Sunday, March 17, 2013

February 7th

A couple of days before the girls birthday, Kinley woke up with a fever. Thinking it must be another ear infection her Daddy took her to the doctor. It was taking FOREVER and so I finally texted him...his answer: flu test came back positive. UGH, since having preemies born in flu season I have ALWAYS been so scared of the flu (yes she had her flu shot) and it finally got us. We had spent the last couple of days hanging with our good friend's the Steeces. About 5 minutes before I got the Flu positive text, Ben started running a fever. Always fun to text Joe and Suz and say "um, Ben started running a fever and Kinley just tested positive for the flu. Awesome...Guess friends who get the flu together stay together, RIGHT?! So needless to say the girls were sick on their actual birthday!

Luckily Daddy took off on their birthday. (thank goodness this momma was going crazy!)

Daddy went and got fun donuts!
Seriously the girls thought these were sooooo cool! 

They are such Cheesy picture takers all the sudden...My Sweet 4 year olds!
Joys of having a twin...When you are sick you can still have a friend to play with! They were playing birthday party! 
One of my younger cousins and the girls favorite babysitter ;) left the girls presents and snacks on our front porch...The girls thought it was so neat to get a surprise present!

Good sick snacks! 
Being annoyed that I made them take a picture before opening 
The girls and their new dolls! 

They got hours of entertainment from these things! 

We let each girl pick what they wanted for dinner...K:Fuzzy's Taco, M: Mac & Cheese. Chris and I ate what Kinley wanted ;)
Fake Smile! 
Sweet sickie Kinley hanging out on the couch most of the day though...

How old are you??? 4 years old! 

Their big present had to be postponed till the next week..but mommy had to get something! 

Opening their new Doc McStuffins! 

Madelyn and Kinley, I can not believe you are 4. In some ways it seems like you have been here forever and in other ways it seems like yesterday. You have taught me so much about life and myself (not always good) but most of all how much I LOVE being your mommy. It not always easy having twins but I wouldn't have it ANY OTHER way. Its a joy watching you bond with each other, even though you both fight your fair share too. I know you love each other like no one understands except other multiples. It's been fun seeing you grow in school being apart too. This year has been so full of new things and LOTS of new learning has been happening. I love you and hope the 4's are a little easier on mommy!


For stats...Madelyn weighs 27 pounds and are 34 inches tall. Kinley is 26.13 and is 37 inches tall. Still itty bitty for their age but did well gaining weight this year!