Sunday, January 5, 2014

First day of school!

The girls started their second year of preschool this year. WoW, Kindergarden is next year. I know people say this all the time but holy cow I can't believe they are almost 5!!!!! Jeez, my heart hurts a little, not gonna lie. 

I LoVE this picture it shows their personality so much. 

My Kinley girl

Maddie patty
The day before girls had meet the teacher! The girls got a little overwhelmed again this year. Started talking about wanting their sister in their class. Always a little hard to hear as their mom but it works well for us to be in different classes! 

Madelyn with her class mascot! 

 Kinley with hers!

 Madelyn with her bestie!! They are pretty close to inseparable in class. 
 Making little teacher survival kits...bless them! 18, 4 year olds!!
 Daddy got to come drop the girls off with us before heading to work! The girls were so excited!

We are completely blessed by the school the girls go too. We LOVE it. So glad we got to go there 2 years. I am a little sad we can't next year! :(

Saturday, January 4, 2014


In an old house in Paris
that was covered with vines
lived twelve little girls in two straight lines. The smallest one was Madeline

So I say this every year but I swear this is the last year I "make" their costumes. Well that is what my friends say that I say. I have always loved the book Madeline and actually wanted to spell Madelyn's name that way but was out voted my Chris. Anyways the girls wanted to be her (I might have suggested ;) a few times) Plus other than painting the hats and adding ribbon I didn't do a lot! 

In the beginning we had actually convinced Kinley to be Ms. Clavel, the nun. One day we were at Hobby lobby and there was a nun in front of us a few weeks before halloween (what are the chances) and that kinda changed her mind. LOL 

A few years ago we started hitting halloween festivals with our BFF's. So fun!!! 

Madelines and a few spooks...missing Carter and Baby Sawyer! 

I am not sure my girls could love Baby Sawyer anymore if he was their little brother...They are obsessed. Me too!!! 

Madelyn and Sawyer

Our whole fun to see all the costumes!!

The twins with my future son in laws ;)

I got really bad about taking pictures this halloween. I am super annoyed with myself and hope this new year I will be better about taking pictures on purpose and not just with my phone. 

Last one is at our church every year we go and the girls help hand out candy on halloween. We really try to limit the girls candy because of their teeth issues (way easier said than done) and handing out candy is a easier way to avoid getting a ton! 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Soccer days!

This year we decided to try our first organized sport. It was so fun to watch them in a team sport. Plus they were super cute in the uniforms. ;)                                                                                      

Madelyn's "soccer" picture

 Kinley's "soccer" picture

 Their was a interesting group of soccer players! I mean what group of 3 and 4 year olds aren't interesting running around a field chasing a ball. Trust me it was always a fun show to watch!

My little soccer players...aren't they so cute?!
 Got to play with our best friend Carter!!!! LOVE THAT BOY! 

 Madelyn waited all season to be goalie. Kinley had gotten to the first game and you can imagine the sibling rivalry that caused! She did keep out 1 or 2 balls and was pretty proud of too!
 Madelyn was by far the littlest on the team. Even though she is four and their were 3 year olds on the team. She had a hard time keeping up
 Sweet Kinley girl was doing especially good the last game. She almost scored a goal. Trust me that was a huge improvement!

                                          One the best things about soccer, it wore them out!!!!

 Pretty sure their favorite thing was the snacks ;)
 We had our own little cheering squad several games. It was so cold this day. We left the house in 70 degree weather and the temp dropped over 20 degrees. Luckily I had nap mats in the car!

Overall the girls made no goals but so fun to watch them. They loved it and keep asking when they can play again.