Monday, June 25, 2012

Catching up.

Other than continue the streak of no blogging, I figured I would catch you all up with iPhone pictures. Lately I have been so busy so that is about all the picture taking that has been going on...ugh, I PROMISE this is getting better tomorrow! I charged my actual camera today for the first time in months. 

To start things rolling, I thought I would COMPLETELY embarrass myself...I took this picture to send to √áhris. To do 2 things. Show that literally the girls (and him for that matter...TeeHee) are giving me grey hairs and so that he would tell me to go get my hair dyed. Well I don't remember what he said but it has since been taken care! 

In the middle of our CRAZY life lately Chris and I actually got away for an early anniversary trip...Good thing cause I am pretty sure on our anniversary we didn't see each other! 6 years!

 I had a wonderful stress free Mother's Day! 

For Mother's Day, I made these cute Bird Nest Necklaces for some of the special Mom's in our lives. Thank you Pinterest!

On my birthday we spent about 2 hours at Six Flags...It was WAY too hot for much more!
 New for us this month...Kinley has become terrified of Carousels...
She always wants to get on but this is what happens. 
 I watched 4 other kids for 6 working on our ABC's see I didn't give up on that...More on that later!

I was planning part of a wedding for a friend and my AMAZING friends stepped up to watch my kids. I LOVED getting this picture to brighten my day! I mean seriously HOW CUTE?!?!? I believe I will be framing it!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Taking Cover!

Two months ago we were having a storm. I was not supposed to be at home but we were home eating lunch. All of the sudden I hear sirens going off. I don't do storms very well so we were headed for the bathroom. Everyone makes fun of me because I always head to the bathroom very EARLY in a storm.
However, honestly at this point didn't think too much about it. I called my mom because she works for the city and generally knows what is going on. She was at lunch a few miles away. She wasnt sure what was going but thought she heard someone say a tornado. Ok, insert me FREAKING OUT.
 I promptly received a call from Chris who was at his new office in Dallas watching the news. He was more aware of what was going on because he was watching and said that the tornado was coming toward us. Pretty sure at some point I said I can't handle this! Power was coming off and on. I remember thinking it was so loud then eerily quiet...I calmed down and realized I had to do what I had to do I have my babies to take care of. I talked to my mom one other time and she was watching the tornado and it was heading our way...yikes!

I put Madelyn's mattress over our heads as we waited it out. We lost power completely in the middle of it all and I couldn't really make a call out on my phone. Finally when my mom got through to call she was going to come over to see what damage happened in our neighborhood. She said she had a VERY hard time even getting to our house. Lots of houses in the entrance of our neighborhood had been hit. Our house seemed to be fine. We were lucky!!!

One of the worst hit was a nursing home...way too close to our house for walking distance. 

So sad they had to move all the elderly out. In all the damage that our area got no one was killed! 

Picture of the tornado

So sad

Isn't this crazy!!
Its been over two months now and there is still damage and people out of their houses. We feel blessed that our house was fine and all of our families and friends were left unharmed also. All we had to deal with was no power. The girls still talk about the "tormado" and getting in the bathtub and the mattress.