Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our skiing adventure: Part One

So a while back a big group of us decided to go skiing together. Most of us had never been and were all excited to experience this together. We decided to drive, which ended up probably being the best since we are constantly dealing with ear infections and going up in an airplane wouldn’t have been too much fun! My Dad was going with us (my mom had to work) so three adults and two one year olds (I refuse to say 2 year old yet) loaded up and headed north. We left a few hours before bedtime and drove through the night. It really worked out pretty well…well Madelyn had a few REALLY bad poopy diapers along the way. It involved a few changes of clothes and a plastic bag! Anyways other than that the girls did GREAT!!

Although we are the proud owners of a dual screen DVD player. LIFESAVER!!!


My good friend Kristi sold us their almost brand new one when they found out we were looking and they had bought a new car. Thanks guys! We love it and not sure what we did with out one.

The other thing that got us through the LONG drive was the girls new Magna Doodles…they LOVED them.

Both girls completely asleep holding them.



We got to Leadville, Colorado about 1 the next day. It is such a cute little town and they had TONS of snow. There was something like a 50 inch base when we got there.


Check out the icicles! They went from the roof to the ground.

I made Chris stop and take this picture.

IMG_8340 We didn’t ski the first day there, we just went and got our skiing stuff. The girls are too young to go to the daycare there, well they aren’t potty trained and they are supposed to be before you can leave them. So with 20+ people and a babysitter (Laura and Paige, who I wished lived closer!!!) we figured it all out! Thanks to everyone that took a turn babysitting, Chris and I truly appreciate it.

Chris and I getting ready to head out the next day.

IMG_0075 It was SOOO cold there and we were all bundled up! I don’t think I have ever had to wear that many layers.

Sweet Lily! Who I might add is an amazing skier! Much better than a lot of the adults.


My ski school buddies! Matt and Sandi (I have known this family since the 5th grade)


Ski school


Let me stop to say I believe this was the last picture taken of me upright! I didn’t do well in ski school…I hated it. I literally cried after it was over. Don’t ask why but I did. I would have been completely ok to take off the skies and never look back. I was done…at that point.

My Dad who had not been skiing in 25+ years and Chris went off on the ski lift while I was in ski school. While on the ski lift my Dad dropped his pole which landed down a black trail. OOPS! They decided to go ahead and try to go down. Chris snowboards and has been many times, he was fine but my Dad was going down a black after not skiing in forever and with only one pole!! Let me tell you he made it down but not with out falling and over an hour and a half later. I think he is still sore! He is ok but has a good story to tell.

My Dad

IMG_0084 After lunch Chris and my Dad convinced me to try the bunny slope.

Here is what it looked like…

IMG_0085 I had trouble with it all…I fell more times than I can remember. I was completely beat up and sore.

The girls were glad to see us when we got home but I know they had a great day with Paige!

With that many people in the house the girls got quite spoiled to getting what they wanted all week!

IMG_8223The girls had to help me eat after not being with me all day! those outfits will never be the same.

IMG_8242 There was always lots of games going on and the girls were never far behind to “help”

IMG_8244 The girls with Christopher


Issac trying to explain to the twins about the game…ha!


More Later!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Twins x 3+1=fun!!!

Ever wondered what lunch with 7 kids looks like at a mall food court? (three sets of twins and a singleton) Well here you go, notice how most of the children are not sitting down? That pretty much sums it up, folks…it is a crazy mess. I LOVE it!

IMG_8454 There is NOTHING like going to lunch with three friends who get how hard it is! Who know what having two screaming kids in their stroller is like and don’t judge you at all! Thanks girls I love you to pieces and so glad you live close enough to get together. I can’t wait for our mom dinner though!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Our Family pictures

Here are a few of our pictures from our two photo shoots with Hannah Vickers (friend and fellow twin mom too) She is amazing with our girls and we are so thankful for her and what all she has done for us. I just wish we lived closer so I could use her more often…like for our two year old pictures! Chris who is a photographer too enjoys not taking pictures of the girls…they don’t do as well for him!

Here they are! (the ones of just the girls are in a previous post)

IMG_2768 IMG_2788 IMG_2897 IMG_2909 IMG_2716 copy

IMG_6764 IMG_6956 copy IMG_7001 copy IMG_6936 IMG_6873 IMG_7043 copy IMG_6782 IMG_7079 copy2 IMG_7052

Hope you enjoyed! Happy Friday!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2 sets of tubes…

IMG_6569 That is right…the Tarrant twins are going to be getting tubes…ARGH!

I don’t even know where to begin. For the past 9 or so months we have been very aware that Madelyn has had a significant speech delay. Not that she doesn’t speak at all she tends to drop the last part of the word when she talks…ex. Ba ( ball) wawa (water) She has been getting speech therapy once a month since we became aware of this problem. About that same time we kept having to go in for ear infections and at every well check the dr would say well she still has fluid in ears. We tried everything and nothing was helping. We decided that we would see a ENT (ear, nose, throat doctor) and an audiologist as well. The audiologist got us in first and unfortunately Madelyn failed the high end frequency part of her hearing test. Once we had those test results in seemed clear that she was needing tubes.

A week later the girls were cranky for a couple days and had a cold. I decided to take them to the pedi and figured Madelyn had yet another ear infection. The pedi actually looked in Madelyn’s ear and said…”gross, her poor ear” Poor Madelyn’s ear was pretty infected. Then she moved to Kinley and she had one too. So Amoxicillin for both girls and nasal spray as well for Madelyn. Two weeks later we head back for a ear check (before we headed up a mountain). Madelyn’s ear…NEVER LOOKED BETTER!!! We were all so happy! Knowing it didn’t really change us needing to see the ENT doctor but it was nice to know her ears weren’t gross!!! However Kinley not only still had the same ear infection but also had one in the other ear….we then (with the pedi) decided to make her an appointment with the ENT as well. We took the girls and they believe that our best option is to go ahead and put tubes in both of the girls ears. We kind of knew it was going to end in that for Madelyn but are a little surprised that Kinley is needing them now as well. Never a dull moment! So in the next two weeks we have a hearing test for Kinley, A pre op appointment, and surgery. Wish us luck! Hopefully this will help and will keep their ears clear!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Part 2

I am finally getting around to posting the rest of Christmas! Christmas Eve we had my parents, my little brother and Chris’s mom over to eat and just hang out. We also usually watch a Christmas Movie. The girls (mostly Kinley) were restless so Poppy decided to take them on a walk in the Wagon to look at Christmas lights, Which they normally LOVED to do this year.

All ready to go! See how happy Kinley is?! Ha.


They LOVE going on walks in their wagon.


Madelyn showing Poppy something


Kinley with Grandma, she was unhappy most of the evening. IMG_8175Maddie Moo!

IMG_8177 YAY, she finally cheered up!


After everyone left and the girls were tucked into bed, Chris and I got to work. It is soo much harder being on this side of Christmas than I thought…Thanks Mom for all those years of perfect Christmas’s mornings!

After Santa came! yes Santa brought them Luggage!


The girls were actually scared of coming into the room at first. I don’t know why except maybe they were scared of all the new stuff in the room.

Kinley was the first to come in! IMG_8185

I think it was because she spotted the Dora doll. She is OBSESSED!


Madelyn finally decided to join in!


Getting into it.

IMG_8188 IMG_8189

Madelyn playing with her new “laptop” (notice Kinley is holding the Dora doll in every picture)


After Christmas at our house we headed over to Mimi and Poppy’s for Christmas with them. We have all our Christmas in one day…it makes for a CRAZY day but that is what we have always done!

Madelyn playing with her new Magna Doodle


Their Dollhouse from Mimi and Poppy….THEY LOVE PLAYING WITH THIS

IMG_8200 Then we hurried back to our house for naps then lunch with my Mom’s side of the family!

Playing with Uncle Andrew


Madelyn sharing a moment with cousin David


Both wanting poppy to hold both of them.

Mimi and Aunt Cathy in the background IMG_8212

Then that evening we headed to My Aunt and Uncles for Christmas evening with my Dad’s family. We forgot our camera so this is the only picture we have there and the only one of all of us…That is my new year’s resolution to take more pictures of all of us together.


The girls were SOOO much fun this year during Christmas it made it so much fun to see Christmas through their eyes. Everytime they see a Santa they still say HOHOHO!