Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oops and a baseball game!

Back in July we all dressed in our red and blue and headed to the Ranger’s game! My mom had won tickets to use the City’s suite. We jumped at the chance to go and sit inside to watch the game! We got all the way into the game traffic and realized that my mom had the wrong date. The game we were supposed to go to was exactly one month later! We all had a good laugh, mostly at Mimi’s expense! We decided that we would go ahead and go out to eat. I had the great idea to go to Babe’s Chicken. WRONG!


Ha, So did half of the city of Arlington!!! We were there forever. I think we waited for over an hour and a half. So instead of sitting in a air conditioned suite we sat outside waiting on a table! oh well, we were in great company and lots of water to get us through. Chris took some cute pictures of the girls so not all was lost!


Pretty much every time we go out I get asked if the girls are identical. Like no joke almost everytime! Anyways I get that the girls look some what alike but I don’t see how people think they look so much alike. However, these pictures of Madelyn I think she looks alike Kinley.





The food was great, along with the company! Exactly one month later we actually got to go here and got in this time! LOL, sorry Mom it’s funny!


Madelyn and Mommy!


Elayna went with us! The girls just LOVE her…I do too!


To say the girls loved the game would be an understatement. They thought it was great and sat outside watching the game most of the time. They would clap and cheer. They are still talking about it! So cute.

Christopher and Kinley




Yes the girls are wearing the same dress as the month before…we don’t have a lot of Red, White and Blue in their wardrobe! Maybe I need to work on that ;)


The girls were spoiled with all their cousins to carry them around the whole evening! Kinley with Madison and Christopher IMG_4053 This is a HORRIBLE picture of us but I included it anyways! It was after 11 and we were all soooo tired!


WE had a great night (both of them, ha) The suite was AMAZING, we were next to President Bush’s Suite…who was not in attendance that night. We are so lucky to have the ball park in our backyard! The girls enjoyed it so much I am sure there will be more games in our future!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Treasure it Tuesday

This is such a fun age as far as language goes. They talk to each other and us all day. The things they pick up on crack us up sometimes! I want to remember how they talk right now. I have been trying to record them on video more and more just talking.

The pictures are from my phone (note the bad quality)


Kinley has all the sudden become scared of the dark. Every time we put her to bed, she tells us she “doesn’t want that dark on”.

She also has started saying “NO WAY” all the time. We asked her if she wanted water today…She answered '”no, no NO WAY mama”!

Everytime we go to get her out of bed after a nap or in the morning…she says “I still awake mama, I still awake” like she has been sitting in there awake the whole time.

Yikes I have no make up on!


Madelyn is really coming along in her speech. She says full sentences more and more. It is so fun to listen to her say new words everyday. A few weeks ago she cut her finger pretty badly. My Dad was there and he helped. It was bled a TON. She to this day, everyday puts up her thumb and says “my boo boo, poppy wixed (fixed) it”

They have this dinosaur toys and they are her “ya yasaurs”.

If you ask Madelyn pretty much anything that is a yes or no question, her answer is always “yep”. She has always called water “wa wa” and this week we have caught her several times saying water!!!

Madelyn thinks it is so funny when you ask her,her name she answer Kinny (kinley) she laughs because she knows she isn’t!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Summer of Parties!

The girls have been invited to a few birthday parties this summer! For a few weeks it seems as if we were always headed to a party! I am soooo behind on my blog I am combining all the fun!

First we had Emmy and Samuel’s (Bubba) birthday party! They had it at a Awesome splash pad here in town!

We have been several times but the girls seem to enjoy it more this time! IMG_3531

Kinley playing with the other kids and Mrs. Amber!


Kinley LOVED all the swimming!


Madelyn found flip flops and was just itching to put them on! Such a girl about shoes!


Madelyn is all the sudden loving dessert. I mean like we fight her all the time to eat actually food instead of just sugar. I mean both girls could stand to gain a few but I don’t want her to just eat sugar. Anyways she has learned that cake comes with parties and she isn’t happy until she gets to eat the cake!



Whats funny is that she almost never finishes the cake but she sure does like to start it! After she got the cake out of the way, she turned into quite the little dare devil. She really knows no fear lately. It might just kill this mama sometimes!


She probably went down this slide 15 times. She would have gone down more but the party was over! IMG_3568 Chris didn’t get a picture of the birthday girl but here is the birthday boy!


Also we LOVE our puddle jumpers! The girls aren’t close to 30 pounds but they work GREAT once they learned they were supposed to stay on their arms. I highly recommend them to anyone even if the weight limit isn’t quite right!

The next week we had the Quads birthday party!

IMG_2913 Over the last couple of weeks, we had been sharing a virus and it was Kinley’s turn. She was at home with her Daddy running a fever. So this was just Madelyn and I at Pump it up this time!

Like I said Madelyn knows no fear and was keeping up with the big kids


Everyone commented on how brave she was!


All the kiddos!

IMG_2903 Silly Sav!

IMG_2909 I just like this picture of Madelyn and Carter sitting at the big table! Look at their little legs next to those big kids!


This is such a cute cake! IMG_2911 What you have to when you have to share a cake with 3 boys and 1 girl! Good job, Suz!

Next up, we had Emery and Gavin’s birthday! Shelley (their mom) is one by BFF’s that goes on my twin mom trip. I was so excited to see her and it’s always fun to get our kids together!


They had their backyard set up with all sorts of water fun! It was a great idea for all this Texas heat we have been having.

IMG_1036small Lately the girls are sticking together more and more when we are out around other kids. They will be together most of the time and if they get separated they will start looking for each other.

Yes, they are wearing their bows with their bathing suits…ha!



The birthday duo!IMG_1059-1smallWe totally forgot to bring the camera to this party so I borrowed all these pictures from Shelley. So there was actually a picture of us with our kids that isn’t posed. Again Madelyn with the cake!


We have had a GREAT summer celebrating our friend’s birthdays! We are jealous of all the fun stuff you can do outdoors for summer birthdays! The girl’s birthday usually comes with ice or it is perfect outside…never know here in TEXAS so you can’t plan for anything! I will say for one thing we are getting tired of all the over 100 degree days we have been having!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A GREAT visit

My Granddad and Kay came into town for a quick visit a couple of weeks ago. We are always happy to see them and enjoy our time with them! Kay (Great Grandmommy) and Granddaddy are always sending the girls things in the mail. The girls love going out to the mailbox because of the packages. Some of the girls cutest dresses have come from them! IMG_2883

My Granddad is seriously one of the best granddads in the world. Especially when you are a kid. He was ALWAYS playing with us. I remember all the fun stuff we would do growing up, making tents, watching Saturday morning cartoons, having tea parties, playing computer games (my granddad ALWAYS had the coolest computers and the best games. Even before everyone had computers in every room…lol) Drawing, and a ton of other memories, I could go on forever.IMG_2884 I grew up down the street from my Granddad and Grammy (who Kinley is named after. Kinley Margaret) So we got to play with Granddaddy all the time. I will treasure those moments forever. After my Grammy died and Granddaddy and Kay moved away we don’t get to see them as often but I am SOOO glad my girls know them and get to play like we did.IMG_2885 I don’t know why I don’t have any pictures of Madelyn but I promise she was there! We love our visits and wish they could happen more often. Great Granddaddy and Great Grandmommy just bought a farm out in the country and we are hoping we can take the girls to see all the animals once it cools down.

They always love her necklaces!


Thanks for coming to play, the girls can’t wait to see their Great Granddaddy and Great Grandmommy again!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sawyer Clayton!

My BFF Ashley had her sweet baby boy and we are so happy that he is finally here and for us to love on. I was SOOO excited Ashley wanted me at the hospital while he was born. I was honored and couldn’t imagine not being there.

Suz and I waiting for baby Sawyer!

07 july 2011 220

Ashley and I before she had him…she looked GREAT!

07 july 2011 221

It was the first time I have been back to the L&D floor since taking my babies home from the NICU. I don’t know if it was all the talk about babies that day or if I was just emotional but I can say I got a little bit teary eyed walking down the same hall. I mean we walked down that hall for what seemed like forever. Crazy to see how far we have come!

Ashley was next door to the room I was in! I never took a picture of the sign while I was there so I decided to then…I know I am a dork!


Big Brother Carter!

07 july 2011 212

Collin came out and told us he was here and we were so excited to see that little boy! Doesn’t seem like that long ago we were looking through that window at baby Carter!

I just loved this picture!

07 july 2011 233

My girls were at home with a Babysitter so I left after we got to see Sawyer through the window. The quads were getting a little tired of being in a hospital waiting room so I thought I would take them home with me. I knew my girls would be MORE than happy to see them!

Sav was really tired and didn’t even make it to my house!


After Chris got home we took the brood to MCD for ice cream. Nothing like sugaring up kids and sending them home! Sorry Joe! (I heard they were a little difficult that night! Auntie Liz takes credit for that!)

It got a little silly at MCD. The girls all decided to wear bibs…which might not have been a bad thing!

Picnik collage1 Picnik collage2 Picnik collage3

After MCD’s Chris and I went up to see the baby and the parents again! We took turns with the girls out in the waiting room.

Sweet Baby!IMG_3477 IMG_3488 IMG_3494

Here are some Chris took the other day. I couldn’t choose cause he is just that cute!!!! I am in love…and maybe have a little baby fever! lol

IMG_3796-E sample IMG_3867-E sample

The girls haven’t been able to meet baby Sawyer yet. They have had some random virus and I have been too scared to take them to meet him. I can’t wait, every baby doll they have has now become baby Sawyer. So cute! Welcome to the world, Sawyer Clayton! We love you!