Monday, March 30, 2009

The Amazing Escape Artists!

The other day at bed time I decided to put the girls in gowns instead of footed pjs. One of the first pieces of clothing I had bought them while I was pregnant. They are preemie size but have looked too big to try until now. I put them on and swaddled like I always do. I go into my room and start to get myself ready for a nap before the next feeding. I check our video monitor because I hear a lot of moving around. I see Madelyn first and I see her arms and some shoulder. I walk into their room and this is what I see...

I look over at Kinley and she is getting out of her gown too. (notice they don't even look sleepy at 12 in the morning) I go grab the camera, take some pictures. I watch for a little while and before it's all over Madelyn pretty much gets out of the gown. I figured thats not going to work and change them both and put them back to bed. Ever since that night they seem to really good at getting out of their swaddling!

In other news!

On Sunday we took a picture of me and the girls. I realized that we don't really have any pictures of me and them. How sad is that? I have so many pictures of them and other people but forgot about taking one of us.We took the girls to the doctor today for a weight check. I always dress them up to go to the doctor because that is one of the only times we really leave the house.
Kinley is finally over six pounds. She weighs 6.5 pounds and Madelyn is one oz away seven pounds!!!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Due date...yesterday!

March 24th was my due date. I can't believe I have two six week old babies! Sometimes I just look at them and think I have twins!!!!!! It's crazy.

We decided to take some pictures. They didn't completely turn out how I wanted them to but I think we got a few cute ones.

Madelyn and Kinley

Madelyn being sweet to Kinley!

How it really is taking pictures
Kinley hanging out with her uncle Ray outside over the weekend.

Ms. Maddie and I hanging out. We have been struggling with Madelyn this week around five everyday. She gets so upset. During the day she is a perfect angel!!!
This week we are trying to get into some sort of schedule around our house. It goes better some days than others but we are getting there. I am having to learn how to do everything in a three hour period. I would not change it for anything!

Hope everyone is having a great week. Working on a birth story post. I know it's late but I realized I should write it all down before I forget.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last weekend with Aunt Becca and many firsts for the girls!

Last weekend my college roommate and very good friend Becca came into town. She had never met the twins. She actually came into town for my shower the day they were born but had left an hour or two before they decided to deliver them. We were so excited when she emailed and said she was coming.
Kinley on right, Madelyn on left!
Becca and Us!
Kinley is the one that you can't see well.

When she emailed to say she was coming, I told her we don't do a whole lot because we aren't really taking the girls many places yet. Well over the weekend we did lots of new things with the them.
Our first walk in a park!
We loved it however I found out i'm a little out of shape! Ha!
The day before Becca came to visit she was in a bike ride and rode 23 miles. She is not out of shape, I'm sure we were holding her back.
After the walk we took them to a restaurant!
It's a small little burger place that our family goes to sometimes after church.
Our first real experience out in the real world. They stayed in the carseat the whole time and slept.
First time in one of their swings!
It swings kinda fast for them now but they enjoy sitting in it and listening to the music!
We all really enjoyed Becca's visit and were sad to see her go. I hope she can come back soon.

This week we find out about Kinley's hip and if she will have to wear a brace or not. We had weight checks and a shot this week. Madelyn is over 6 pounds and Kinley is not far behind!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY FROM THE TARRANT'S We thought we would try on our new green dresses for St Patrick's. They are newborn size but looked much smaller so we thought we would try. What you can't tell from the picture is how big they looked. We looked like little girls playing dress up. Which is really what Mommy was doing. We are having trouble finding clothes that fit. Preemie stuff fits great except it's not quite long enough. The only thing that fits is Carter's oneies. I know that they won't be small for long and we can wear our newborn clothes.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Walking and hip appointment

It's only been two weeks since the girls came home but I was getting cabin fever so we....went on our first walk!!!! We packed up the girls in their carseats and stroller (Thank you Suz) to walk around the block for about twenty minutes. It was so great to get out of the house even for a few minutes.

First time in stroller and on a walk!!

The three Tarrant girls glad to be out. Well mostly me, they slept most of the time.

Halfway through the walk, Madelyn woke up and Chris pushed and held in a pacifier.

Kinley had her appointment at Cooks to check on her hip this week.

Kinley waiting in her car seat.
No one ever believes us when we say she is a month old.The doctor said that he hears a click but is not sure if it's out of place or not. He wanted us to go to a pediatric radiologist for another ultrasound. She is such a trooper. She hardly ever cries when they mess with her. We will know more next week after our appointment.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

One Month Old!!

Madelyn and Kinley are one month old! I can't believe they have been here a whole month. Having them is more than I ever imagined. It's truly amazing how much you can love two little people so much. It has been lots of fun and lots of work but all t
otally worth it.

Kinley (left) and Madelyn (right). 
Linda Gibson made them the blanket they are laying on.
These are preemie clothes and they are a little big!
Kinley holding her hands together being so sweet! She 
is my calm one... most of the time.

Madelyn...not always so calm but very sweet! 
Yes they usually wear bows! I just think they are so cute.
So Sleepy!
A real look into our day! The girls LOVE their boppys....but not always each other!!! I always put them together because I want to see that 
sister bond. We are not there yet!!!! 


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pictures Post...Pedi's and Baths.

We are all doing good just settling in to all being at home. We are tired most of the time but it's well worth it. My mom has been so helpful with the girls and stuff around the house. I don't know what I would do without her.
We took the girls to the Pedi for the first time the other day. They are both gaining weight and she said they looked great. We go twice a week for weight checks just to make sure they continue gaining weight. Madelyn weighs 5.8 and Kinley weighs 4.15. I can't believe how big they are getting. 

The twins waiting for pedi to come in.

Madelyn trying to hide
 from the camera 
She was not to excited about the doctor's office.
After the appointment we had baths. The girls do not know if they like their baths too much. I think they are cute though. 



Tomorrow Kinley has a hip ultrasound because they think she may have a loose hip. If she does she will just have to wear a little brace for a while. They both had one in the NICU but only Kinley has to have a follow-up.