Saturday, April 14, 2012

Future Son in Law!?

So right after the girls birthday party...literally (like two hours after the party started) my BFF, who was also my roommate in college flew in from Seattle. Cheryl moved to there a few months after I got married. I have only seen her once since she moved and It was at her wedding! Since her wedding we have both had kids and out lives have changed a ton. So sad we live so far apart.

Me, Kim, Cheryl and Becca (a few of us from ACU)

The next day we drove Cheryl, her husband and Collin to her family's house a few hours away. I certainly had forgotten how much I miss her!!! It was so nice to have a few hours to catch up. I so wish her family lived closer!

Seriously How stinking cute is this kid!!?!?

Her cousin was nice enough to let us hang with them all day to spend as much time with Cheryl as we could. Plus I just LOVE her family so it was nice to get to see them all again. Funny story...The week before I found out I was having twins I was in Cheryl's wedding. Her cousin's children were in the wedding also. Their names are Canon and Kinley...the exact names we had picked out for our boy and girl names. Silly us that next week when we found out we were having twins thought it was a sign we were having boy/girl twins...HA!

I can't get enough of this sweet boy

Sorry I couldn't pick between all the pictures...

They had a great play room/upstairs full of toys. We didn't see the girls much while we were there.                                         

                                                  Kinley riding on the wooden rocking horse. 

Here are the series of pictures that happen when you put two just turned 3 year olds and a 10 month old together...I love them.

I have to tell you it was surreal seeing our kids together...kinda like wow, how did all this time pass?

Cheryl, it was a blast seeing you guys and meeting that sweet  boy! Get ready, the Tarrant's are going to have to come visit Seattle SOON!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Since the girl's birthday was before their actual party we got to celebrate both days! I have started to watch kids at our church for a temporary time and this was actually my first week to start. I thought we would have cupcakes to celebrate. The joys of having birthday around Valentines Day is there are always lots of pink cupcakes!

My sweet Maddie...this girl has the biggest heart. spunky little girl.

They LOVED getting cards this year...although they think most cards come with money. Silly girls.



We invited all our families out for dinner at CiCis...hey its the only place the girls eat like crazy.

We, with Chris's mom decided to buy the girls a bounce house. We have with out a doubt gotten our money out of the deal...the girls LOVE it. They were so excited to walk into the house and see this. They are also wearing clothes Grandma (Chris's mom) had just given them. They are such girls and LOVE clothes.

It fits in our dining room but it's tight and we have to move things out of the way!

This picture was blurry but I love Madelyn in it...pure Joy!

Time for more presents, our girls are sure loved!

Elayna (my cousin) made the cake...Isn't it cute!

My sweet 3 year olds.

Madelyn with her new baby doll from Mimi and Poppy (my parents) They also got some backpacks from my parents which they LOVE. They even sleep with them sometimes.

We had a wonderful day celebrating these two little girls. My sweet babies are turning into sweet little girls!!!!