Friday, November 16, 2012

Chase and Jess

Chase and Jess (Chris took all their pictures)
The girls even got there hair done...they felt like princesses. They stood so still, which they don't do at home!!!

One of Chris' good friends got married last month and they asked the girls to be in their wedding! The girls were so excited to be apart of their special day.

Jess and the flower girls

The brides maids were SOOO sweet to Madelyn and Kinley and the girls were in LOVE with all of them. It was great because Chris was taking pictures at the wedding so it was nice to have others to help me watch the girls! lol
Chase's sister Liz and Jess chatting with the girls!

The whole wedding party!

 My sweet Maddie...she was so excited to be all dressed up. Such a girl!

My twinie flower girls. They were holding a sign that said Here comes the Bride. 
Kinley would tell you though that it said here comes the princess. 

 So they wanted the girls to stand up the entire service...yeah they don't have kids ;) Everyone said they did great but man I was sweating it. They did a lot of this...really glad Chris got a picture of it.
During the wedding anytime they would see Chris who was "working" they would smile and wave. I have to admit looking back on it, it was pretty cute! 

Sister LOVE

 Probably my favorite picture of the night...They were so excited about the candy table. They don't get a ton of candy so they were thrilled! 
 Chris and Chase worked together and one time Chase was at our house. He came in and said hi to the girls. Madelyn who is so friendly and not shy went up to him and acted like no big deal. Kinley on the other hand LOST it, I mean flat out LOST it. She was sobbing. So everytime we talk about Chase Kinley calls him the one I cried at. However, before the wedding at some point they became OBSESSED with Chase. Madelyn even carried around a picture of Chase and Jess after the rehearsal dinner. I didn't have the heart to tell her he was off the market! ;)

So we had to get this picture! All those blue eyes!
 alright they really LOVE Jess too! Her princess dress didn't hurt either. 
 Madelyn became quite the dancer. She probably danced with every bridesmaids. 

 Kinley and I...K's new smile. We can't figure out where she got it from. So silly!

Seriously one of the prettiest weddings I have been too. Jess and Chase, We had a blast sharing your special day with you. Thank you for letting the girls be such a major part in it. They were truly honored and were so excited. We wish you all the luck and can't wait to hang out again! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We were on a boat...Part 2

I know everyone has been patiently waiting part 2 ;) The morning after our formal night we were in Cozumel for our day off of the boat in pretty Cozumel. It was only a four day cruise so we only had one stop. 


Poppy taking the girls to the "Carnival" (Daycare) before we headed off the boat. 
A few of us were signed up for snorkeling but it was canceled. We decided to head out on "our own" My mom and her cousins had decided that they were just going to shop. We headed out with them at first. 
 Our "shopping group" I know be jealous of all our hats ;)
 Two of my Mom's cousins Lujuan and Linda...This just about cracked all of us up. 

Chris and we look like tourists
 Our boat

Seriously I could NOT get over the water. I have been to Cancun but forgot how beautiful it is!

The men of the shopping group...they lasted one store. Pretty sure we found one of them napping at one point! They became bag holders too. 
After about four stores of the same thing. A few of us had enough of shopping and headed back to get the girls to see the beach. 
Elayna, Me and My Dad. 

When we walked into the daycare Kinley was crying. I haven't ever heard her really cry like that in a LONG time. Actually I had flashbacks of walking into the NICU and hearing them cry and having no idea what was going on. I know Mommy guilt. Needless to say they were more than happy to go with us! 
Me, and the girls and the boat! 
We found out that Margaritaville (the resturant) had a private beach so we headed there. M and K LOVED riding in a taxi. Seriously might have been one of the highlights for them. Silly girls! They had free snorkeling and inflatables. They let the girls feed the fish before we got in. The fish were awesome! Although Madelyn and Kinley were a little less than excited when the fish got close to them. 

Chris and my dad acting like teenagers! LOL
The girls on the seasaw!
I LOVE these next three pictures...LOVE them! Kinley

Madelyn catching some rays.
Such divas! 

You got to take a picture in the big chair!
...and swing in the bar swing!
On our way back to the ship we played around the market for a bit before heading back onboard.

Seriously I loved the water. 
Watching the boat take off again...and the LOADS of people that had A LOT of fun on shore ;)
The girls got to have a party at daycare. They got to meet Freddy fun ship and had their face painted.

Kinley-favorvite things about the cruise. The bunk beds, the towel animals, elevators
Maddie's-the ice cream, she told me our room and sleeping (the bunks) Seriously they begged to go to our rooms. If you have ever been on a cruise you know they aren't all that exciting! 
We tried to get a group shot. It was really hard getting everyone together and find a place big enough. SO glad we got something though!

Madelyn playing with Shannon one of my cousins. 
Chris and I 
Elayna and I 

Us with Mimi and Poppy! 
This is Shannon and Pete. They had their anniversary while we were on the boat. We had planned a whole thing for them but moments after this picture the waves got way out of control and SEVERAL of our dining party didn't make it through dinner. 

My girls LOVE Shannon and Pete. Actually they love their daughter Lauren too. They beg to go over to there house. 

The girls were always excited to see the towel animals...I wont show all our towel animals but I thought this one was way too cute! Kinley asked one night why these people are so nice to us and fixed our beds all the time. I agree it was great how well the people took care of us. When we got home  after Kinley got home from school and ran into her room. She ran out and asked why those nice people hadn't come to fix her bed. LOL

We had a wonderful time hanging out with our family and getting to know the ones we don't see all that often. Chris got a new job recently but still has his other job so it was SOOO nice for the girls and I to be on this trip all together with him. It made me miss traveling too! Don't most trips make you wish you could travel more? Ha, well I am actually really glad we took the girls they talk about the cruise almost everyday. 
The girls and I getting back into the real world while waiting to get off the boat. 
It was quite chilly when we got off the boat but Madelyn wouldn't put on her coat. 
seriously it was only four days...we packed alot! 

Can't wait to see how we top this family reunion!