Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend in Review! Also our last appointment.

Well I am going to try to update as best I can. It's been a while. Don't worry thats why I put pictures so it wouldn't be too boring! This weekend My mom, aunt and I drove to Abilene for ACU Homecoming. Chris had to work so he couldn't go. My social club has a breakfast every homecoming and it's always nice to see old friends again. 

Then we went to the famous ACU HOMECOMING PARADE. 

My cousin and I at the Parade.(my brother decided that he would rather sleep) Can't blame him, I remember being a freshman.

Me at the parade!! Yes I know I am big. Although I get told "oh you're not big at all, not for twins" in the same day get told "you are so big"

Ok, so I had more pictures but blogger is not working. I will just have to tell you about our appointment on Monday. We are having...GIRLS!!!!!! They said we could paint everything pink if we wanted to. However, their room is already painted and its Sage green and Brown. I do LOVE pink though...just not sure their Daddy would like that. Anyways they said everything looked great. They are growing so much, both of them are weighing 10 ozs. Thats over one pound of baby in my tummy...I love it. We are getting so excited about them and really not sure if we can wait till March. 


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Short update

We had an appointment on Friday.My Doctor read over the High risk doctor's report about our U/S and said everything looks perfect!!! I have to say that is one of the best things I have ever heard. I have been having crazy dreams lately about everything, good and bad. It was very reassuring to hear everything is great.
We went to Austin last weekend just to get away from everything and everyone. It was great, we visited Chris's brother. We didn't really do a lot but I have to tell you that's about what I needed. Sorry for such a short update but I am starving and need to go eat. BTW, morning sickness is pretty much gone!!!!! Finally!!!!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our appointment!

Well, Chris and I had our first appointment with the specialist that I will see for sonograms. I think this was the first appointment that I have not been sick at (actually sick, morning sickness, etc). I was very thankful for that because I really wanted to enjoy this sono, the last one was a bit of a shock. We both talked about how we really don't remember much about it because as soon as she said "oh it's twins", we both went into shock. I know some people have four babies and that I out of anyone said be prepared but oh no... we were shocked!!!!

Anyways, we filled out what seemed like a thousand papers and finally we got to go back. As soon as she put the wand on my stomach, we could already tell that the babies had changed so much. They look more and more like little babies instead of beans. She asked if they could tell, did we want to know the gender. UH, Yeah...Chris has been waiting for this since I said I'm pregnant. (way funny story, another post) So she goes through everything on baby A and said everything looks good and it looks like a girl. So at this point Chris...FREAKING OUT! Baby B, she did the same thing, looked and said everything looks fine!! Also, girl!!! She did say that we should not do anything we can't undo, its so early. I am only 15 weeks. The tech walks out and says that the doctor will be right in...yeah, right. So I look at Chris and know that this did not go the way he had planned exactly. We talked about it all, the words have already been said by him "well...I guess this means we have to try again." Words that sound crazy at the moment to the pregnant girl laying on the table with gooey junk all over her stomach. He starts rambling things about two weddings and so forth. He calms down, we talk about how she didn't completely sounded sure about baby B. All the while I'm thinking...I got my two girls!!!! They are going to be so frilly...Wonder where I can buy those big bows for their heads...etc!!! After what was literally 45 mins. The doctor comes in, says everything looks great!!!! The best news at that appointment!! Again, states they both look like girls but don't do anything crazy. Hands us our pictures and we are off. All in all it was a great day!!

So now let me introduce to you...the Tarrant Twins!!!!! Probably girls!

Baby A

Baby B

Funny things that have been said when we say it's probably girls. (mostly so I will remember)

"poor Chris"-pretty much everyone

"dang"-my brother (actually is fine about, always been a inside joke that if we had two boys we would name them, Andrew and Matthew. He and his best friend)

"I knew it"-my mom and countless others

"Is Chris freaking out"-Suz

"Oh, Chris will melt as soon as he sees them"-Amy, my boss.

My FAVORITE SO FAR "Girls, well that's great as long as the next two are boys!!!"-My Dad

I am making it sound like we are not happy about two girls. We are so happy and feel so blessed with them no matter what sex. It's amazing how much you can love two little people you have never met. I have belly pics, just can't bring myself to posting them yet. I still haven't gotten over it's ok to look fat thing. I will, promise!!

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