Friday, September 24, 2010

18 and 19 months!

IMG_6941 WOW, I can’t believe that the girls are 19 months old! I don’t have any idea where the time as gone since the girls turned 1. It is just crazy how fast it goes. These are pictures we took when the girls were 18 months and M and K are getting harder to get pictures of. Especially when their Daddy is taking pictures and can’t help jump around and make them smile with me.

IMG_6942 IMG_6880 IMG_6907 IMG_6915 IMG_6903 IMG_6899


IMG_670018 months

2-3 diapers

some 3-6 clothes and 6-9 month

Size 3 shoes

has 12 teeth

weighs around 17-18 pounds

says lots of words-dada, mama, poppy, mimi, dog, ball, thank you, more, food, water, wow, baby, carter, bubba, sissy and many more. Repeats everything

sleeps with blanket, glow worm and paci

In Speech therapy

Mama’s girl

has enough hair for pig tails

IMG_691819 months

Size 3 Cruisers

mostly 6-9 month clothes

size 3 shoes

12 teeth


OFFICALLY off the paci!!! (blog to come)

around the same weight as 18 months

counts to 3

gives kisses and hugs

loves her sissy most of the time…not all the time

IMG_6913 IMG_6698Kinley


18 months

2-3 size diapers

some 3-6 month clothes and 6-9 month

size 2, some 3 shoes

6 teeth

Says a few things but not a lot.

Weighs 18 pounds

goes to bed with blanket, glow worm, and paci

LOVES her Paci!!!!


19 months

size 3 diapers

Mostly 6-9 month clothes

FINALLY cutting three more teeth and CRANKY

size 3 shoes

Says mama, mimi, pop, ba (ball or boat) wa-wa (water), baby (speech is behind but getting SOOO much better with Speech therapy)

Has enough hair for pig tails

No more paci

On pevacid and vitamins for low iron

IMG_6901 I know that this picture isn’t great but I really wanted one of Madelyn with her blanket…She LOVES her blanket!IMG_6944 IMG_6919 More pictures of the girls! I think lots of them just show their little personalities! Which at sometimes are getting them into trouble. IMG_6730IMG_6818 IMG_6722 Both girls still have their blue eyes! I love it. IMG_6699 IMG_6697 IMG_6893 IMG_6899 IMG_6880 IMG_6710

We had LOTS of out takes…So here are a few!


IMG_6753 IMG_6812

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wedding and pigtails

Last month we were at my cousin’s wedding…it was perfect. I love every aspect of it but you know I love a good party and all the details that go along with it!

I wish I could have taken more pictures but the girls were EVERYWHERE making it hard! We actually ran into another set of twins, which is always fun!

44526_844047175770_23932955_44894000_1518782_n IMG_6666IMG_6660 IMG_6667 IMG_6668 IMG_6669

Like I said I LOVED every detail of this wedding…it was just so sweet!

Kinley mean face…we are getting more and more of this! But look at those cute pigtails (our first set)

IMG_6672 The girls LOVED sitting like big girls.


IMG_6679 She looks so big to me in this picture!IMG_6690Both sets of Twins had LOTS of fun taking this flower arrangement apart! IMG_6693

Congrats Hannah and Karl! Love ya!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Generic diapers…

I have always heard that generic diapers are fine once the baby was older…Well it might have been true for some people, but not us. Madelyn is CONSTANTLY picking at her diaper. She likes to pick at the soft stuff, one time she even picked a hole in her diaper. Anyways…I decided to give Target diapers a chance because let’s face it diapers for two can be $$$$. One Saturday my mom was over and I had just gotten the girls out of their cribs and they were playing with Mimi. We look over and this is what we see…IMG_6654 She had completely taken off her diaper and we had not even noticed…I did two things very fast. Run and find the camera then run and find the diaper.


Every time I try a new diaper this happens…she picks a hole in it or pulls it off. So back to trusty ole’ Pampers!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Twin Mamas 2010

Over the weekend I had the HONOR of spending time with 4 other blogging twin mamas! It all started a LONG time ago a few of us wanted to copy the quad moms and have a getaway for twin mamas…Hey we ALL need a break right?!?!? I think so! We planned, emailed, and texted for several months getting ready for the big weekend. It takes a while to organize that much babysitting!

We picked San Antonio for our first annual trip. Not to far away in case we all ended up hating each other…ha! So not the case!!!! Anyways Amy (who has quickly become a VERY good friend) and I decided to start relaxing early and went ahead and flew. It pays to shop early for tickets! We left Thursday afternoon and were picked up by Hannah (fellow twin mom who I knew in college) Actually Amy, Hannah and I all went to ACU….isn’t that crazy?!?!

We arrived at the hotel and were soon met by Shelley and Britni. We all hit it off, it was more like old friends than new friends. We went to dinner on the riverwalk and had a great time, eating and talking.

Hannah (2.5 year old twins) Amy (2 year old twins) Shelley (3 year old twins) Me, and Britni (2 year old twins)17

We had a blast every night staying up late and chatting about EVERYTHING!! We decided in the beginning that we were doing whatever we wanted, when we want and how we wanted! Doesn’t happen very much in the life of a twin mom! We went Shopping alot, had pedis and took in a show

Yes, we even went to Target! 15My Wonderful quad Mom friend and owner of Designed for Babies, Casey made us WONDERFUL shirts for our trip. They turned out super cute and I personally LOVED the color!

6 We had a a lot of fun goofing around and just having fun. We were pretty silly some of the time.

Britni and Hannah (see what happens when we have a break!)

Amy and I sporting the pink Cowboy hats!

We all had such a good time shopping during the weekend not pushing or chasing twins!

We also spent our fair share of time at Starbucks!


and walking around the San Antonio getting people to take our pictures!9


Saturday night we went to the Majestic and saw the play The Jersey Boys. We had a blast getting all dressed up for a night at the Theatre.


Out on the town!

Sunday Morning came way too quickly and Hannah had to leave first…It was sad to see one of us go and realize the weekend was coming to a close. Britni was next and Shelley, Amy and I all had a later flight home. We walked around the Riverwalk and went to see Amy’s husband who randomly was in town too for a convention….

Aren’t they cute?!?!


We had such a great time…and even as I sit here writing about my wonderful weekend with four great women I almost get tears in my eyes thinking about my Four new best friends! We shared stories of pregnancy, husbands, and kids and all had crazy amounts of similarities! It was one of the best weekends ever!

Special thanks to everyone that babysat or helped all these mamas get some much needed rest!!! We could not have done it without you!

Thanks to My mom, Ashley and Collin, My Mother in law, Suzanne and Joe, and of course Chris for keeping my two safe while I was away. I was happy to see my two sweet little girls Sunday night!

To Britni, Shelley, Amy and Hannah. I thank God for all of you and can’t wait for next year!