Friday, May 25, 2012

Seeing double...again...and again...and again.

One of the wonderful blessings I have had because I have twins, is all my wonderful twin Mama friends. I am blessed by these friendships all because we had two babies! Sorry you will have to read all the sappy stuff...I am feeling sentimental! We have been SOOO lucky in the last couple of months to get to visit with some of these fine Ladies!

First off we have been lucky enough to get to spend some quality time with the Hutton's while they are here working...They were here around this time last year and we enjoyed it so much then too. We do a lot of shopping. Good thing our girls are GREAT little shoppers! Don't worry they always get something out of all that shopping we do! ;)

Love the kid stores with cartoons...Madelyn isn't wearing shoes because she was trying on EVERY pair in the store...OBSESSED with shoes that child!
This same day I got a text from my other WONDERFUL blogging twin Mama friend Kristi Brown. It said hurry call me I have good news! She told me that she and her friend were making a quick trip down to DFW the next day! Sadly I couldn't move everything in our schedule but we managed some time to hang with our Friends from Arkansas! We also got to meet up with my "soul sister" Amy, another twin mama! Every time I see Amy I instantly realize how much I love that chick! Amy, we live WAY to close not to see each other more!

Three beauiful sets of girl twins!

After breakfast the Brown's and us headed over to the aquarium. We all had a wonderful time and will be back for sure!!!

They had such a cool tunnel tank...It was so neat! 

The floor was so cool! Kinley wouldn't walk on it at first but we finally convinced her it was ok!

They had Starfishs for the kids to touch...I think I might have thought it was cooler than they did!

Later that evening we met back up with the Huttons and Browns at our mall for dinner and bouncing!

My Kristi's!! Kristi Brown (left) Kristi Hutton (right) and all our girlies!

Lex kept wanting to carry Madelyn and funny!

Well if getting attention with one set of twins isn't bad enough at the mall try taking 3!!! We got quite a few comments and looks!!!

What is a trip to the mall without a cookie break!?!

We looked over and there was one from each set sitting in the cute!!!

The kids had so much fun bouncing, we headed back the next day. We also ate at the Cheesecake Factory! 

Our four blue eyed twinkies!

We took them to the Gaylord to walk around! So pretty there!
The Browns had to head home that day and we missed them as soon as we said Goodbye! The girls kept asking if we were going to see our friends! I hope it is sooner than later!

A week or so later one of our other favorite Twin families came into town to visit their family! We stole them away for a WONDERFUL afternoon of playing and visiting! I think Britni said it best...We go a long time without seeing each other than when we get together its like we have been friends forever!

Adde, Alex, Clare, Kinley, Avery, Madelyn and Sweet baby Bennett! Pretty sure I should have brought him home with me!! So sweet!!

I just LOVE this picture! They all got along so well!
I feel blessed beyond belief  because all these families are in my life! I love that something like our babies brought us together...and our blogs! I consider these women to be some of my best friends. I LOVE that my girls will never feel like they are the only ones. They will always know plenty of twins and might at this point think that is how babies come! So glad we got to see so much of our friends already this summer, can't wait to see the rest of our Twin Mamas!

Monday, May 14, 2012


This Easter was so fun with the girls this year. They were so excited about the Bunny and egg hunting. The night before Easter as I was shutting their door, Chris walked in. I had just told them they had to go to sleep so the Easter Bunny would come. We have wood floors so you can really hear footsteps, Chris started "hopping" down the hallway. Then knocked on their door. They are convinced that the Easter Bunny knocked on their door.

They were so excited to see what the bunny brought!

The Easter bunny hit up the dollar spot at Target!

They loved this silly glasses the most

Pictures before church

Sweet sisters!
Everyone asks how do we get the girls to act so well in pictures...we always have a bunch that look like this!

We have got to get better about making Chris get in a picture too!
The girls and I

Kinley and Madelyn

The girls were so excited about hunting eggs for about five minutes. Our church does our egg hunt across the street at the park. They were way more excited about the slides!

noticing the playground!

Our sweet friend Tatum!

River hugging Kinley and K being shy...this is her all the time! Silly girl!

I just thought this was a cool pic!

My WONDERFUL cousin Elayna!

As soon as the last picture was snapped it started raining...just in time! It pretty much rained the rest of the day. We were glad we had already gotten in our egg hunt! Next year the girls need to collect more candy!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


When the girls turned three, we lost ECI services. As much as we were glad to have less appointments (every other week we had three people coming for appointments) We sure miss our therapists! Sometimes ECI was stressful but we could totally see how much it helped both girls.

Since the girls have never been on the charts for weight, we had a nutritionist come twice a month. This started pretty late so we didn't have her all that long but we loved her from the beginning!

Leslie with the girls!

She even brought the girls AMAZING cupcakes on their last visit!

The very next day we had to say goodbye to our two other therapists. They just happened to overlap by about 10 mins that day.

Kinley, Rachel (developmental therapist), Madelyn, Heather (speech)
These two ladies have been with us the longest. Heather has seen Madelyn for Speech since they were about 18 or so months. She helped us figure out the whole fluid on Maddie's ears and was helpful when both of the girls got tubes. Heather we miss seeing you!!!

Rachel wasn't always our therapist. We had about three before her, in a very short amount of time. From the first day Rachel came to our house we all fell in LOVE with her. She could get the girls to do WAY more than any of the other therapists could. The girls would scream "Rachel" anytime the doorbell would ring. They still asked about her for a LONG time after she didn't come anymore. I know they still remember her and miss her! Rachel we miss you soooooo much!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Snow bunnies!

Over Spring Break we went with my family and some family friends skiing! We went last year too but this year Mimi and our Elayna went with us! We decided to drive and put 7 people in my Tahoe. YIKES!!! it was a tight squeeze but we made it! We had to buy a cargo carrier...

It was a tight fit still but we were in and all in seat belts! Ha. We left at about 7 in the evening and drove through the night. At some point during the night I was woken made aware that the drive was much rougher in the very back of the car. I figured cause I had never sat in the back. I was beginning to feel bad for the girls always being tossed around. About that time by Dad and Chris had decided the rough ride was because of a front end in-linement problems. We decided to have breakfast and were greeted by this on our tire...

We had the car at the dealership two days before to check tires and whatnot before the trip...yes, we called the dealership and made them aware. However not much they can do, two states over.  We luckily found a "tire shop" that would put our full size spare on for 5 dollars!!!!

Its hard to be to upset when the station has this view!
Everyone was SOOOO glad to be out of the car. Once we got fitted in our ski boots and skis we decided to go ahead and try the girls out on them. So once we were paying someone to teach them, they would be over the newness of it all. I think this might have been the best thing we did!!!

Elayna helping Madelyn ski!

They loved going down the little slope but always had to be carried up again!

After all the adults got tired of carrying them back and forth we got out the sled!
Last year they HATED the sled but this year they LOVED it!!!! So funny to see how much they have changed!

The next morning the girls had Ski school. We talked it up so much that they were pretty excited. I figured we wouldn't make it through the hour they were supposed to stay in. Thanks to the Key girls we got to wear their ski bibs...both years!!! I don't think we will make them fit a third year though!!!


We had a huge problem with goggles this year for skiing. They didn't make ski goggles small enough and sunglasses kept falling off. Ski boots were a challenge too. The girls because they are smaller than most 3 year olds have a hard time with sizes. We called and said can you fit three year olds in boots they said no problem...we didn't think do you fit 3 years that wear way smaller sizes?! I have to admit the mom in me started to say forget the skiing if she have to wear three pairs of socks. They seemed so little in our that ski stuff!

All ready to go!

I decided to let my Dad and Chris take them to ski school because the girls don't always let me go so easy. They did great and walked off with their teachers with no problems!
My Itty bitty skiing!

Madelyn with her hula hoop!

I almost died when they put them on the "magic carpet" They did GREAT!!!

My cousin and I! By the end of the week we "mastered" the big hill...OK, so not really but we got off the bunny slope!

Kinley and her "boy" teacher...She REALLY liked him. She kept asking to go back to him...ha!

They did AMAZING. Everyone kept asking how old they were and then told us their horror stories about their 3 year olds skiing. The girls did great and keep in mind they had turned 3 two weeks before. I tried to post video and it wouldn't work...I will try again later. They were so stinking cute!

                                                                My snow bunny...Kinley!

                                                               My snow bunny, Madelyn!

They did so good they skiied everyday we were there!!! I think they were half the reason I got off the bunny slope! I figured if they weren't scared to do something like that, that I could get enough courage to try a green! HA!!

We spent a lot of time playing with our friends around the house too!

Woody, Sandi and Mimi and Poppy!

Aunt Nell (Danelle) was one of the best skiiers that was willing to take the time to take the twins skiing everyday after ski school. Mommy can barely keep herself up and Daddy snowboards. Chris actually gave skiing a chance this year and did GREAT!!!

Mimi gave the girls harmonicas in the ski lodge...I am sure everyone LOVED that!!!
Thanks to Mimi when the girls weren't skiing she watched them so we could keep skiing!
More skiing with Poppy and Aunt Nell!!

I would love to say that our bad luck ended with the bad tire but it didn't...On one of the days after we drove home from skiing and After unloading we heard a HISSING sound...that is right, another tire. No one in the small town we were in had our size tire. ARGH. It was a HUGE mess. Chris and my dad ended up driving (in someone else's car) an hour away on the last night to buy a tire. Oh if it only stopped there...Chris did a "trick" on his board and broke/cracked a rib. And last but not least Chris backed into a tree in our car...phew...I think that is it!!!
Playing with Elayna

After a nice breakfast in town before the 16 hour drive home...

Depsite the crazy trip we all had a good time...I will admit we were glad to pull into our drive way though!!!