lots of attention. Mostly people telling me about their grandchildren, children, nieces, nephews that are twins. I don't mind it at all... most of the time. 

Camera, having a husband who does video and photography we have lots of pictures being taken. Not that I have any pictures on my wall to prove it...hint hint Chris! 
Oh my goodness the twins love this toy. It usually makes them happy after crying. It makes really cute noises. I am seriously considering buying a 2nd one. 
Bumbo seats. We have started using this everyday with trying to eat food. The girls usually like them. They are still too small for their big high chairs and these are just perfect for eating and so easy to clean.
Paper towels, I didn't ever go through as many of these before babies. Something else we buy in bulk. 
Bibs and burp cloths. They both of saved lots of mine and their clothes. Kinley and Madelyn spit up a lot and so these are a must have at our house. 
Those are just a few things that make life easier. I am really going to try to be a better blogger.