Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!

I was going to post our Christmas card today but Chris left the file in his office. I will try to get it later.

Love, The Tarrants

Friday, December 12, 2008

Our week...and some other stuff.


Chris and I have moved! However the house that we moved into was a complete mess. My parents have been remodeling it. (it is their rent house) In fact it is still not done at all but we are living there in the parts that are livable. Anyways all that to say that this week we finally put up a few things that would make us feel more at home. Trust me it was bad and still has ALOT of work that needs to be done. It really helped feel like home to get the Christmas tree up. Chris put the tree together while I made these chocolate balls things for Chris's Starbucks. I got very Betty Crocker this week.

Also we had a Ultrasound this week. The girls looked GREAT, in fact they said that they looked so good we didn't need to have another ultrasound for four more weeks. Which is sad that we won't get to see them for a while but so good to hear that they are doing great. Kinley is 1 pound 11 oz and Madelyn is 1 pound 12 oz. I'm doing good just getting bigger and bigger. Madelyn has taken up shop in my ribs, which feels HORRIBLE. My doctor says they are probably bruised and didn't seem to think that it would get alot better. FUN!!! Chris's birthday is tomorrow and we are taking maternity pictures. I hope they come out ok.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We went today and had a 3D/4D sonogram today. I decided that I wanted one and we found a place that was running a holiday special. We loved it and loved getting to see the babies again. They told me with twins that its best to do it at 24-26 weeks. I am 24 weeks and today was the only day for a while that both of us could go. All that to say that they are not as clear as singletons that get to wait till later but we love them anyways. Kinley was not feeling the camera today and Madelyn was all about it. Totally the opposite of them normally.
Laying their heads together.

Kinley(not loving the camera)

Madelyn(loving the camera)
Sucking her thumb!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving, eating, games, and black Friday!

Well for Thanksgiving Chris had to work until 10 so we drove to Boswell, Oklahoma (Don't worry you have never heard of it) for lunch with the Family.
We had a good time and lots of good food and lots of PIE! On my side of the family every Thanksgiving is overshadowed with the fact that it's hunting season. So all the guys go out and hunt. Not for me though. I spent some time looking at black Friday ads while my mom and aunt did their normal thanksgiving tradition of playing scrabble. I some how got talked into keeping score. If you know my mom and aunt they are some serious scrabble players. Anyways Thanksgiving was pretty relaxing and it was great!!! Friday, My mom and I decided to face the crowds and go to Wal-Mart at 5. I should mention the closet Wal-mart is thirty minutes away. We went two years ago on Black Friday and no one was there but not this year. It was crazy!!! We fought our way through the crowds and ended up with a basket full. Chris had to work at the buck on Saturday and so he left. I decided to stay and hang out with my family and my brother who was home from College. Over all we had a great time just relaxing and being together.

In other news, for Christmas I asked for a 4D sonogram! We go on Wednesday to have that. I'm excited and really hope that both or at least one of the girls is feeling the camera. Alright I guess that's it. I went to Chris's office today and let him take a picture of my growing stomach, just for you suz! I am officially 24 weeks today!