Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We are on a boat...Part 1

Sorry I had to title it that...I can't tell you how many times I heard Chris say..."I'm on a boat..." Silly Song! 

My Mom's side of the family decided to do it big this year and go on a cruise for our family reunion. Which I think might beat out most normal reunions ;) Although they are nice too!  We headed down to Galveston bright and Early one morning. We picked up a few extra people on our way...my Tahoe has come in HANDY with 8 seats!  I wish I had gotten a pic of us all in the car. It seemed like forever but we finally got to the port!

The girls wanted to carry their "cruise backpacks" 
I can't tell you how many people said Those are as big as they are! 

Kinley and Mimi! I love this pic

Getting a little restless in the line!
Mimi trying to distract them and playing

Ok so let me explain...Elayna(cousin) and I have been on a low carb diet for almost 3 months and have had no real sugar. She was more than excited about this dessert we got as soon as we got on! 

When we were loading a man leaned down and told Kinley and Madelyn "We have ice cream 24 hours a day" I am pretty sure there wasn't a day that went by we didn't have ice cream...Hey, its a vacation! We were also told the average person gains 6 to 10 pounds on a cruise!! Well ladies and gentlemen, I gained 5 and the food was worth it!

Elayna, Me and Kinley

This is Lauren, one of my cousins. She is such a sweet girl born in the wrong generation. She has the cutest vintage looking clothes. She even drives a VW bus from the 70's! My girls LOVE LOVE her!

Finally pulling away from the port...We got to see lots and lots of dolphins. 

Checking out our home for the next few days! The girls were in Heaven! They were sooooo excited!
Poppy, Kinley, Madelyn, Elayna and Me. 

Lauren and Kinley playing with her Iphone. 
I have never been on a cruise before so I had no idea about much of all the "cruise" stuff. We headed to dinner the first night in the dining room. (They weren't offering day care that first day.)I walked in and saw all the glass and china and pretty much freaked out. I mean they are three!!! YIKES. We made it through but when they put the girl's water in a wine glass I thought for sure we would break something

Madelyn drinking from a "fancy cup"
In the car, Kinley started asking about pirates. She wanted to know if there was going to be scary pirates on the boat. We told her there wasn't going to be any pirates on this ship...However during dinner we looked up and there was a pirate walking around...OOPS she was less than excited about it.

The Photographers there got this picture. I just had to buy it! 

A table of our family by us...we had 44 people from our family there so we couldn't eat all together
 Our table...ha! 

The girls got pretty restless pretty quick and began to slide down by the windows. Not my proudest moment but oh well, they didn't break anything!!!

Elayna and the girlie girls,In the elevator. I would be willing to bet this was probably Kinley's favorite thing!

Britni you seeing a trend with the clothes!?! The Key Twins, Our awesome friends passed down the CUTEST clothes...I think they wore something from them everyday on the cruise!

 The closer we got to Mexico the prettier the water got! Love that blue! 
Formal night! We left the girls for sure this night!

Elayna and I 
 Our group we ate dinner with most nights
They also took pictures of the girls during dinner time!

The girls got a TON of attention on the boat. I mean a TON. I told the girls every time someone told them they were cute, they should hug each other and kiss...MAN, people ate that up! LOL

 This might be my favorite picture from the trip. My 85 year old Aunt learning how to play the quarter machines from my dad!

To be Continued...

Monday, October 8, 2012

Three and a half!

M and K are now 3.5 years old...SERIOUSLY were has the time gone! I just can't believe it.  Here are a few things I want to remember about this age!

The girls have started preschool and LOVE it. I mean LOVE it. They ask everyday if they can go! 

They are in different classes and we already see the advantages! The other day Madelyn was trying to tell me something and I wasn't really hearing her and Kinley started to tell me what Madelyn was saying. Madelyn responded to Kinley and said "stop talking, I'm talking" this is HUGE! 

They are so into imaginative play. They are constantly playing Mommy and Baby, Princess and Bad guys. It cracks me up. They have fought so much less since they are in different classes...Although I feel this honeymoon period of no fighting is beginning to end.  

They LOVE their teachers. Each girl has two teachers and actually each of them has one with long hair and short hair...that is what they call them. The one with the short hair or the one with the long hair 


Wears some 18 month to 2T clothes.

Wears size 6 and 7 shoes 

sleeping through the night without pull ups!!! 

sleeps from about 8-8 except on school days. 

Asks for me to cuddle her every night to prolong sleeping...it gets me most nights for a couple mins!! 

Her and  Kinley weigh the same about 24 or 25 pounds but Madelyn is about two inches shorter. 

She has to have her "pinkie" (her pink blanket) and one of several stuffed animals she favors (pony, alligator, bunny, lambie...just to name a few.) 

Her new thing is baby dolls...she LOVES playing babies. Such a sweet little mommy! She is CONSTANTLY asking me to change baby clothes. 

One of her favorite things she says over and over...in a minute? When you tell her something, like we are going to do such and such...M:in a minute? or Maddie can you do _____? M; in a minute?

She has also picked Thursday to be the day for everything...When are we doing that...Thursday!

She is such a sweet heart! She can have such a tender heart.

Quite the mama's girl


Wears anywhere from 18 months to 3T (having to wear 3t in dresses because she is LONG)

Wears 7 shoes 

Sleeping through the night without pull ups 

sleeps from 8 to 8 except school days 

Wakes almost every night and comes into our room to tell us she is cold. We are working on that. 

When she is falling asleep or hurt she asks for her "soft church blanket" we have NO idea where she came up with that. She currently is stuck on a alligator she just got and HAS to have it at night. 

She is having a rougher time about the girls being in different classes. The teachers say that if Kinley sees Madelyn in the hallway or wherever she tears up...sweet sisters!!! 

Kinley is a bit of a copy cat...she will copy any of her friends. Good, bad and in between! 

She adds the K sound to several words. I swear she knows that isn't how the word sounds but she doesnt care! Kazoo (zoo) Keserrt (dessert) Silly Girl!

Kinley is such a cuddle bug...when she wants to be. 

They hold hands most days walking into school. So neat to see their bond. 

Madelyn LOVES to dress up. She loves to try on shoes and dresses from her own closet. Mommy doesn't love this! 

My sweet girls.

They are all girls right now but LOVE to go play outside. They don't mind getting dirty but want to be clean very soon. 



The girls are at a interesting age. They are so much fun to do things with right now but can totally wear you down at the same time. Oh man. They are very much testing my patience lately and I am fairly certain they know it. We are really trying to work on that and the whining...oh geez!!