Monday, October 25, 2010

Twins, Twins and more Twins! Part one!

Way back during our Twin mama trip we decided to try to get our twins together at the Ft. Worth zoo. We picked up a few that didn't get to go on our trip too...they better both be there next year! We missed you Britni! I also talked Ashley (one of my besties) to tag along too! Carter (her son) is the girls age and they LOVE "cartor". Kristi Brown and her two girls were down visiting us this weekend too!
Kinley and Carter sharing their ride!

Sweet Reese and Riley

Our new friend's Lizzie and Gracie

Madelyn is in LOVE with animals and really enjoyed the ones we saw.

All of the kiddoes! Let me just tell you it is interesting to go the zoo with 7 strollers that you are trying to keep together!

Ashley showing Kinley and Carter the animals!

LOVE this boy...have to stay we might be arranging a marriage!
I had been watching my friend's little newborn for the last couple weeks and she made the trip with us...yes, I know I'm crazy! Sweet little Kaia. (yes I had to add the BIG bow if you are going to roll with the Tarrant's)

Lexyn...the little monkey!

Us waiting in line to get food...Some of us were not smart and didn't pack a lunch.

My two! ( I love this picture Hannah took)

It was one of the most craziest trips to the zoo and we were all WAY tired when it was over but...WE LOVE getting to see all our friends and wished they all lived closer. I love that us twin moms have all come together because of our blogs! Part two of Kristi's visit, coming me it was a crazy weekend!

Friday, October 15, 2010

20 months and too sick to care...

Our entire house has been taken over by the stomach bug. It started with me, while driving home from our family reunion…talk about a fun trip home. I have NEVER seen Madelyn and Kinley so sick…I don’t know that I have ever seen anyone so sick. There is nothing fun about watching two babies throw up at the exact same second. You don’t know who to go to first. They just didn’t get why they were vomiting. We covered everything in sheets in our living room and pretty much just lived there. I was sick with the girls (which is super hard) because Chris was working crazy hours at a new job until he came down with it too. It got us all and we are SOOOO ready for it to be gone!

But just because we were sick doesn’t mean that I don’t want to acknowledge that the girls are 20 months old!!! WOW, I guess I have to start planning a 2nd birthday!


(we haven’t taken the official pictures yet because we haven’t felt like it)

wears 6-9 month clothes

size 3 pampers

size 3 shoes

12 teeth

says all sorts of things

Recognizes several animals and what sound they make

counts to 3

Loves Babies, drinking out of real cups, “weeing” (swinging), her sissy (most of the time) listening to a whole book, and her blankets.

Has a new habit, she likes to rub her lip with her index finger…it’s so strange

Has to go to bed with a book



wears 6-9 month

size 3 pampers

size 3 shoes

7 teeth but cutting molars finally

Vocab is exploding!!!! The child tries to say everything now (sometimes more than Kinley)

Recognizes several animals and what sound they make

Loves babies, shape sorter toys, “weeing” (swinging), giving hugs and kisses, “boo” (books) and her blanket.


gose to bed with a book too.

I am sure there is more but I am just too tired and worn out from this week to think of it all! I hope I can get back in gear quick!!!!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Trip to the Lakehouse!

A few weeks ago we headed to the lakehouse with Uncle Clint and Aunt Andrea (Chris’s brother and his wife) We LOVE going there and were looking forwarded to taking the girls there, again. Last time they went they were around 9 months old. This time was much more fun. They loved the water and the boats…especially Madelyn. Everytime she saw a BOA (boat) or WAWA (water) she would get so excited!

Our view from the back porch…I would live here if I could!


Madelyn Playing with the pool NoodleIMG_7228

Kinley IMG_7225 After lunch we decided to let the girls have their first lake experience. Madelyn of course loved it but Kinley was not as impressed she did ok but you could tell she wasn’t crazy about it.

Madelyn in the WAY too big life jacket


Kinley, not as happy about it


Our Family out on the Lake.


We decided since we were there together we would take a few pictures of all of us outside.


Madelyn and Me


Chris, me, Madelyn, Kinley, Andrea, and Clint


We decided to take the girls out side to a park to play. They are REALLY enjoying parks right now! Madelyn LOVES to go down the slide…I think I might know who my daredevil is.


Madelyn enjoying the swings!IMG_7294

Kinley and her CRAZY hair!IMG_7290

We had a WONDERFUL time just hanging out…lots of grilling out and relaxing! It was a great weekend and we can’t wait to go back.