Friday, March 23, 2012

Hanging with wildlife!

After our van was totalled and we were in the market for a new car. We found a GREAT deal on a Chevy Tahoe. I never thought I would leave my minivan club (I really actually liked my minivan) but I have to tell you I might be a traitor...I REALLY REALLY like my new car. It isn't brand new but I do love it. One of my favorite things is that windows roll down and no sliding doors. The first thing we wanted to do was to go to one of those drive through safaris. 

I think the girls favorite part was not sitting in their car seats
These things REALLY like their food.
The girls weren't sure at first when all the horns started coming so close
Kinley watching all the animals.
This picture just cracks me up. Chris and the girls were scared of the zebras being this close.
At the middle there was a petting zoo...the girls loved brushing the goats.

Me and My sweet girls.

The girls got a little braver as day went on.

The "deer" would practically put their entire head into the car

More petting zoo


We had a very good time hanging out with Daddy all day and seeing all the animals. We will be going back for sure!!! 


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Big girls!

So a few weeks before the girls birthday we decided to move the twins into big girl beds. Madelyn was climbing into Kinley's bed and I was getting nervous about her getting hurt. Hey, almost 3 years old, we had a pretty good run I believe!!! Mommy thought she might get a little teary eyed when  we took a few last crib pictures. The girls were TOTALLY not in the mood for a shoot so this was the best we got!

Since potty training I think this was a transition I was the most TERRIFIED of. We have been blessed with wonderful sleepers who go to sleep on their own and sleep in till after 9. We talked it up for over a week. We got new bedding that we called their big girl bedding. They seemed very excited to be "getting" big girl beds. They watched as the beds got transformed into toddler beds. I didn't even cry! Ha. I actually haven't cried really during transitions...yet!!!


Giving Sissy night night Kisses


Here is a video of the girls a few days after we made the BIG switch. It really shows their true selves. A chatty (imaginative) little girl and one OCD need things my way little girl   so Kinley refers to a Grandpa and a brother...non of which she has. She has a Poppy and my granddad we call Granddaddy. That is who we figure she is referring to.

I have to say that my girls did AMAZING at nighttime. They would lay down and just sleep. It is great! I know some of you mom's are rolling your eyes. Nap time however is usually a different story. We on a REGULAR basis they nap in peapods. I really think if they didn't share a room we wouldn't have a problem.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3 Year old stats and such!

The girls had their 3 year old appointment a few weeks after their actual birthday. I wanted to wait for their official weight and heights.

Kinley (the oldest by two minutes)
Weighs 23 pounds-not on chart
36 inches tall-15 percentile
Wears 18 month and 2t stuff.for winter
Wears size 7 shoe mostly

Kinley is always talking, she takes after her mama!
She started carrying around a particular blanket which she calls "her soft church blanket" We have no idea why.
She calls the zoo the kazoo and Starbucks, Scarbucks
She loves veggies and asks for salad...not at all like her Daddy. Although she loves pickles like him.
Learning her ABC's and counting.
Knows the shapes...most of the time.
Knows colors

Heavy sleeper
Still has tubes in both ears. Had an ear infection once since she had them put in.
Usually has no accidents but does still wears pull-ups at night.
RUNS everywhere and is fairly clumsy
Calls yesterday "the last day"
REMEMBERS everything. She can tell you who gave her what at her birthday and Christmas. Other things too just that is the most recent random thing she talks about all the time.


Both girls are constantly telling us and others they love us..."lobe you"
After they tell us they love us, we say Alot or a little They think its funny to say a little. Silly girls
They fight with each other so hard but then the LOVE each other hard too. If they get hurt they usually want to see their sister.

While in the car they ask to listen to Mommy music and Daddy music...usually Mommy music which just about kills their Daddy. HA.
They love to color and ask to do it often
They both know their whole names...Kinley Margaret Tarrant and Madelyn Clare Tarrant. They know they were named after my grandmothers and talk about it frequently.
They are finally in big girl beds. Went to come.

Weighs 24 pounds (not on chart)
33 inches tall (not on chart)
Wears 18 month and 2t in winter
Mostly wears size 5 shoe and some 6

Is talking MORE and MORE.
stopped having speech therphy in Feb
Still carries her "pink" "pinkie" around. It's a redish/pink blanket she carries around. She asks for it if she is tired, cranky, hurt or has her feelings hurt. She also has a giraffe, bunny and a pony that she usually has close by. She generally only cares if she has at least one of them. But "pink" blanket is a must.
She calls yesterday "yesday"

is quite the Mommy's girl lately
can be a fairly picky eater.
Learning ABC's, counting, shapes and colors...she does them correctly but only when she wants too!
Can be stubborn

Still OCD about things. From her Daddy
freaks out if she sees a bug.
Has nightmares/night terrors

Since the girls have turned three we have had good days and bad days. They have started throwing some pretty good tantrums. They are also so much fun and are getting to the age where they love to do fun things and get things out of it. I love that!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sleepover times 6

Back in January the girls were BEGGING for Sav to spend the night. They had spent the night with her recently but it had been a LONG time since she had spent the night at our house. We decided to give them the whole night off and take them all! Can I just tell you first of all...I love these kids. They are so well behaved. Despite what their mom may say ;)

The girls little play room is full with 6 kids...but they had a great time.

The poor boys found the only three cars we own in about 3 seconds.

Sweet Benny, I hope my girls fight over this catch some day. Such a sweetheart!

How many kids can we cram around a mixer to make cookies.

I thought I might regret letting them decorate cookies...but we had an absolute blast!
Some of our "master pieces"

Drew and Ethan.

They all loved to just pour the bottle over on the cookie...Hey that is what Auntie Liz is for!

I THINK there might be a cookie under all that...check out that face she was upset there was no more. Um, check the plate Maddie! 

The aftermath...Chris says next time we need to get Shiloh to come clean up the floor. lol
Watching a movie...Kinley and Drew (I think/hope)

Madelyn, Sav and Ben.

Eating dinner and our YUMMY cookies.

At first we put them all in the same room. They were so happy to be together. That lasted about 30 minutes. Then we put the girls in the play room.

We cannot wait to do it again. My girls are absolutely obbessed with the quads and talk about them all the time.