Sunday, December 27, 2009

Weekend with Ben and Sav!

A month or so ago I offered to watch the quads for a weekend while they went to a graduation...I was totally serious and would have watched all four!!! But they decided to leave us with two and take the other two to their grandparents. We had such a blast playing with Ben and Sav. It was a taste of life with two sets of twins! More than once Chris would look at me and say...This could be our life in a few years!!!! We are totally joking...We hope!!! We had a wonderful time except Kinley running a fever towards the end.

The four kiddoes! The girls look so tiny in big kid seats.
Ben and Sav not impressed!

They loved watching Ben and Sav eat! I hope they took some pointers!
Madelyn(left) Kinley (right)

The next morning Sav took Madelyn on a little ride! She LOVED it!

OMG, Sav is the best BFF ever and was so sweet to the girls.

Playing in Savie's dress up clothes

After naps on Saturday we decided that it was time to get a little fresh air! We let the big kids play while we fed the girlies their bottles on the porch!

I don't know why but I love this picture!
Check out the Static on Sav's hair!

Our attempt at a group photo. They might not be smiling but at least they are looking!

Having a little Chit Chat with Sav!
BTW, the quads were crazy about the bumbo seats! They sat in them ALL weekend!

Hands down, favorite toy of all time.
I just wish Santa had known before all the presents were bought!
The girls played with this all the time

See I told you!! Ben would carry it around everywhere.

Pure joy! Such a sweet sweet girl!
I am so glad that my girls will have such a great friend in you Sav!!!

Joe and Suz, watch out! Look how stinkin' pretty she is!!!
So in addition to loving the bumbo's, Ben and Sav played with our carseats all weekend!!! Here is a little video of them.

I would like to add, Sav dressed her self that day! In fact she changed clothes several times! Such a Miss priss!

We always have so much fun at the Steece house and are always excited about our next visit!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Tarrants!!!

We are completely beat from a wonderful day! It snowed on the girls first Christmas, how perfect was that?!?! We live in Texas and that NEVER happens. A Christmas Miracle!!!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Poor baby Kinley

So I have SOOO much to blog about but we have been so busy I have barely had time to get online at all. It all started Saturday...Kinley started running a fever. It was low around 100. I figured teething since she was drooling so much. Then she started getting a runny nose. Still not too concerned we kept on with our day. Into Sunday at this point, fever getting higher but figured I would have to just wait till Monday morning to see a dr. I finally got out to do a little Christmas shopping with my mom. I get a phone call from Chris(always happens on his watch lol) is up to 104, almost 105 and she has red cheeks and has red spots on her chest. He had called the on call doctor and we were supposed to go to the ER. We decided to have Chris stay with Maddie and my mom went with me. Hey, every girl needs her mommy every once and a while!!!
Here is video of Kinley that her Daddy took while I was gone!

Kinley holding her dolly in the waiting room

Since her fever was high and she is only 10 months and a preemie they wanted us to be extra careful and run all sorts of tests. This poor baby girl was so poked at the end she is terrified of dr's and nurses. She had a catheter, they put a tube down her nose to suck the snot with, a blood culture, poked at her ears, and a lung x-rays. She was so tired and scared!!! I felt like crying along with her...probably did some!! She is so sweet that anytime she heard another kid crying she would start crying.

She was not feeling good at all!!!
The only thing they could tell was that her white blood cells were a little high which could indicate a bacteria. They gave her a shot of antibiotics and told me to follow up with our pedi in 24 hours.
She was SOOO tired while we were waiting to go home!

Our visit to the pedi was uneventful and we were told it was just a virus!!! YAY! Except that mean Madelyn will probably get it. Keep them separate, they told me!!! She was still running a fever half of the day yesterday but it is finally gone now!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Look who is standing...and look who is falling!

We officially have a puller upper! She has been doing this over the last month or so. We lowered her bed as soon as she started pulling up to her knees. Kinley does not stop moving!! I mean never, not even when she sleeping. She loves to stand up on the side of her crib when she wakes up and either "talk" or SCREAM! Until last week she was scared to drop back down so she would just scream until someone laid her down. She HATES letting go! Her new trick is to throw everything out of her crib!

As soon as you walk in there she starts laughing!!

"talking" to her sister across their room

Madelyn on the other hand did not crawl or pull up in any way so her crib was still on the highest setting. Until now....The other day I went to work helping my dad out at his office for an hour. I get a phone call from Chris as soon as I step through the door. I ignore it, cause it usually is something like "what time to the girls eat???" Let me say that the twins are on a schedule and pretty much have been on the same one for over half of their lives and he still asks everytime I leave!!! Let me say he is a GREAT dad, just does not pay attention to detail I guess. Ok, sorry I digressed!!! Anyways about three seconds after I ignore the call I get a text..."Madelyn fell out of her crib. She cried but seems fine" OMG!!!!! She what!!!! Chris said he heard a thud and then crying. He ran in there and she was on the floor. We have absolutely no idea how she did it. We put her back in there and stood by to see her do it again and nothing! Maddie is completely content to sit still and play and I would have NEVER guessed that she would be the first one out of her crib! We of course put her crib down before the next nap! Poor baby Maddie!!!!

This is usually what it looks like when they play!

Always has to guard that passy because Kinley will take it!!!!
Even if she has one!!!!!
I can't believe my itty bitty babies aren't itty bitty anymore! They are 10 months old! I can't believe it!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Better Late than Never!!!! 9 Months

Ok so I know that the girls officially turn 10 months tomorrow (SAD) but I am just now getting around to posting their 9 month pictures. I promise we took them way earlier this month. We have been super busy this month it seems and I can't seem to catch a extra second! We took all of these pictures at this old farm. I think they turned out pretty cute!

Kinley(left) Madelyn(right)

Kinley, Madelyn
Don't know why but I really love this one!

Madelyn, Kinley
This picture makes me wonder why anyone thinks they look alike!!!
They are holding their hands the same way though

I LOVE how Kinley is holding on to Madelyn. She did this the whole time.

Madelyn (at 9 months)

At 9 month appointment weighed 13 pounds. Dr slightly worried about both of the girls weight. She knows they are healthy just not packing on the pounds.
0-3 month clothes
1-2 size Pampers Swaddlers
size 1 shoe
Loves puffs and Cheerios. Getting much better at grabbing them
Likes Peaches, apples, peas, carrots
dislikes bananas
Not crawling, content to roll
Squeals at the sight of her sister
Really likes the swing still
Bites down on everything but no teeth

Madelyn is ALWAYS taking it all in!

weighs 14 pounds. (first time she has ever outweighed Madelyn)
Army Crawling (since writing this she has starting really crawling)
Makes a "panting" sound and flaps arms when she is excited
Makes Da Da sounds and raspberries noises
size 1-2 Pampers swaddlers
0-3 clothes
size 1 shoe
pulling up in crib to knees (since writing this she now pulls up to her feet)
Eats the best out of the two
Loves cheerios and Puffs

So outgoing! Going to give me a run for my money I am sure.

Looks like me as a baby in this picture
We always have lots of fun taking their "month" pictures...Ok, I lied! It is always really hard and takes forever! Madelyn was completely worn out after this photo session!

Kinley was still ready for more...until the ride home!


Friday, December 4, 2009

First Snow!

We were shocked to wake up Wednesday morning to find this falling from the sky!!!

Ok so I KNOW it isn't much but this Texas girl doesn't really know what much snow is! I wanted to make sure the girls saw it! Cause hey, you never know if this is all we will see this year!!!!
Kinley seeing snow for the first time!
Madelyn seeing it for the first time!

Madelyn kept watching it from inside!
Really I think she was watching some kids playing outside!
It lasted for about 45 minutes and didn't stick but it was so pretty to watch! So excited about this upcoming season and this was perfect weather to start it off!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1!

Since the holiday season is finally here, we decided to wear our 1st Christmas PJ's tonight. I absolutely love Christmas and have been more excited than ever this year with the girls! I know they won't remember but I don't care!

This was our failed attempt at trying to get a decent picture of both of them.

Madelyn playing with her Daddy
Kinley started making this face this week. So silly.
She is by the way "really" crawling.
We finished off the night by having a little late night bounce. Madelyn was in the best mood.
I have SOOO much to catch up on and promise to at least get a few posts up this week. I still have not posted their 9 month pictures and we have been on at least two trips I need to blog about. I have a lot less time now that one of the girls is mobile!!!!