Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!

I was going to post our Christmas card today but Chris left the file in his office. I will try to get it later.

Love, The Tarrants

Friday, December 12, 2008

Our week...and some other stuff.


Chris and I have moved! However the house that we moved into was a complete mess. My parents have been remodeling it. (it is their rent house) In fact it is still not done at all but we are living there in the parts that are livable. Anyways all that to say that this week we finally put up a few things that would make us feel more at home. Trust me it was bad and still has ALOT of work that needs to be done. It really helped feel like home to get the Christmas tree up. Chris put the tree together while I made these chocolate balls things for Chris's Starbucks. I got very Betty Crocker this week.

Also we had a Ultrasound this week. The girls looked GREAT, in fact they said that they looked so good we didn't need to have another ultrasound for four more weeks. Which is sad that we won't get to see them for a while but so good to hear that they are doing great. Kinley is 1 pound 11 oz and Madelyn is 1 pound 12 oz. I'm doing good just getting bigger and bigger. Madelyn has taken up shop in my ribs, which feels HORRIBLE. My doctor says they are probably bruised and didn't seem to think that it would get alot better. FUN!!! Chris's birthday is tomorrow and we are taking maternity pictures. I hope they come out ok.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We went today and had a 3D/4D sonogram today. I decided that I wanted one and we found a place that was running a holiday special. We loved it and loved getting to see the babies again. They told me with twins that its best to do it at 24-26 weeks. I am 24 weeks and today was the only day for a while that both of us could go. All that to say that they are not as clear as singletons that get to wait till later but we love them anyways. Kinley was not feeling the camera today and Madelyn was all about it. Totally the opposite of them normally.
Laying their heads together.

Kinley(not loving the camera)

Madelyn(loving the camera)
Sucking her thumb!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving, eating, games, and black Friday!

Well for Thanksgiving Chris had to work until 10 so we drove to Boswell, Oklahoma (Don't worry you have never heard of it) for lunch with the Family.
We had a good time and lots of good food and lots of PIE! On my side of the family every Thanksgiving is overshadowed with the fact that it's hunting season. So all the guys go out and hunt. Not for me though. I spent some time looking at black Friday ads while my mom and aunt did their normal thanksgiving tradition of playing scrabble. I some how got talked into keeping score. If you know my mom and aunt they are some serious scrabble players. Anyways Thanksgiving was pretty relaxing and it was great!!! Friday, My mom and I decided to face the crowds and go to Wal-Mart at 5. I should mention the closet Wal-mart is thirty minutes away. We went two years ago on Black Friday and no one was there but not this year. It was crazy!!! We fought our way through the crowds and ended up with a basket full. Chris had to work at the buck on Saturday and so he left. I decided to stay and hang out with my family and my brother who was home from College. Over all we had a great time just relaxing and being together.

In other news, for Christmas I asked for a 4D sonogram! We go on Wednesday to have that. I'm excited and really hope that both or at least one of the girls is feeling the camera. Alright I guess that's it. I went to Chris's office today and let him take a picture of my growing stomach, just for you suz! I am officially 24 weeks today!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm sick!

I came down with a cold this weekend! I hate being sick. I can't breathe and can't take anything!!! Ok, sorry I needed to rant a little.

Babies are doing good. I am feeling bigger kicks now.


Monday, November 17, 2008

22 weeks!

We ended up having our sonogram on Friday. The girls look great and are getting so big. Baby A (kinley) is one pound and Baby B (Madelyn) is 15 oz. I love getting to see them but it makes me sad too that I don't get to see them all the time. I can't believe that I am already 22 weeks it's crazy, seems like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant. I am feeling really good lately. I do not miss the morning sickness at all!!!! I am really starting to have trouble sleeping though. I just toss and turn all night. I have always been such a light sleeper anyways that having a huge stomach doesn't help or having to use the bathroom all the time. I am feeling both of the girls move now. It is really a neat feeling. It's not usually big kicks but more like flutters still. However some times one of them will kick pretty hard. Chris really wants to feel but so far no luck. He is being such a cute daddy already to his girls. I love listening to him talk to people about them. I know he is really excited to hold them.

My mom and went to babies R us and I think we picked out cribs. We have not bought them yet just in case we find something else. I really think I like this one though.

I guess thats it for now. Have a great week!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Names and a fender bender

Well not much is going on with us since my last update. We have been trying to figure out some names for our babies for the last couple months. I always thought this would be so much fun but oh's not. I was so overwhelmed by the baby name books and the fact that everyone around you has a thought on the subject. Before we even knew we were pregnant with twins we have had a boy name and a girl name. Kinley and Canon. When we found out we were having twins everyone thought it was a boy and a girl, so we thought we might already be done with the whole name thing. When we found out it was two girls I felt like we were at square one again. I was not sure I even wanted to use Kinley. AHHH, its been an adventure, trying to find names that both of us like. Anyways I think we are stuck on two names now. I did come around back to Kinley (chris's middle name is Lee) and Madelyn. Which for ones of you that read the Smith blog, I know her cute little girl's name is Madelynn (spelled different) but I really like it and didn't realize I was stealing until after I feel in love with that name. Thanks Smith Twins. As far as middle names go we are not completly there yet but working on it.

Ok, as far as the fender bender goes...I was in the smallest wreck ever. In fact I was not even sure we hit the lady but had just slammed on our brakes. Anyways I was not driving and neither was Chris but as soon as the insurance found out I was pregnant with twins they freaked out. I went to the doctor and had some tests ran. I am currently waiting for them to call back and schedule my sonogram since I was in a wreck. They were supposed to call yesterday and nothing so annoyed. I am sure I am fine, and have heard both heartbeats so the girls are fine too. I just hate waiting around. Alright I guess thats it for now. I have been doing some shopping for our little ones(I can't help myself) and I have come to the conclusion that having little girls is going to be expensive!!!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend in Review! Also our last appointment.

Well I am going to try to update as best I can. It's been a while. Don't worry thats why I put pictures so it wouldn't be too boring! This weekend My mom, aunt and I drove to Abilene for ACU Homecoming. Chris had to work so he couldn't go. My social club has a breakfast every homecoming and it's always nice to see old friends again. 

Then we went to the famous ACU HOMECOMING PARADE. 

My cousin and I at the Parade.(my brother decided that he would rather sleep) Can't blame him, I remember being a freshman.

Me at the parade!! Yes I know I am big. Although I get told "oh you're not big at all, not for twins" in the same day get told "you are so big"

Ok, so I had more pictures but blogger is not working. I will just have to tell you about our appointment on Monday. We are having...GIRLS!!!!!! They said we could paint everything pink if we wanted to. However, their room is already painted and its Sage green and Brown. I do LOVE pink though...just not sure their Daddy would like that. Anyways they said everything looked great. They are growing so much, both of them are weighing 10 ozs. Thats over one pound of baby in my tummy...I love it. We are getting so excited about them and really not sure if we can wait till March. 


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Short update

We had an appointment on Friday.My Doctor read over the High risk doctor's report about our U/S and said everything looks perfect!!! I have to say that is one of the best things I have ever heard. I have been having crazy dreams lately about everything, good and bad. It was very reassuring to hear everything is great.
We went to Austin last weekend just to get away from everything and everyone. It was great, we visited Chris's brother. We didn't really do a lot but I have to tell you that's about what I needed. Sorry for such a short update but I am starving and need to go eat. BTW, morning sickness is pretty much gone!!!!! Finally!!!!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our appointment!

Well, Chris and I had our first appointment with the specialist that I will see for sonograms. I think this was the first appointment that I have not been sick at (actually sick, morning sickness, etc). I was very thankful for that because I really wanted to enjoy this sono, the last one was a bit of a shock. We both talked about how we really don't remember much about it because as soon as she said "oh it's twins", we both went into shock. I know some people have four babies and that I out of anyone said be prepared but oh no... we were shocked!!!!

Anyways, we filled out what seemed like a thousand papers and finally we got to go back. As soon as she put the wand on my stomach, we could already tell that the babies had changed so much. They look more and more like little babies instead of beans. She asked if they could tell, did we want to know the gender. UH, Yeah...Chris has been waiting for this since I said I'm pregnant. (way funny story, another post) So she goes through everything on baby A and said everything looks good and it looks like a girl. So at this point Chris...FREAKING OUT! Baby B, she did the same thing, looked and said everything looks fine!! Also, girl!!! She did say that we should not do anything we can't undo, its so early. I am only 15 weeks. The tech walks out and says that the doctor will be right in...yeah, right. So I look at Chris and know that this did not go the way he had planned exactly. We talked about it all, the words have already been said by him "well...I guess this means we have to try again." Words that sound crazy at the moment to the pregnant girl laying on the table with gooey junk all over her stomach. He starts rambling things about two weddings and so forth. He calms down, we talk about how she didn't completely sounded sure about baby B. All the while I'm thinking...I got my two girls!!!! They are going to be so frilly...Wonder where I can buy those big bows for their heads...etc!!! After what was literally 45 mins. The doctor comes in, says everything looks great!!!! The best news at that appointment!! Again, states they both look like girls but don't do anything crazy. Hands us our pictures and we are off. All in all it was a great day!!

So now let me introduce to you...the Tarrant Twins!!!!! Probably girls!

Baby A

Baby B

Funny things that have been said when we say it's probably girls. (mostly so I will remember)

"poor Chris"-pretty much everyone

"dang"-my brother (actually is fine about, always been a inside joke that if we had two boys we would name them, Andrew and Matthew. He and his best friend)

"I knew it"-my mom and countless others

"Is Chris freaking out"-Suz

"Oh, Chris will melt as soon as he sees them"-Amy, my boss.

My FAVORITE SO FAR "Girls, well that's great as long as the next two are boys!!!"-My Dad

I am making it sound like we are not happy about two girls. We are so happy and feel so blessed with them no matter what sex. It's amazing how much you can love two little people you have never met. I have belly pics, just can't bring myself to posting them yet. I still haven't gotten over it's ok to look fat thing. I will, promise!!

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Sweet Husband.

Last week I had a pretty rough week! I caught a nasty stomach bug thing. Luckly it only lasted about 24 hours and then it was over. In that time though I had to miss work and miss a doctor's appointment. They actually just moved it too Friday, which was nice except I had to miss another day of work. Anyways lots of details I will not bore you with but it was just a bad week all around. Chris brought home flowers so I wanted to tell him thanks and put up the pics. They are just three flowers, the big flower is me and the two roses are my babies!

I have a appointment tomorrow for a sonogram. We are hoping that we will learn the sexes, trying not to get my hopes up though...too late!


Sunday, September 21, 2008


I am finally getting to post some pictures from Stroller skating! Let me tell you it's a work out. I just pushed the little boy I nanny and I had to take lots of breaks. I have NO idea how Suz does it with the quad stroller. I would have liked to try if I was not prego!

Let me start off my saying these pictures are not too good b/c of me not the subjects. I took one of Chris's fancy cameras and it's new so I don't know all the ins and outs of taking a great pictures. Her kids are so cute anyways I wanted to post them anyways. I only got ones while we were taking breaks. WOW! I just made a lot of excuses about these pictures...

Ben was none too happy about the whole thing! Drew looking away right as I took the picture.
They were SOO cute in their little blue jeans!

Big Ben again, if you look closely you can see a little tear...breaks my heart!
Ethan and Sav (twins were not feeling the camera today)

SAVANNAH!!!! I just LOVE this picture!!!!!!!

Stroller Skating was so much fun. Thanks, Suz for letting us tag along. Can't wait to take my little ones!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Computer Problems!!!!

I know you are all probably looking for pictures of stroller Skating! I tried to post them last night and my laptop freaked out. We are going out of town Friday just for the evening so check again Saturday!!! Sorry!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Small Update!

Not a lot to report really! We had another doctor's appointment last week, and heard the heartbeats. They said they both sounded good and that everything with me and the babies looked good. So nice to hear!!!!!! I am supposed to be having a Sonogram but they have not called about it yet. I am really feeling anxious about that and want to see me babies again! Then again the longer I wait the more likely that we will be able to tell what sexes they will be. All our friends and family are thinking boy/girl. Which is what I think they are too. We will see. The little girls I watch say two girls. I should add that the youngest one from the minute she heard I was pregnant was saying I had three babies in my tummy.So who knows she might be on to something! I am officially showing but my Photographer husband has not taken pictures yet. I know crazy!!! I think I will make him tonight.

On other news, we are moving to a house! We didn't want to live on the second floor with one baby much less two. It is my parent's rent house and has need LOTS of work. It is totally not our dream house but I think it should work OK. It's a smaller house but with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. We are getting to pick out things like paint so that has been fun fighting about what colors to paint everything.

Alright, I guess that is it for now.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Some or all of you that read this may already know this but....Chris and I found out on Thursday after our sono that we are expecting TWINS!!!! Shocked does not even begin to explain all the emotions we have felt in the last week. Shocked/Scared/Excited/a billion other things! I think that my mom said it best "its like finding out your pregnant all over again" We have had a week to take it all in and I have to say this is how its supposed to be. It feels right and what God has planned for Chris and I. I have been very scared since we found out about all the things that could go wrong with having twins. I mean to the point of keeping Chris up one night for hours crying and telling him everything that could go wrong. (he gets up at 3 am to work at Starbucks which is why we have insurance! So go buy $$$$ coffee) It is completely amazing how much we both love both of the babies already and can't imagine it being any other way. I also want to to say how amazing Chris is being through all of this. As soon as the lady said "oh its twins" he grabbed my hand and has been so supportive. I think sometime he is more excited than me! I know that he loves his babies and is going to be a GREAT Dad. I can't wait for him to see them!
I spent the day waiting for a life long friend to deliver her little boy, Nathan. I got to hold him and was shocked at how it made me feel. I CAN'T wait to hold my babies!!!! I almost started crying, and I don't cry about babies. We need all the prayers we can get for our family for two healthily babies that don't come to early.

For those of you that read Suz's or my blog know that we are friends. Yes we all think that this is funny that I meet her and her quads and now we are having twins. I now believe more than ever that God put her in my life for a reason. The Steece's are such a blessing to us, more than they will ever know. We love you guys!

I am typing on my laptop and don't have the sono pictures on it. Sorry will get those up.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Leaving the boy!!!

This weekend we went with my family to take my brother to ACU . I am so happy for him and I really hope that he loves his time there as much as I did. He seemed like he was really excited about getting there, and if any of you know Andrew you know that is something. We went on Saturday and moved him in and stayed the night. Sunday we got up and went to church and ran to Wal-mart for last minute items. (if you ever moved to college you know that is a must stop) It was raining in Abilene like crazy so that was fun moving things in and out! I took pictures of all of us but because of the rain we all look HORRIBLE so I am not going to post them. When I say we I mean me! I am so glad that I was feeling good enough to go. It was nice to be able to spend more time with him before we left him there. Here are some pictures of his dorm and moving in.

Andrew doing the important stuff like setting up the computer and printer!!!

Family moving him in and Chris looking at me thinking "why does she have my camera"

Monday, August 11, 2008


Well thats right! I found out while Chris was in Africa! Talk about hard. I told him on the Sunday he got home. I am about 7 weeks along and have my first appointment on Thursday. I have been so sick and can't keep ANYTHING down. I have already lost at least 7 pounds (which I know happens to a lot of women) We are super excited and can't wait for March 24th!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

HUGE NEWS...more to come later!

Ok, I don't have time to write the post that I want to but HUGE NEWS on the Tarrant Front.
This weekend we are driving to houston for one of my best friend's wedding. I will post the HUGE news when I get back!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I thought I would go ahead and post about Yellowstone. It has been such a crazy time since Chris left I thought I would have more to blog.... I thought I would start off at the beginning.It was such an amazing trip. Here is a link to Chris's promo that he made to show the church before we went! It's worth it check it out, its only like 3 mins. I can't get it to upload but try this Don't worry it's worth it or I think so! I will post more pictures later this week!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I love my new site!!! Thanks Jenny from Pink Armchair designs! I am in love with it and so glad I finally got a new look!! If you ever need a redo on your blog she is your woman! I went to College with Jennifer! Check her out at


Sunday, July 13, 2008


I spent the day with the Steece's today!!! I am so lucky to have friends like them. I don't know what I would have done without them this last week.

I talked to Chris yesterday for about 3 minutes. I think that this made me miss him more. I loved getting to hear his voice and know that he was ok. Basically they got to call because more than likely they will not be able to email or call for the rest of the trip. Don't get me wrong I love that he is there and I am proud of what they are doing but it's still hard. I also know that others are away from loved ones a lot longer than a month but I still miss him. I am flying to visit friends at the end of the week and I know that will be good for me. Something to look forward too. Here is Chris with his second love in Yellowstone! Our baby! His video camera. Minutes after this picture was taken . The camera got dropped and broken. He got it fixed before Africa.

Also, before Chris left we decided that we are going to move. My parents have a rent house and they offered to let us move there. They had renters but they have moved out and the house is in horrible condition. They are pretty much remodeling it before we move in. Which is fun because we will get to pick a lot of the things out for the house like colors.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Needed to write...

I am housesitting so I don't have pictures yet.

I am totally ready to be back in my own Apartment and more back to normal day to day things instead of being at a different house. I mean this house is so much better then my apartment but there is something about being with all your own stuff. I miss my bed, my bathroom, even the huge mess Chris left from packing. Ok, I don't miss the mess but I do miss that I can't clean it up. I miss Chris too, but so proud of him and what they are doing in Africa. I have felt the need to write down some thoughts I have been having. I have sat down several times to write a blog and I had no idea what to write.

I finally heard that Chris and the rest of the team (including my brother) from our church made it to Africa! I wasn't worried but its glad to know that they are safe.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

They left this morning. :(

I took some pictures with my camera this morning of them leaving but can't find my cord to download them. Here is what Chris took of his luggage. Not a lot considering they are going to be gone for a month. (27 days) More later....probably tomorrow.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Ok, sorry so long to update!!! As soon as we get Chris off to Africa I will post all about Yellowstone!!! It was amazing, one of the best trips ever! And I even traveled with many teenagers!!!! Ok, must help pack!!!

Oh yeah today as we are running around town trying to get everything for Africa, we have a flat tire!!! It's Sunday no one can fix it!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


My Baby Brother’s growing up!!!! Last week was Andrew and his lifelong friends Matthew, and Erik’s graduation party. My mom, Sandi (Matt’s mom,our friend, and our preacher’s wife) and I planned this party. As some of you may know I was the rush director for my social club at ACU, so this is right up my ally. We asked the boys what they would like at their party....Wrong idea in grand Matt and Andrew style (if you know them it makes sense) they gave us the craziest ideas EVER. Some of their requests...
Strobe lights Fire works Popcorn fal
ling from the ceiling Their names spelled out with Cake Glow Sticks and various other ridiculous things!!!! However, because they are such GOOD kids (not kidding they are some of the best high school seniors you will ever meet) we tried to make some of them come true....WE ARE NOW THE CRAZY ONES! You must also know that we were going to do this at our church’s FLC (you church of Christ people know what that is). Now our church is a small church and our FLC is pretty much a house with no walls in the middle. If you are confused I’m sorry...trying to write all this down so we can remember it later. After many weeks of planning and talking we came up with a pretty good plan. I got on the Internet and ordered 100 glow sticks! We had a popcorn machine. We had a room pretty much turned into a video game arcade. We had their names spelled out with Cakes.(thank you Sandi)We also had their two very FAVORITE DRINKS in the world there!! Dr. Pepper of course!!! and VERY FINE Juice ( no one has EVER heard of it and it's extremely hard to find!!!!) Ok, here are pictures of the night, sorry I am married to a photographer and I am a scrapbooker. After we had a party, the boys had put together a video of the FUNNY things they have done together or a part. Or the things people say Hey, Andrew or Matthew can you do that_________! They showed off a little!! Which is ok cause hey, its their night!!! I will try to post the video when Chris puts it on you tube! Anyways I know he has heard me say this a thousand times but I love you Andrew and I'm so proud of who you have become and who you are!!! I also want to say to Matt (not that either one will ever read this) I love you too and am proud of you!! Can't wait to see what y'all will do next...BTW my brother is the one in the College Shirt!

Monday, June 2, 2008


My baby brother is graduating this week. We are having a party for him and two of his really good friends that go to our church this weekend. We have worked pretty hard on it and I hope that it turns out ok and they will enjoy it.
Chris is working on my brother's senior video for our church's senior sunday and let me just say it's great. (but it makes me cry) I will write a post about my brother some other time along with the video...
Other than that same 'ol same 'ol. In the next few weeks we are going to be SOOOO busy!

Our Schedule
This weekend-Andrew's party, and graduation!!! Congrats brother!
June 8-11 Chris has work camp with the youth group
June 10- Our two year Anniversary! (won't have time to do anything) I hope I will even get to see him....Summer's for youth ministers are super busy.
June 19-My dad's birthday!!!
June 19-25-Chris and I, My mom and Dad, four other adults and a whole bunch of our teens from church are going to Yellowstone!!!!!
June 27-Going to my Dad's homecoming where he grew up! Small town, huge deal to them!
July 1st- Chris, Andrew, and others from church leave for Africa for a month!!!! So far I am not freaking out about Chris being gone for a month but we will see later.
Thats all I have time for right now but I will try to post pictures of this upcoming weekend next week.

Monday, May 12, 2008

A post about Suz!

This past weekend was so wonderful. We were invited to spend the evening with some really good friends on Saturday! It was Suzanne's birthday and we went to Joe T. Garcia's in downtown Ft. Worth. Let me tell you about her for a sec. I don't really even know where to start about this woman.

Sorry this might be a long post.

First off for those of you that do not know Suz, she and her husband have quads!!!! One day at our church they announced that there was a family that was needing some help with their quads. They were about to bring them home from the hospital and were needing help right away. I thought about it for a while and thought "no, I hold enough babies already" . Time went on and I actually forgot about the whole thing. Another Sunday they brought it up again, I thought the same thing again. However this time I kept thinking about and it kept weighing on me that I should at least go to the meeting. So I did and thought well I will at least go and help for a while. The first time I went I was actually kind of nervous to meet this new family. People that know me know that I hate when people don't like me, so I was worried they wouldn't. I remember walking up to the 2nd floor and seeing FOUR crying babies laying there. I picked up a few and instantly fell in love. I talked with Suz and instantly felt like we were friends. I hope that we will be friends for a long time. The only thing I wish is that I would have met her earlier.

I admire Suz so much that words can't even express. She is such a loving person and a wonderful friend. I am blessed by having her as a friend and I thank God for putting her family in our lives. I watch her being a mom to her precious babies and I hope that I can be half the mom she is. I have learned so much just from being her friend and watching her. Also I totally scammed these pictures from her blog. Chris's camera is broken so I can't get my picures.

I love you Suz!!!!

I will post pictures and a post about Barkley when we get a new camera!

Friday, April 18, 2008


My childhood dog died this week. I can't bring my self to post about it yet but I will try later with pictures. We had him since he was a puppy till he was almost 13. It was beyond hard!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Well, life....Not a lot has happened since I updated last. I did start a new job...a night nanny! I have to admit that the first few weeks it was hard to adjust to not sleeping. I am starting to get my own groove and figured out what worked for me. They are two month old quads. Check out their blog!
Other than that our life is basically the same. Chris and I babysat the Steece's quads last weekend while Joe and Suz went out for a much needed break. I thought it would be good practice for when we have kids! Here is what you don't do to your husband who isn't completely sure about kids....take him to watch quads. J/K It was actually not bad at all because they are such good babies. Chris did however manage to make two of them cry!! No I am not joking. We also got to hang with Joe and Suz and ended up staying till 2 in the morning. Sorry guys but it was nice to hang out with people our own age! Not that we don't completely love our youth group.

I have been reminded lately how much I love my life! Chris and I may not have the biggest house or a house for that matter. We don't make the most money, we don't have everything that we ever wanted but we are totally blessed by the people in our lives. I will try to post pictures next time.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

No time to write...

I have started a new job on Monday and Tuesday nights. I am a night nanny for two month old quads. We had a really busy easter weekend. More later...

Friday, March 7, 2008


If you find yourself wondering what is going on with the Tarrant's, you have come to the right place. We have kept ourselves pretty busy but we are having a good time. As most of you we love the camera so I am going to use pictures to explain what's going on.

He actually did it, he jumped out of an airplane! His brother turned 30 and this is how they celebrated. We drove down to Austin on Saturday morning and spent time with Chris's family. Then Sunday morning we, I mean they went skydiving!!!!! Here are some pictures from the weekend!

We always go eat here when we are in Austin.

Chris Signing his life away. No really that piece of paper said I know that I could die! He still did it, crazy boy!

The Walk of death.

Chris and his brother practicing, I think!

Chris had a funny landing.

He made me do that! I am just glad that he is still alive! HA
We took my brother, sorry mom! He wants to skydive now. It did look like a lot of fun actually.

Ok, to the rest of our lives. Chris has been really busy at church with LTC stuff. The youth group made a short film and actually their film was chosen as a semi-finalist at a film festival we are going to tomorrow. I will have to post a link if anyone wants to watch it. Chris had a lot of fun working on it with them, that kind of stuff is right up his ally. (I mean like he has a degree in it) haha! Other then that it has been normal day to day stuff keeping us busy. Chris is going to Africa this summer for a month so he has been sending out fund raising letters. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and to everyone that will keep him in their prayers while he is gone. Ok, me too--a whole month.

I'm still getting to go and see the quads once a week. I absolutely love that I get to go there. I love the Steece family so much and love that I get to be a part of their lives. I thought I would post some pictures I took of them. They are so cute and joys to be around! I took these last week while I was there. Hope you enjoy.

The twin boys. Andrew in strips and Drew in the Transformer outfit. (hope I am right) I just love the picture of Drew. He was making faces at his brother.