Friday, April 29, 2011

New Camera and REAL life!

Chris just got a new camera…which means I got his old one! I don’t have a lot of idea how to work a DSLR but working on it. I did take two years of photography in high school…it’s just trying to remember it all. Plus it wasn’t much digital back then!

Chris couldn’t wait to try his out. So here is real life at the Tarrant house around dinner time.

Their hair is a mess!

IMG_9995 and tongues out!


It can get crazy around here with two, 2 year olds! In fact so crazy that sometimes they get hurt….Madelyn took a spill the next day and she busted her lip. It got pretty huge, she kept rubbing it thinking she could get it to come off. Kinley fell the day after and busted her lip too. NEVER a dull moment.

My sweet poor baby!

IMG_9991 Even though there are ALOT of yucky moments with being 2. We sure have a lot of fun too!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good times, Good friends!

The Huttons and the Tarrants meet again! This time in good ‘ole COWTOWN! They came down to watch Kristi’s Dad, grandfather and great grandfather be inducted into the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame. How cool is that, what a COOL honor…We couldn’t let them come into our turf without seeing us at least once or twice. We met up with them at a park and had a wonderful dinner at Joe T’s!

Kinley and Madelyn are wearing clothes that the Hutton’s passed down to us…Seriously most of their summer wardrobe is from A and A…THANK YOU!


Ok, Kristi. I completely apologize in advance if I mix the girls up. I can tell them apart in real life but some of the pictures are hard!

Alex and Kinley sliding.







We had a good time playing at the park…the Daddies chased and the Mom’s got to chat ;) We decided to take the Huttons to the famous Ft. Worth restaurant Joe T’s. It is great for 4, 2 year olds…all outside!

Takes a lot of high chairs and a big table for our two families!


The girls soon discovered the many fountains around the restaurant after we were done eating. They enjoyed playing dumping water on themselves. They got a TON of attention from most of the crowd.


IMG_9922 IMG_9924

We ended the night by carrying four very wet girls out of the restaurant!!!

The next day we met Kristi and the girls at Central Market for playing and lunch! The girls quickly found the stage and decided that was the place to play. The Daddies weren’t there so we didn’t get many pictures, we were too busy chasing!

Who knows what they were doing, but they were having fun!

5[3] It was all fun and games until Kinley decided to step off the stage and busted her cheek. Poor baby! That was the beginning of the end of our Central Market trip!

The picture is from my phone so it’s horrible but that is what K looked like!


We had such a wonderful time getting to see the Huttons. We are so excited that they are up here working one of the horrible storms we had and hope to get to see them a lot during the next coming weeks!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun with the Steece bunch!

A couple of weekends ago we took the Steece kiddies to breakfast!! Funny thing when you take 6 kids (all still in car seats) it takes a suburban and a mini van.

We had a blast…I have to brag on Chris and I…we had it totally under control. I thought it would be complete chaos.I am not going to say we didn’t get a few stares and you got your hands full comments but It went GREAT! My girls absolutely LOVE the quads. They talk about them ALL the time!

Our Fearsome bunch!

IMG_9877 Sweet little Benny!

IMG_9871 E-Bud!

IMG_9874I think all the kids had fun playing. They got along great! IMG_9875Ok, so I know Madelyn is a little OCD but this was OUT OF CONTROL. As soon as she saw the quads dump their flip flops she went right back and had to organize them…no kidding! Yes she realized the red pair was missing and had to find it promptly after this picture was taken.


The quads went back to their house to help paint while we went and played at the park. Once we got the quads again we went and played at Collin and Ashley’s house (sorry no pictures)

Chris had decided to go help Joe and Suz paint. Chris shares Madelyn’s OCD trait which makes him a wonderful small detail painter. A little annoying if you are in a hurry but wonderful if you want precise painting.

04 april 2011 033[4] After bringing the quads home, we decided to have a slumber party with the Steece’s! Madelyn and Kinley were so worn out from hanging out with the big kids that they had already gone to bed. My mom decided that she would just stay with the girls so we could stay and help paint. Thanks Mom!

Aren’t they cute?!?04 april 2011 039[4]

The girls…It was late and we were all tired!04 april 2011 040[4] We had fun hanging out with our good friends all weekend and can’t wait to hang out again! Love you guys!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy 100th Birthday!

While I was growing up I had the pleasure of having a second family. I was very good friends with Steven and Danelle (sister and brother) and became very close to them and their family and consider them my own. And I know they consider Chris, me and the girls as family as well! Granny Bos is their grandmother and she turned 100 and we of course were there to help celebrate such a wonderful life! (our camera died at the party so we hardly got any pictures :(

Madelyn Giving Granny hugs. photo

Granny was the first person to give us a present after we found out we were having twins. Two blankets that she made,they are very special to me and will treasure them forever!

There was a ton of people there to wish her a happy birthday!


Madelyn with Poppy!


I swear Kinley was at the party too but I think she was too busy eating cupcakes!

Thank you Smith family for allowing us to borrow your granny! We love our Granny Bos!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


For months, Chris’s cousin Holly and I have been trying to plan to together with our kids. Something ALWAYS has come up. Appointments or sick kids was always the culprit…It is hard to get 5 kids well and have no doctor appointments. But we finally made it happen last week! We decided to meet at Memaw’s (chris’s grandmother, Dad’s side) house so she could see the kids too.

All the cousins, except Will who was at school! (Chloe, Madelyn, Brooke and Kinley)

IMG_9843 They had a WONDERFUL time running in Memaw’s big backyard.



Sweet Sisters! Brooke kissing Chloe.

IMG_9850 Memaw and the girls!

IMG_9854 I know Memaw enjoyed getting to see all the girls play! I know I did. IMG_9863 We are going to make this happen more. I love that my kids with have cousins around the same age and that live in the same town. I loved playing with my cousins and hope my girls do too. Thank you Holly, we hope to see you tomorrow or Tuesday!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby Dolls!

I am behind on a few blogs because of all this sickness! I was just going to skip a few things but decided I didn’t want to! BTW, the girls are feeling better! It has been wonderful…I hope it continues.

For the girls birthday, Kinley and Madelyn got a few presents in the mail and they LOVED opening them all. I could do a whole post about just that actually. Adde and Clare sent the girls some SWEET new baby dolls!

The girls were VERY excited about them! (Madelyn)

IMG_9197 The girls are pretty fond of baby dolls right now and these are no exception!


I love Kinley’s face in this picture! IMG_9199

The girls some how have decided that these dolls look like Dora. It took me like 10 minutes the other night to figure out what they were talking about. They were literally screaming “dorda” doll “dorda” doll, I brought every Dora thing in our house and nothing was making them happy. I finally figured out they were talking about those dolls. They have now become a staple in the girls crib. They are starting to have quite a collection of “babies” in their cribs.

Got to love the Mav’s Socks Madelyn is rocking! Those are from her Daddy.


We LOVE the dolls! Thank you Adde and Clare!