Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Zoo!

Alright trying to play catch up! Last week we had planned to do something on Friday because Chris was taking the day off. Chris has been working long hours with multiple jobs...He is gone when the girls wake up and not home till they are asleep. Anyways we were not sure what the weather was going to do but we chanced it and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Plus everyone else must not have wanted to chance it because there was hardly anyone at the zoo!

We decided to take the new side by side so both of the girls could see! They are LOVING this new stroller...they do however love to take things from one another and pull hair! Yes, they are already pulling each others hair. Mostly Kinley but Madelyn has gotten a few pulls in as well!

The girls a little unsure about the Petting zoo!
Meet Issac! For those of you that don't "know" me in real life, this is the boy I have been watching! He is five and is usually pretty unsure about the girls, or as he calls them "the babies"

A year or so ago Issac was at a petting zoo with his mom and was bitten by a pig! He still has a scar on his face so needless to say this was as close as he was getting to that thing!

This is how K likes to roll in the stroller now...STANDING
I don't know if you can see well but they were super excited to see whatever it was!
My sweet Maddie! I just love that girl, drool and all!

Kinley was taken with the giraffes!

so the girls LOVED the Meerkats! I think they would have watched them all day!

Taking a break for a group picture!

This is how we all felt when we were done...TIRED! I had three sleeping kiddoes on the way home!
We had a WONDERFUL time and can't wait to go again! Probably after summer so it won't be so hot or crowded!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bug bite!

This weekend we spent in at our family's ranch in Oklahoma! We had a wonderful time and got in some much needed "playing" outside and didn't worry about getting dirty! (the girls not me) However when we woke up the next morning Kinley had three bug bites on her forehead. We put hydrocodone cream on them and they got all red and started swelling. Within five minutes of washing the stuff off it was already getting better. I guess we won't be using that stuff again. Sorry the only camera handy was our cellphones. Once I catch up on Laundry from the weekend I will blog the rest of the weekend!

Picture does not do it justice, really!
Let me just tell you that it didn't seem to affect her much. She was super hyper when we got home last night. This little girl (both, really) are becoming their own little people. Uncle Andrew even commented this weekend, about how much they are turning into their own people! It is so fun to watch!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

March of Dimes!

On Saturday the four of us had the wonderful experience of walking the 5 mile March of Dimes walk. It was lots of fun and all for a good cause. It was such a humbling experience to see so many families that have been affected by premature birth. March of Dimes is a wonderful cause and we were so happy to be a part of it.

We walked as a part of Team Reese and Riley! I have been reading Amy's blog for a while and we realized that we actually went to the same college. She put together a team and we were so happy to be a part of it!

Our wonderful team! So many sweet people!
(Reese & Riley stayed home and played with their Grandparents!)

The girls and I before the walk. It was a yucky day and cold to start!

There were LOTS of people to support such a wonderful cause

Before the walk started, we were standing around. The girls were a little fussy and not happy about not moving!



We figured out what was wrong with Maddie she had a SUPER poopy diaper that Chris (haha) had to change...I hear it was an interesting experience out there without any place to do that!

Kinley waiting while her sister was getting changed.
She quickly reached over and stole her balloon!
The girls and Collin excited to get started!
Sweet Amy and Richey.
You know you are a Daddy of girls when you rock the Pink Backpack and the girls aren't even there! I love it!

They had signs of preemies and memorials along the walk.

We got to see some of our quad friends sign!
We missed you Gerwers, they had all gotten sick and couldn't come!

Reese and Riley! (they left out Riley's name)

Leah, Amy's sister who little boy Liam was stillborn at 20 weeks

Our sign! (yes they spelled Madelyn's name wrong)

They have come a LONG way! My sweet preemies!

We did it! 5 miles! Kinley was still napping!

We had a great time and can't wait to do it next year!

Oh and guess who has taken 5 or 6 steps this week?!?

Friday, April 16, 2010


Sorry I have been a little absent from blogging...It just seems like I can't catch a second lately to sit down and blog! For the girls birthday, Chris and I got M and K swings. We finally got them put up this week. I think we have used them everyday since! They love them.

Here is a little video of them swinging, watch out it can make you a little dizzy watching them swing but it's so cute! At the end watch Madelyn try to escape and us try to get them to do "tricks", which they wouldn't!

Sorry the quality of the video is HORRIBLE...I did something wrong when I put it into One true media. It also put the first video on there twice! We actually got a brand new video camera last week and I have NO idea what I am doing!!!

We are getting excited to be walking in The March of Dimes walk tomorrow with some of our blogger friends! Reese and Riley!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Marshmallow Hair...Yuck!

For Easter the girls were given some Marshmallow candy. Up to this point the girls have pretty much not had a lot of stuff like candy...well except their birthday! I have been OBSESSED with trying to make them good eaters (veggies,etc) because their Daddy won't eat a vegetable to save his life. Not that it is working... Anyways I figured it was time to let them have a little sugar!

These pictures were taken two different times.

Girls trying marshmallows for the first time!


Madelyn stuffing it in

I made sure that we only had them on a bath nights because this is what happens...



It took me a while to get all the gross out of their hair tonight during bath time!!! I almost wonder if I got it all!!!

I think we are finally getting the sickies out of our's been a rough week. We however gave it to Uncle Andrew!! I hope that is the last of it though...Looking forward to meeting some blogging friends this weekend!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

This has been a rough week! Mama was totally out of the count for a few days. I have not felt that bad in a VERY long time. I am pretty sure I had some sort of food poison, it was horrible! It started one day out of the blue and thankfully a quick call to Mimi (my mom) and she was able to get off of work and come home. I am finally feeling more like myself and able to walk around again!

The girls had a great Easter and really enjoyed the egg hunt at our church!

Poppy helping the girls hunt for eggs!

This is basically what the girls did with their eggs.


Kinley saw an egg!!

Sweet Maddie!

Ok, so we have the coolest girl in our youth group that LOVES animals! She just got a few baby ducks and brought them up to the egg hunt to let the kids take pictures with them. How cool is that. I was a little worried at first what the twins would do to the ducks, but they did great!


"be sweet, Kinley"

So cute!

Ok, Madelyn had enough and wanted up! NO NAPS ARE BAD!
This picture just makes me laugh

Still not too thrilled!

Holding the duck

Playing with Daddy

Mimi brought them bunny ears!

After Church and lunch with Grandma (Chris' mom) the girls got their Easter baskets, from the Easter bunny.

Madelyn playing with a pinwheel. She carried it around forever!

Easter baskets

eating the candy duck! Catching a theme here!!!

We had a great day and had lots of fun watching the girls play with eggs.