Friday, July 19, 2013

Cowboy Days!

So one of the downsides to having the girls in different classes at school is sometimes they do different things. Try explaining that to a 4 year old. Kinley's class was first up to have Cowboy day...or as the girls would always correct me and say COWGIRL day...

The girls are a little too into posing makes for some interesting photographs sometimes.

Kinley striking a pose
 Wanted to make sure I got the hat.
 Don't forget Madelyn
A week later, which I'm pretty sure was a lifetime for Madelyn. She had COWGIRL day! 
 She wasn't loving the pics this morning! 
 Cause we can't ever have pictures of one and not the other! 

They still talk about the day they got to dress up as cowgirls. They loved it. They "cooked" over the fire and saw a horse. Pretty sure they both think they want to be cowgirls when they grow up. I think they really just want a pair of pink cowboy boots...sorry I mean COWGIRL boots ;)

Monday, July 15, 2013

My 30th Birthday

So I had a HORRIBLE time leading up to my 30th bday! I had been dreading turning 30...Didn't help the week leading up to my birthday I was super sick and had a cyst on my EYEBALL. Not my eyelid but the actually eye. Needless to say it was awful and didn't help me feel young in the slightest.

Quick back story...My birthday always falls around memorial day, either on my bday or the weekend of. So basically it seems everyone is ALWAYS out of town. I am used to it and don't usually care but it's my 30th! This year though all my Bff's stayed in town to celebrate!

Our group. Some of our favorite people in the entire world. These people have been our support system, our therapy, basically our lifelines since having kids. Sometimes I think I don't remember not having them in our lives. It feels like I have known them forever. I will forever be thankful my mom made me go help some lady with quads almost 6 years ago. That day I met my best friend! We met Joe and then Collin and Ashley (my other BF). Who literally lived less than a block from the house we were about to be moving crazy! I couldn't think of ANY other group of people I would want to be with on my 30th bday!
 My girls! Couldn't live with them!!!! My girls other mamas! (and a photo bomb)

Me and My Honey! Love him! 

Our crazy bunch of kids had their own fun! First time we have ever gotten all gotten sitters to watch them while we went out! Totally wish we did this more ;) Took two sitters but I think they had fun!

I decided turning 30 isn't all that bad. I am so blessed with friends and family that love me.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


 Ok, so yes. We are still here. Between being sick, trips and school we have stayed busy. I started working one day a week and its surprising how much busy that makes me. I only work while the girls are in school but man, I don't know how you working moms do it!!!

Im sure I missed some event but I am gonna start with Easter! The girls had the normal Easter parties at school. It is super hard to run back and forth with the girls in different classes. This is the ONLY time I wish they were in the same classes. So the pictures are me running back and forth!

Kinley decorating a cookie.

They each had Easter Egg hunts...cracked me up watching 18, 3/4 year olds hunting eggs
 Madelyn and her BESTIE... She talks about her ALL THE TIME
 Kinley and her bestie! We hear about her non-stop too

Kinley hunting eggs!

 Kinley counting her eggs with her awesome teacher
 So proud of her eggs!

Kinley was so excited I came to her party...pretty priceless 

On Easter of course the Easter bunny came...even if he forgot to come and quickly got things together 5 mins before the girls woke up ;)

 Their baskets!
 Silly girls!

Then we had church and of course another Easter Egg hunt...these girls were spoiled rotten!!! 
 Sweet Kinley
 Madelyn started looking away EVERYTIME we take her picture

A little posed action...M & K

For all the cute ones, we have 10 that look like this...which is cute too ;)
 Some of my life long friends at church! Me, Elayna (my cousin) and Amber! Love these girls!

 The Tarrants! 
We had a great Easter, they are at such a great age because they get into holidays so much!