Saturday, May 28, 2011


We have had the great pleasure of getting to hang out with our good friends the Huttons! They had been here doing insurance adjusting…WE LOVED IT!!! We tried to cram as much stuff into the time they were here, cause we didn’t know how long they would be here. Man we were so spoiled having them around all the time!

We finally tried out this place called Paradise Pond with Alex and Avery!

That slide on the left is killer…seriously so fast. We went down once and no one wanted to do it again after that. Yes, the moms went down it too…and have the scars to prove it!

2[3] Alex and Avery playing dress up! K and M were scared to go in that area. They are particular scared of boy dress up things. Ex.masks. LIKE TERRIFIED

IMG_1251[3] Ok so I LOVE this next picture…the girls were playing Basketball. Look at M and Alex or Avery (I can’t tell) Madelyn is trying edge one of the Hutton girls off the stool! Madelyn is SOOO much shorter than her but it doesn’t phase her! Sorry A and A…We didn’t mean to push!


After playing we decided to have a picnic and more playing at the park! It was great!


One of the weekends they were here, we all went to dinner together. Kristi and I get along so well and are so lucky our husbands do too!!! Our families mesh VERY well together. We had a wonderful time at dinner then headed back to where they were staying to let the girls splash around in the “beach”

IMG_1357 IMG_1358

Kristi who is my new personal shopper ;) and can find a bargain just about anywhere, got my girls these super cute bathing suits! and at a deal I might add!


Sometimes they would just play with their sister…


Sometimes they traded!


and sometimes they played all together.


or even played by themselves! (I really just liked this picture and had to get it in!!!)


As much as Kristi and I enjoyed getting together during the day with the girls. It was nice to have all of our families together for the evening!

Part 2 coming! We had so much fun with the Huttons I couldn’t cram it into one post! I will say reliving all the fun, makes me miss them even more!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Teacher of the year and a Ball game!

This year my Aunt Cathy (My Mom’s sister) was picked as the Teacher of the year at her school!!! She teaches 3rd grade at the same school she started her teaching career at for over 30 years. She actually went to the school too.

Anyways, all the Teachers of the year from our district were honored at a Ranger’s game. We were more than happy to go support her at the game!

They all got to go on the field before the game!



I have a picture of everyone that was with us but some of my family would KILL me if I put it on here…it wasn’t the best family picture!!!! No one was smiling..I think they were more into the game then the picture!.So you get one of Chris and I…IMG_1448

We had GREAT seats!!! They were amazing!




This is where the good pictures stop…we had a turn of events and had to put up the good camera. We just used our cell phones. The people in front of us kept looking at the weather on their phone and decided that there was a BIG storm coming and decided to go ahead and leave. About the time we decided to look at the radar, it was too late! It starting POURING. We decided that at this point we were all soaking wet and would just wait it out. Then we heard some of the loudest thunder and lighting I have ever heard. We decided to at least leave our uncovered seats.

Before we decided to leave


My cousin Elayna and I trying to stay dry!Photo0462

The next picture needs some explanation. (it’s a horrible quality, I know) Chris recently got a new camera. For those of you that really know Chris, know that he loves cameras. Before the girls we joked around and called them his children. (not sure it’s that different now that the girls are here) It’s pretty bad but I put up with it because I think we get some good pictures out of it! Anyways, during the rain Chris was not worried at all about us but having a minor, err…major freak out that something was going to happen to the camera. Keep in mind it was wrapped up in a camera bag but not enough for him. He seriously walked around the ballpark with the bag wrapped up in his arms to protect his baby!


As we decided to brave the weather and walk to our car, the rain stopped and they started playing again. We watched for a little while but decided we were tired of being wet and headed home. It was a fun night anyways and were glad to go,support our Aunt Cathy. We were so proud of her!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Playing it up in Oklahoma

Every last weekend in April my Dad’s family gets together for a weekend of fun at our family land/ranch. The last two times the girls have been they have been way to small to enjoy anything there. The first year they were like 3 months old and last year they were just over a year but not walking. This year totally different story they loved it.

They were totally spoiled all weekend with all the big cousins to play with and spoil them rotten. We have a HUGE family. So always lots and lots of cousins to play with.

They played on the swing set (that is really too big for the girls)


We took the girls swings so they would have something to swing on.



Kinley. She doesn’t look like she is having fun but she was.


They played with Mimi and Poppy!


We brought some Easter eggs to “hid” and the girls decided to put dirt and grass in them. I guess they knew they weren’t supposed to be empty.


They finally got tired of watching everyone else on the 4-wheeler


So we took them for a little ride…they LOVED. They would giggle over every little bump.


but this is what happens when they don’t get a nap for the day.


The girls learned how to climb out of the Pack in plays on this trip…thus starting the getting out of the ones at home I think!

After their little power nap they decided to have tea parties. Kinley and Madelyn were obsessed with that little table and chairs. Which I think has been around FOREVER!


They were carried everywhere they wanted to be carried.

IMG_1113 We had a bonfire and the girls had their first s’mores! It was a hit! However, their Daddy was way too busy taking pictures of the fire (new camera) so we don’t have any pictures of it but PLENTY of fire pictures.


I thought I would spare you from all of them! :) We had a wonderful time as usually spending time with family. We are blessed!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day!

I had a great Mother’s day (weekend) We spent it with friends and family! I don’t think I would have changed any of it!IMG_1403 It all started Saturday afternoon, I caught a movie with Suz and Joe (yes I was their third wheel) We had dinner with our friends the Huttons, and back to their RV park for swimming! IMG_1407 Today, lunch with My parents and Chris’s mom and then my brother (who is pretty much a chef ;) cooked dinner for my mom. We got to eat with them and let me tell you it was AMAZING!IMG_1415 I wanted to take a nap but that was the one thing that didn’t happen on my Mother’s day…the girls had a present for me. They started climbing out of their cribs!!! Yikes, yep my days of cribs might be close to over…this mama however isn’t giving up yet. They will stay in their cribs till they are 5 if I have anything to say about it. ;) They weren’t quite on their lowest setting (I thought they were) so we lowered them, hoping that might buy us a few more weeks (I know, don’t count on it)

I decided this year that I need to be in more pictures with the girls no matter what…So we decided to take some of me and the girls today!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Royal Tea Party!


Ok, if you know me, you know sometimes I can get a bit carried away with a good party! It all started with my cousin Elayna, we started talking about the Royal Wedding. I asked her if she was going to wake up and watch, she promptly told me no, which I quickly said you have too! Somehow it went from her not watching to us planning a Tea Party Viewing party! Yes, I am fully aware that I am crazy, but hey we had a blast planning and actually going through with it.

us at like 4 in the morning! She just spent the night.


We had a TON of brunch type food! It was a good thing because it was way early and we needed help staying awake. IMG_0686 No tea party is complete without tea!

Tea Party My mom was totally up for a watching viewing party and came over BRIGHT AND EARLY too! See where we all get it from…we can’t help it!

My brother when he heard we cooked a ton came by to eat much LATER!!!!

(and didn’t care about the wedding at all)

IMG_1027 The little girls who didn’t get up early either had to get in on the tea party too! We borrowed their table from Mimi’s house…it used to be mine growing up.

IMG_1019 IMG_1020

IMG_1029 They loved it…you would have thought it was Christmas morning or something…IMG_1034





IMG_1042 We had a blast watching the royal wedding. It was beautiful and very classy! I was tired the rest of the day but well worth it in my book!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a wonderful Easter. The girls seemed to enjoy the whole holiday this year. It was a lot of fun watching them enjoy everything. However, they were completely sure that they DID NOT want to see the actual Easter bunny. Every time we passed him at the mall, they waved until we got closer and then would say no no bunny! So no Easter bunny pictures this year.

Easter baskets from the Easter Bunny!


The girls opening their baskets.



We were off to church after the Easter baskets. I decided to take pictures before church to ensure they they were clean and well behaved and not tired! I LOVE the pictures, so there are a few!


IMG_0743 IMG_0745IMG_0754 There are more but I liked those the best! I did however forget to take a picture of all of us! Oh well! My parents brought the girls a Easter present so the girls got to open them before we went in. I have no idea why Poppy isn’t in any of these pictures…he was there!IMG_0755 IMG_0758

Madelyn giving Mimi a hug after getting her books and Stuffed hello kitties! IMG_0760 Our church always has a egg hunt after church and we were so thankful it was not raining this year! (seems like it rains a lot here on Easter!) It took a few moments for the girls to figure it all out!

IMG_0796 Until they learned that there was candy in each egg. It was over. They stopped to eat!


IMG_0802 IMG_0803 We spent Easter afternoon taking a three hour nap! It was a great day!

It was also Uncle Andrew’s birthday so in the evening we got to celebrate his birthday! Thanks to Grandma Belinda for watching the girls so we could have dinner with no little girlies! They are getting more hard fun to take to restaurants lately! We are working on that!