Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Issac!

Issac's birthday is the day after Christmas, so the week of Christmas we were happy to get invited to ITZ's (like chucky cheese) to celebrate! It was a ton of fun!

All the toddler stuff was free...we will be going back. They loved it! 
 My sweet Madelyn

My sweet Kinley
 Our friend "riber"(River)
 The Birthday boy showing us how old he is!
 opening presents!

We love Issac and are so glad we got to be there for his party!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ridin' with Santa!

This Christmas some friends of my parents asked the girls to come out to their house for ponies and Santa!! Santa drove them around in a wagon! I actually had to work this week, I work for a week every year at the end of the year for my Dad's company. So Chris and Mimi took them. I heard they LOVED it, they talk about it all the time!!! Thanks Barbara and Jackie.

isn't this so cute?!?!

The girls loved Mrs. Barbara

of course they got to ride a pony!

 They must be some cool grandparents!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

December Happenings!

So like everyone's December ours was full with lots of fun things...We headed to Austin to see Uncle Clint and Aunt Andrea during the holiday season and also be there for Chris Birthday! He turned 30 this year so it was a big birthday, he tried to think of something crazy to do but couldn't think of much. He had already gone Sky-diving.

We also took our Christmas Card pictures there, we just love Austin for places to take pictures! We took them at The Domain, which is an outdoor mall. They had lots of Christmas things going on that weekend. The girls loved it.

The balloon artist...the girls still ask for their balloons (which popped the next day)
We visited Zilker park and saw their "Holiday tree of lights". It's over a 155 feet tall!
Madelyn, looking at the lights!
Kinley with Andrea

We took the girls to see their first official movie (other than summer movies that cost a dollar and you can walk out of, lol) The Muppets!!!
They didn't do all that well. I think Chris and I probably would have left had the other one said let's go. We battled it out till the end (sort of) I think they would have done better at a cartoon movie. plus they are too tiny to keep the seats down.

We had our annual Christmas Aunt Bucket visit and like always she spoils the girls. Forgive the girls was either early or we were having a Pj day! Kinley is also wearing shoes over her jammies.
They get sidetracked while opening presents!
and the shoes on the wrong feet. 
The girls were REALLY excited about this present...DRESS UP!
Aunt Bucket with the girls. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

25 Days of Christmas

This year since the girls were unto Christmas so much more than in the past (you know the other two...ha) I decided to do something Christmasy every day leading up to Christmas. I didn't get pictures of everything but there are a few!
Somedays it was small things and somedays it was bigger things...(in no order)

1. listened to Christmas Music
2. watched a Christmas Movie
3. Rode Polar Express
4. We got new ornaments for the tree.
5. wrapped presents

6.Eat Christmas Brownies

7.Go Christmas Shopping 
8. Looked at Christmas lights
9. Go to Mimi's to find things in her Advent Calendar.
10. Saw Santa and rode in his wagon (post to come)
11. Going to Holiday in the park.

.12. Making Christmas cookies/baked goods for our friends
13. Opened presents
14.Saw the tree of lights at Zilker park in Austin (post to come)

15. Helped Mimi and Poppy pick out a real Christmas tree.

16. Took Christmas Card pictures

18.Played with window snowman clings (THEY LOVED THIS)

19. Opened Christmas cards.
20. Santa came! (Post to come)
21. Left cookies for Santa and reindeer food for the reindeer(post to come)

We missed a few days but I thought we did pretty good, plus some days we did Christmas things that weren't on our list!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Letter G

Hey!  I know I am WAY behind but really trying to get caught up. We took a MAJOR break from letters since right after Thanksgiving. Hoping to get started next week again. So here is letter G...busy week so didn't do a ton.

We learned about GRASS...and GLUED "GRASS" to the letter G
The girls are getting much better about using GLUE! (this pictures make me sad because during Christmas we took the highchairs to the garage. Where did my babies go?!?!?!)

We learned about the color GREEN this week. They even took a green (looks blue in the picture) bath with the bath color drops. The girls LOVE them!

We wore our GOBBLE shirts (right around Thanksgiving)
It wouldn't be a week in the Tarrant house with out a little GOOFING around!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Polar Express

During our weekend of marathon holiday events we also got to ride the Polar express! We had a blast with our friends...things get a little crazy with 9 adults and 8 kids but we managed ok!

Our Fam!
They had a show before we boarded the train. I was trying to get a picture of the girls  with each of  us...but this was the best we got. They were just too excited!
Kinley and Mama!

Madelyn and Sav noticing they are wearing the same P.J's...yes we planned it!
Sav and Kinley
Madelyn was so excited!! They are really excited about trains right now.

 Just like the movie Santa walks around and gives each child a silver bell. Kinley wasn't sure about Santa but did better than last year. Madelyn was more excited about seeing Santa and they both LOVED their bells.

This was the best we could do with the picture though...sad!



Ashley and Sweet Sawyer
Benny Boy!
The Hoag Family
Ok, so this picture is of this elf asking the three younger kids (Carter, Kinley and Madelyn) what they want for Christmas. This entire Christmas ALL and I mean ALL the girls have asked for were towels and cake. Not lying that is it. That was exactly what they told her...she looked at us like we were crazy. Yes the girls have towels already, and I have NO idea where they came up with that.
trying to get one of all of least Carter was paying attention.
About the time we took this picture the people behind me what kids go with what kids...I explain there were a set of quads and twins and Carter! (ashley and I have gotten asked before if our kids are triplets) She said looks like they are busy and you have your hands full (common response). She then tells me she found out this week that she was having twin girls and she had fun watching our kids play...ha, I think she looked more scared to see what her life would! I wished her luck and told her to enjoy the baby stage before you have to chase for a living!

Melts my heart...I love that our girls are Bff's!
Most of the time they are friends...we have to break up fights sometimes. Suz I think...err, KNOW we are raising three STRONG willed little girls...Lord help us all! 

Better attempt at the 7 kids...
Thank you SO much Hoags and Steeces for letting us tag along on your Christmas fun. We had a blast!