Thursday, January 28, 2010

Madelyn Sleep jumping!

The girls all of the sudden have started LOVING their Jumperoos! I mean I was almost to the point that I was about to pack them up because they would cry anytime we would put them in them. All of the sudden they started loving them and actually would jump. It has been great for Mama!

One evening I was cooking dinner, Chris came into the kitchen and had me go look at Madelyn who had fallen asleep jumping! We left her and in about five minutes we heard the music start on her jumperoo. I guessed she had woken up, I was wrong. She was completly asleep and started jumping!!! It was so funny so of course we grabbed the camera! You can actually tell when she fully awakes up but in the beginning she was totally asleep!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm a little Rock n roll, Your a little bit country!

Ok, so I'm REALLY trying to get caught up before the girls first birthday!!! I still can't believe it!!!

The weekend after Thanksgiving (I told you I was behind) The girls, uncle Andrew and I were supposed to go to Oklahoma and visit my Dad's family. My parents were already there. Uncle Andrew, my brother got sick the night before we were supposed to leave. I decided to go ahead and go. My first trip driving that far by myself with the girls. The way up there went great! When we travel we always plan to go during the girls naps.

Once we got there my mom came down with the same stuff Uncle Andrew had! Needless to say I didn't take a lot of pictures since it's always harder to take care of the girls when we are out of town and mimi was not able to help alot.

I decided to take the girls outside and take a few pictures in their SUPER cute outfits! These are special oneies that our blogging friend sent us! If you read The Hutton House you have seen these before. The Hutton Twins were born about a week after my two. We had them both in our 33 week. I have LOVED getting to watch the Hutton's grow with us! They got bigger faster than us so Kristi was super nice and sent us TONS of clothes that they had outgrown. We are still wearing many of them. We can't wait to met our friends someday! Sorry I digressed!

Without further ado!

Kinley, is a little Rock n roll, Madelyn is a little bit country!

I put them in their Bumbos...they stay put!

They loved looking around outside

Cute baby feet!!!

Kinley, looking around!


Sweet sisters!

LOVE Madelyn's expression!
having a little chat!

Even though we were up there visiting my Dad's family. My Grandpa (mom's side) was up there visiting a friend for their birthday! It was a special meeting since they had not seen the girls since they were in the NICU. They had never held them! Kinley and Madelyn loved meeting their Great Granddaddy and Great grandma Kay!!

Madelyn is with My granddaddy and Kinley is with Kay loving her necklace!

We had a good weekend but we were glad to get back and see Daddy.

THANK YOU SOOOO much for all of you that voted for us!!!!! We didn't win but we were close for sure! You guys are the best!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Help Please!!!!

Hey I need a favor! Our family photograph got picked in our Photographer's top 40 for 2009!!! If we get the most votes we get a free 11x14!!! How cool is that! This is where you come in! Please take a second and cast your vote for us!!!! All you have to do is leave a comment.
Hannah Vickers Photography! We are number 10.

Thanks so much!

I promise the post with these pictures is coming!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

11 months

I think this is the earliest I have ever done a month update. I figure if I can't always catch up I can try not to get more behind....If that makes any sense!

WOW, 11 months! I cannot believe it. In some ways it seems like no time but at the same time It seems like K and M have been with us forever! Between last month and this month the girls have become SOOOO much more active lately!!! I mean into everything!!! Even my sweet Madelyn who was never into anything is keeping me on my toes! We are using baby jail more and more lately. They like it for a few minutes then expect someone to get in there with them. Never a dull moment in the Tarrant Household!

This is how Kinley is...You want me to face forward, I will show you!

wears size 2 diapers!
some 0-3 clothes but some 3-6 now.
size 1 shoe
is so clingy lately to me
cries if she is left alone at all
Crawls everywhere
pulls up on everything
Finally starting jumping in jumperoo
Loves to eat cheerios
started waving (backwards)
blows kisses(I'm not sure she knows what she is doing)
Smiles all the time but does not laugh a lot
Says Da da all the time
has two teeth on the bottom and one is trying to poke through the top


wears size 2 diapers
wears some 0-3 and 3-6 month
size 1 shoe
Has really come out of her shell lately
Laughs when ever her Uncle Andrew throws her around or gets tickled
Pulls up on everything
Loves jumping in Jumperoo when we say "jump jump Maddie"
Loves to eat Cheerios
Just started waving (it's a full arm wave, actually wave not backwards)
says dada but not as much as Kinley
All the sudden does not like naps and I have had to start using the swing more. (I know but she keeps up Kinley)
When she is upset she puts her head down and just cries!!! So sad!
Has one tooth half way up in the bottom

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finally Christmas!

The girls first christmas was a white one...How freakin cool is that! I know for all of you that don't live down here in the south that might not be such a big deal!!! Here we were all so excited!! I have to say that everyone in this house needed to have a little Christmas Miracle and we got it!!! We had been having a bad few weeks,nothing was going right. Kinley going to the hospital, being sick, then Madelyn getting it, Family drama and various things going on. I said the tuesday of Christmas if we get snow that is God's way of telling me things were going to be ok!!! It snowed, Thanks GOD I needed it!!! Anyways it felt kinda of like a cheesy Christmas movie but hey it made me feel better! Anyways on the pictures!

The first few are from the weeks leading up to Christmas!

The girls playing in the Christmas tree box. They loved it!!!
Notice one still in PJ's and them not matching! What it looks like around here some of the time!
Madelyn as happy as can be in the box!
No tooth but right after Christmas one started poking out!

Look at those blue eyes!

Sporting their OH so cute shirts made for us my friend Kristi brown!

Christmas Eve! The snow starts. Poppy took the girls out to experience snow....I think you can tell how much they liked it by the picture!

Also I swear they don't just wear those pj's..we just tried to get use out of them during the Holidays!!!!

Madelyn eating part of a cinnamon roll on Christmas eve!
In my defense the Dr told me to fatten them up over the Christmas holiday!

Our tree before the girls woke up!!!

Playing with one of their toys from Santa. I love their sleepy faces in this picture!

Madelyn opening presents with Mommy!

After Christmas at our house we always go to Mimi and Poppy's house still in PJ's and open more presents and eat breakfast!
Kinley helping Mimi open a present! It took the girls a while to catch on.

Madelyn playing with Poppy.

We have lunch with my mom's side of the family but before I wanted to make sure we got a good picture of the girls in snow on their first Christmas!

The girls got to try lots of new food at lunch but here they are eating Cheerios! So the rest of us could eat!
Ok, let me explain these next few...This snowman had Velcro on it's hands. My cousin thought it would be funny to put it around Kinley's stomach...SHE LOVED IT!!! Seriously she crawled around like that for over twenty minutes!!

We have a family tradition of having Christmas crackers and there is always a Paper hat in them.Madelyn would have nothing to do with them but kinley again was willing to wear it!!! All that bow training!
That weekend we had Christmas with my Dad's family! We always have a wonderful time and the girls got some good loving!

The twins with Uncle Ray!
Ok, so this picture is not good but our only one of all of us!
Let me tell you I was lucky to have these many pictures. It's hard to think about what pictures you want while chasing two babies!!!!!

Sporting some of their new clothes from christmas! Thought it was too cute I had to get it in!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Aunt" Becca comes to town!

When my dear sweet roommate from college and one of my best friends sent me a text asking to come visit for the holidays the girls and I were sooo excited!!! She has come to visit us several times and with most visits brings excitement. Let me explain....Feb 7, 2009 I was supposed to
be having a shower, however I was put in the hospital on bedrest the day before. I called Becca and said don't come I'm in the hospital...She is such a great friend she came anyways! Sadly, I have no pictures of her and I at the hospital. I didn't want pictures, cause I looked and felt HORRIBLE. (I regret that now) Anyways, she left about 30 minutes before the dr said they were delivering me or she would have gone ahead and stayed for the birth.

This time the day before she gets here I had to call her and say "uh, Becca you might not want to come we are taking Kinley to the ER" Ended up getting sent home later that night. I am beginning to see a pattern with her visits, but we like her to come anyways. I just hope it does not continue or we might just have to visit her instead!!!!

Here are some pictures from her last visit (no trips to the hospital this time!!!)

Her Brother James and her mom came with her once and we all had lunch

Becca and I with the girls. Kinley, left Madelyn right!
Look at my itty bitty babies!

On to this trip!
Becca and Madelyn playing in our new "baby jail"

While Becca was here she got the "pleasure" of taking babies to the doctor for weight checks! I can do it myself but wow is it nice to have an extra pair of hands! After that hard of a day we decided to take the girls to meet Santa for the first time.
Let me say if you have a Bass Pro shop close by go see Santa there!
You are guaranteed no longer than a thirty minute wait in line,
a free picture, and $2.99 Digital copy!

Us waiting in line! Forgive Kinley and I it had been a rough couple of days!

Becca and Madelyn playing in line.

First picture with Santa!!!

This is from Chris's camera they looked horrible in the one they took

Us after Santa, and Sadly this was the best picture

Before Becca left she gave all of us presents for Christmas! How sweet!
The girls LOVE THEM!
Thank you Becca for coming and loving on my girls! We love you so much and can't wait to see you for the girls birthday party!!!!