Monday, November 21, 2011

Halloween...the rest of the story!

This was the first year that the girls cared anything about Halloween. I don't know that they got it entirely but they knew it was fun. 

We had a BUSY Halloween weekend...It seemed like we went to EVERY fall festival possible...ha! It was fun but man were we tired. Our first round was with the Steeces! I was worried about the girls would tear up their costumes so we didn't wear them the first day. 

Suz rounded up the troops for a little Trunk or Treating. 

These dudes CRACKED me up with their mustaches!!! The foursome was so cute!

M and K with the Band! lol
The Hoags met up with us too. Madelyn was so excited to see "CarCar" and run to hug him. 

Sweet baby Yodi, Sawyer. 

After that festival we ran to a few with Aunt Nell and Issac! The girls love to follow him around so that helped them to learn to say Trick or Treat. 
Sweet Maddie and Her Aunt Nell. 

Later that weekend, we met up with the Hoags and the Steeces again for their festivals at their church. The Girls wore their costumes this time. 
Mama and her little peacocks!
Love this kid!

The gang wondering around!

Stopping for some grub! Good looking bunch!!

On actual Halloween we had our Church's trunk or treating...some of our family that were there.

Our preacher's name is Woody. So he and his wife dressed up as Woody and Jesse from Toy Story. I am pretty sure that made M and K's night!

This is pretty much the girls favorite part...candy!!! They had withdraws the next week!
The Girls had such cute Halloween Outfits this year...

i had to include those pictures!

We all had a wonderful and tiring Halloween!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tiny Prints Card Giveaway!

One of my favorite  things about Christmas is picking out Christmas cards!!! I love looking for the PERFECT card. I spent way too long on this every year. It has to be just right! Not to mention the perfect picture to go on them. Every year my awesome BFF Hannah takes our family pictures. If you are in Abilene you should TOTALLY check her out. She is great with our girls. We love using her for family pictures. Seriously having a photographer for a husband and getting someone to take our pictures is a NIGHTMARE. He is so picky. He and Hannah get a long great so it all works out!

Here are a few of my favovites she has taken of us! 

Look at my itty bitties...tear!

I get teary eyed looking at these pictures just seeing how far my twinkies have come!! Crazy!

However this year we can't make it to that ole' A town to take pictures :( before needing them for Christmas cards so good old Dada is going to have to take some of the girls for our cards. We decided when taking family pictures it's always better to use someone else! So This year's card will only feature the duo!

Here are a few of my favs he has taken this year!

So if you are in need of a good photographer in the metroplex...I just happen to know one I could set you up with! I will be making Chris take some new ones for our card that are more wintery!

 Back to the perfect Christmas card...I have searched a ton of sites and I am always drawn back to Tiny Prints! So I was super excited when I found this amazing deal on my friends blog that they were offering! I'm in love with all their cards in their Christmas line. LOVE!

Aren't they so cute?!?!? I can't wait to take pictures then pick our card! 

Right now, Tiny Prints is offering the coolest giveaway! If you blog about their company and the awesome cards, Tiny Prints will give you 50 free cards of your choice! Isn't that that cool!? What are you waiting for...get to Blogging!  After you blog fill out this form and they will contact you.  

I can't wait to choose our card!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

E week!

Letter E...We had a TON of appointments this week so we didn't do a ton but we still managed to do some letter E things...
Learning how to write the Letter E

 We learned all about EGGS

 I even let them hold one...I think I might have had a heart attack!
 They got really into the EGGS

 Eating our EGGS...Kinley and one of her "faces"


Our letter E for ELEPHANT

We also watched ELMO and a movie about Elephants! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Six Flags

Growing up where you have an amusement park in your "back yard" you take it for granted! I totally got burned out on going and really haven't wanted to go. However lately I have been thinking about taking the girls, so when our good friend who is a electrician there gave us free tickets we were more than happy to go! Thanks Tom!
The girls and I on the teacups!

I just love this picture...check out the cheese faces!

 Maddie Bug!

They loved it but would slide around on the seats! We had to hold on to them.

You can't go to Six Flags and not take a picture in this chair.
For people who wonder how taking a picture with 2 year old twins goes, I give you the following pictures!

So we took the girls on a little ferris wheel in the little kid part of the park. I HATE ferris wheels...I can do roller coasters but HATE ferris wheels!!! Totally freaking out...I hate how you have to wait while everyone gets on and off. 
I am not sure the girls loved it but they LOVED all the other rides! Just like their mama!

Ok, they like it better than I did!

Look how much they LOVED this ride!

It was around Halloween so they had a hay maze! They didn't really get it but thought it was fun.
 Kinley was TERRIFIED of anything dressed up so she didn't like Bugs...

 Madelyn just wanted to give him a hug.
We went up on the tall tower and looked over Ft. Worth and Dallas!

We had a great time and can't wait to get passes next year!