Friday, January 30, 2009

Playing catch up...trying too!!!

Here are some pictures Chris took right before Christmas. He would probably kill me if he knew I was posting them before he edited them but he is REALLY busy! I don't know what is wrong with the it keeps moving them around. I gave up trying. Hope you enjoy!!!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Weights and being sick.

This weekend I was sick! Chris and I both woke up sick on Thursday. Sore throats, coughing, and stuffy noses. Chris could take medicine and I really can’t so I think he starting feeling better faster. I still don’t feel good actually and really wish I could start feeling more like myself…whatever that feels like now.

Sleeping has gotten much harder this last week. Last week and through the weekend I was averaging about three hours of sleep a night. I have watched A LOT of movies. The last two nights I have actually slept till about five in the morning. I was so excited to sleep that long!!! How sad!

Monday I had a ultrasound. Both babies are laying transverse still. They looked much bigger and Kinley was facing out so we could see her face. We only got a glimpse of Madelyn’s face. They told us that Madelyn has hair for sure. It’s so crazy that they can tell. Kinley weighed 3 pounds 15 oz and Madelyn weighed 4 pounds 4 oz. They said things look great! I was a little worried about the weight differences but the doctor said that it is fine. It’s amazing to think I have that much baby in my tummy. Although I do look like I have that much in there. I am 32 weeks today and we can’t believe before too much longer we will have little two baby girls.


Monday, January 19, 2009

The list!!!

Well everything over at the Tarrant household is great! I am going to be 31 weeks tomorrow and I am huge! Well, I feel like I look huge and thats what people keep telling me. I thought since I don't have much to update about. I would make a list of things I love and don't love about being pregnant. Mostly for me so I will remember...

5 Things I love about being pregnant

Feeling the babies kick!

Watching Chris feel them

When others get to feel them move (people I know)

Not saying anymore "does this make me look fat". Cause I pretty much can't wear anything that doesn't make me look huge.

Knowing that I get to see them in a few weeks

5 things I don't love about being pregnant

Always having to pee even if I just went.

Not sleeping.

I miss laying on my stomach.

Nothing ever sounds good to eat.

Always worrying that the babies are ok.

I know I left things out but I have wanted to make sure I have written things like that down. My good friend Suz bought me a book called the Belly book when I first got pregnant.

I have been really good about writing in it so far. I reread some of it last night I have already started to forget the way I felt at first. I was SOOOOO sick all the time. Ask Chris, I was not a happy camper. EVERYTHING made me sick. I lost like 10 pounds. (not that I am complaining about that) I guess it's true you really do forget. Anyways I am so glad that I have that book so years from now I can look back and remember.


Monday, January 5, 2009

29 weeks Tomorrow!

Sorry it's been so long since I have actually posted anything. It's been a little crazy during the holidays and I have not been able to update. 

Chris left this morning to a Youth minister conference and to go snowboarding in Colorado for a week. 

Yep that right, he left his pregnant wife home while he went to have fun. Just kidding, I would have gone but my doctor said it was probably best not to. So Chris left with some of our best friends to have fun! Well have fun, Tarrant (that's what I call Chris because there are so many Chris's) it's the last time for a while. HA! Speaking of him leaving, I had asked him to download all our Christmas pictures before he left so I could post them but I guess he forgot and he has the camera. 

I had a doctor's appointment today so I took my mom to see the girls. Well sort of...they were both turned where we could not see their faces. The doctor didn't even print us any pictures cause there was not a lot to see.  We did find out their weights.....

I have over six pounds of baby in my stomach!!! Thats six bags of sugar! No wonder I'm tired!!!!

Baby A (Kinley) is 3 pounds 2 oz. Baby B (Madelyn) is 3 pounds 3 oz. I don't why but I really didn't think that they would be that big already. Chris and I placed a bet about how big they would be...I totally overshot what I really thought but I was right!! I sure did call him walking out of the doctor's office to inform him who won!! 

We are really starting to work on their room now because I'm starting to get nervous about getting everything done. We have cribs but have had lots of problems with getting pieces that are broken. So annoying!!!! 

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