Monday, June 29, 2009 worked!

1.Pain Reliever
2.Ace Bandage
5.Cabbage (YEP)

After thinking and thinking about it I decided to stop breast-feeding. Well really pumping, my girls really never caught on and I never started making enough milk for both of them. Before I get "you didn't try enough with them and thats why you didn't make enough" I was pumping every two to three hours and had been since the babies were born. I would wake up in the middle of the night at least twice even when they were in the NICU and pump. I had been renting a pump so I had the best of the best. Anyways it was an extremely hard decision that I didn't decide lightly. After many weeks of thinking about it I decided I was going to be done, I had to dry up...NO ONE EVER TELLS YOU HOW HARD THIS PART IS!!!! I had gone to two different breast-feeding classes and had a Lactation consultant come to the NICU several times. They tell you it might hurt while you are starting, which it did. I was never told how much pain it is to stop!!! Much less how to do it. With some advice from a good blogger friend. Kristy and of course research online, I decided to start the process. WOW, did I feel bad. I took or used all the above to help. Yes, even put cabbage in my bra!! It actually helped. It took 3 long days of pain but finally I stopped hurting!!! I have to say I am so thankful for much more time. I was having to bottle feed the twins then pump right after that every three hours. The twins started sleeping through the night at pretty much 2 1/2 months but not me. I pumped and I pumped!! Glad I gave the girls it while I did but so glad to be done. Props go to all of you that can keep it up!!!!

Don't worry I thought I would put up some pictures of the twins too!!!! I have lots of posts to write this week so keep checking back!! We are staying so busy this summer. I am almost sure that we have been gone more than we are home.

Girls 4 month picture, Chris has not edited them yet but I couldn't wait any more.
More to come later, hopefully!

madelyn, left Kinley, right

Kinley hanging out at MiMi's and Poppy's house.

This is how I find them every morning now.
Thinking about moving them to two cribs. Just makes me sad!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day!

I have felt unmotivated to blog over the last week. I guess because by the time I put the girls down I don't feel like trying to come up with something to say!!! However, I have to do a father's day post for Chris's first father's day!!

Since the birth of our girls Chris has amazed me! He loves those girls so much , words do not describe. They undoubtedly have their Daddy wrapped around their fingers.

The girls and I had not been around Chris the week before Father's day. Chris was shooting a documentary out of town and I decided to pack the girls up and visit some of our best friends that moved about two years ago. (next post) We had a wonderful time but were excited to be with Chris on Father's day. We didn't do anything that exciting just celebrated together at home after church. My dad's birthday always falls around Father's day so we had a cook out at my parent's that night.

We love you Chris and I couldn't ask for anyone better to be the Daddy to Kinley and Madelyn. You are wonderful to all three of us. I know everything you do for us and I might not always say it but I appreciate it all!! I love you!!!!!

On a side note, I was looking at pictures trying to come up with some to frame for his desk for Father's Day and realized that we have very few. I guess that is what happens when he is always taking the pictures. I need to get better about that.

The girls with their Daddy on Father's Day!
They were really tired and don't look to excited


Just another day in the Tarrant household!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Real quick!!!

I was going to post their four month old pictures this morning...but we are going out of town and I already packed the camera! OOPS!! I'm are so excited but I have learned that packing for twins is not as easy as I thought!!!! Anyways I thought I would just post one of my favs from the wedding we attended last weekend. Madelyn and I watching all the wedding's goings on!
In other news my four month old little girls are a little over 9 and a half pounds! I can't believe it. Their Dr. seems pleased with their progress and is taking us off the preemie formula. I am still pumping but not keeping up with the growing girls. She decided that both girls have reflux but is trying only putting Kinley on medicine because we think Madelyn's is not as bad. Alright we need to load up...Wish us luck!!!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Three years and two babies later...

On Wednesday Chris and I celebrated our three year anniversary. Well we actually have not gotten to celebrate yet but we are going to try to go out this weekend!!!

Some days it feels as if Chris and I have been married forever and some days hardly at all. We have done alot in those three years. I sometimes wish we could have warned us what was going to happen but where is the fun in that. Chris and I have been together for over 9 years!! I know crazy. We have had our ups and downs but here we are today! I love him more and more each day. (I know MAJOR CHEESE) Ok, I will save the rest of that for a father's day post!

Babies are four months this week!!!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our busy weekend!

Our weekend was packed full of things to do. On Friday night the girls and I had the pleasure of going over to the Steece's and watching the quads. Don't worry we had help, Suz's sister in law Ashley came with Carter too. Sav was so sweet to the girls but I didn't get any pictures...Hey there were four toddlers and three newborns!!!

Saturday we went and celebrated Lily and Christopher's birthday around the pool. We love going over to play at Dan and Gale's. I grew up with all of them and they are really like my second family.

Aunt Celeste feeding Kinley.
The girls and I have enjoyed spending lots of time with her this week.

I have always loved the water. Not that I will get in the water this summer, not looking forward to swim suit shopping. Anywho, I thought I would at least put the girls feet in the water. It's still a little cool to put them all the way in. They LOVED it!! I thought they would try to pull their feet out but they really seemed to like it.

The girls love Lily, their faces just light up when she is around. I think Lily likes them a little too. Although I don't know how crazy she was when Kinley spit up all over her at church the next day!
Lily "holding" Madelyn. Don't worry I was holding her too. "Aunt" Danelle holding Kinley

I just really like this picture of sweet lil Kinley.

On Sunday I decided that I was ready to really leave the girls in the nursery for bible class. It was a class of four girls but one decided they would rather go with their mommy. I did leave but not before snapping a few pictures.

I was told that they loved it and were awake the whole time. They love singing!!
After church we ran to the mall to eat lunch and buy a present for a wedding shower. I know poor planning!!!! After running back up to our church for the shower the girls were soon passed around and loved on.

Chris and Brooke, We are traveling to their wedding in Atlanta this summer!
We love Leah so much and think she is one pretty cool lady! Can't wait till her and Jim's wedding this weekend. Chris was in Africa with them when I found out I was pregnant!
Ok, I told you we were busy!! After the shower we packed the girls into the van and went and surprised the family I used to work for at their games. It was so much fun. I have missed them so much and was in need of a little loving from them.
I have to say seeing their faces when they realized I was there was worth all the busyness.

L and I

M and I. I can't believe how big he is. I was working for them before he was born!

They LOVED the girls. This is pretty much where they stayed through the whole first game.

K after her game holding Kinley!! I think she looks so cute in her sport goggles!

L was so excited about holding them.
Kinley was not excited in this picture but I thought it was cute.

K and I watching N's game. I didn't get any pictures with him this time.

After the game and lots of visiting with some other friends at their house. (the camera died so no more pictures) We came home and when right to bed. Our Monday was pretty calm and laid back. Just resting up from our big weekend!!