Monday, August 31, 2009

Change of plans!

Sunday night Chris, I and the girls were supposed to be meeting Chris' brother and his Girlfriend for dinner. They decided they couldn't go so we spent the evening together as just a four person family. Never happens! At first I think we were bummed but ended up having a great time. First off we took the girls to the nearby lake. It was about time for them to eat but we decided to get a few pictures first. We have thousands (seriously) pictures of them but not alot with us. Kinley was asleep for most of the picture taking. Lately when Kinley is finally asleep you do just about everything to keep her that way. 

Madelyn and I enjoying the slightly cooler weather
Chris and Madelyn

Madelyn left, Kinley right
Chris and his girls. 
They would much rather watch boats than take pictures
I love this picture!
This was the last attempt. I think all three of them had enough.
Kinley on left, Madelyn right
After we went to the Lake we went out to eat. I figured since the girls had eaten their last bottle at the lake, they would go to sleep. Boy, was I wrong!!!! The whole plan backfired...mostly on Kinley's behalf. I swear the last week or so she has to scream for at least 20 minutes before falling asleep. At home that's not that bad, but at a restaurant it's not so good. I finally left Chris and Madelyn to pay the check so Kinley and I could walk out. I get self conscious of letting them cry in public places. We get to the front of the restaurant and all the hostess want to see her. She of course turns the charm on. For those of you that have met her, you know what I am talking about. As soon as you talk to her she shoots you a HUGE smile seconds after screaming her head off. After a few minutes of being in the car they both fell fast asleep. 

 Despite the rocky dinner we had a great time as a family! 


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Long lost video!

I am so sorry it has taken so long to post this video! We have had a crazy busy week. The girls have decided that starting this week we are no longer good nappers! Anyways I apologize again for my voice and trust me Madelyn is ok! It looks worse on video than in person! Enjoy. 

Friday, August 21, 2009

Today a year ago...look at us now!

On August 21, 2008 I had my first ultrasound. I laid down to have a look at our little bean only to be told that I was having two little beans. The lady said it so calm...I will always remember exactly how she said it too. "oh it's twins" Like we were expecting it to be that. Honestly my first response was to say " who paid you to say that?!?!?!??" Followed by several "are you serious??" I don't remember anything else that lady said during our sono.I did keep asking her to keep looking and make sure that there was only two! I was processing the whole time what this meant. Also trying to figure out who to call first.

The first pictures of the Tarrant Twins!
We took this picture in our shock! Trust me we were SHOCKED!!!!!It was exciting, scary, funny and pretty much terrifying!

BACK STORY For those who don't know I was a nanny when I found out I was pregnant. About a week before my ultrasound I told the three year old I watched that I was going to have a baby. A few days after she knew I asked her what was in my tummy, she would always say...Three babies!!!!! I would try to convince her that there was only one. I should have listened. I sent a text to her mom while I was leaving my doctor that Lynlee was almost right about what was in my tummy!! I really should have listened to all the signs God was sending!!!

Ok I promise I am done with all the it was a year ago day blogs...well until February 7!!! I just want to have it for the girls when they are older.

In more recent news the girls have tried cereal!!! They would like to tell everyone that it is not their favorite thing.

Please excuse the quality of these videos. We had to use our point and shoot. Chris let someone borrow our good video camera. Also excuse my voice, I hate the way I sound but I thought they were really cute!

Ok the video of them trying to eat cereal is not wanting to I will try again tomorrow but I at least wanted to post something!


Thursday, August 13, 2009



Just cause I think this picture is funny!
12 pounds 12oz (not on the chart yet but working on it)

Enjoys toys
Is rolling over more
more "talking"
Size 1 diapers
Some newborn clothes but some 0-3 months too!!!
Makes the Ppppppppttttt noise (trying to get it on video)
Not Swaddling finally
Likes the bumbo seat
Loves the swing
Loves to cuddle


12 pounds 9oz

Grabs at things all the time
Rolled over a few more times
Talks all the time
Blows bubbles
Not as crazy about bumbo seat unless you are entertaining her
Size 1 diapers
Wears newborn and some 0-3 month
Drools all the time
No more swaddling
Would usually rather play than cuddle unless she is super tired

I can't believe that my sweet babies are 6 months old! It really seems like I just had them but at the same time it feels like our lives have always had them in it. I can't imagine my life any other way.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My little Kiwi girl!

This week we have all our six month appointments...Can you believe it my girls are six months! Kinley had an appointment with her Orthopedic doctor. She was breeched when she was born, along with her sister. Well they were pulled out that way. By Texas state law babies born breeched must have a hip sono. Kinley and Madelyn both had one while still in the NICU. Madelyn's was great but Kinley's wasn't and the Dr at the hospital heard a clicking in her hip. Kinley was referred to Cooks Children's to have it looked at and to decide if she need to wear a brace. They didn't think she would need a brace but wanted to keep a eye on her mild hip dysplasia. We went back every month to check her progress with a dr visit or a sonogram. 

 I had just assumed I would take both of the girls with me like I have done most of the other times. Until I found out my friend was going to be in town and I thought I would get her to watch Madelyn and I could actually just take one baby. After I went to the trouble of asking my friend, Chris was off and had decided to go. I figured we would just take them both, but Celeste said that we could go and just focus on Kinley. How great is that!! It was so much fun being normal. I didn't get ask a thousand questions! I don't usually mind it at all but it was a nice break. 

Our appointments are always in the middle of a feeding. Kinley would not wait!
Chris showing K a little love...No he doesn't love her at all. 

Hutton girls do you recognize this outfit?!?!?!?!

The doctor checked her and she had an x-ray. Everything looks great and had fixed itself! She has completely normal hips and we have no more appointments with them!!! Not that we didn't like them...they are great! Just so nice to have something to take off the list! Tomorrow...pedi appointments! 
Little Kinley ready to sleep and see her sister! We missed her

Still working on our vaca posts...waiting on pictures from others!!! I promise soon. I have had sick babies the last few days. 


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Steece Quads!!!!

Wanted to wish the Steece quads a very very happy 2nd Birthday!!! 

  First two pictures are from some day Chris and I watched quads!!! 
Me loving on Ben and Ethan
The girls love their Sav!!!
We love you very much and always have so much fun playing with the four of you!!!

Auntie Liz (and Chris, Kinley and Madelyn)