Thursday, February 26, 2009

WOW...alot has happened!

So Chris and I go up to the hospital for our normal morning feeding with the girls. The Doctor comes in and says "well, you are rooming in with Madelyn tonight." Shocked because the nurse had said the night before that it would be a while. He comes back in five minutes later and says "well lets go ahead and try Kinley too!!!" We had to leave pretty much right then to get everything together and be back by four. They had to pass their Car Seat test first. They did fine and slept the entire time. They look so tiny in their big carseats. Kinley in front, Madelyn in back. It was crazy, we thought we for sure had a few more days. So we roomed in at the NICU that night in the smallest room ever. (not made for families with twins)

Chris holding both girls for first time!

The night went great. The girls took all their bottles and did amazing! The doctor came in and said well you are going home today with BOTH GIRLS! Kinley does have some drainage in her right ear and is on drops. It is looking much better already.

Madelyn getting ready to go home.


The Tarrant's going home for the first time together!

(horrible picture of me but oh well)

The girls are doing wonderful at home and we are loving having everyone under the same roof. Chris had to work at four in the morning at the buck so I had the 2 and 5 feeding by myself. I have to say thanks to the Gerwers for giving me lots of practice when I was their night nanny. It was not too bad though. It's wonderful having the girls home and it actually feels like they are our babies now.


Friday, February 20, 2009

My first two weeks as a mommy!

Well not alot has changed with the girls. They are both just trying to learn the bottle. It's been a roller coaster ride. Some days Madelyn is doing better then some days Kinley is ahead. They are already competing!!! We were told to make an appointment with the pedi on Wednesday or Thursday so we are hoping they will be home before that. We are ready for our family to be together!

In the last two weeks my life has changed so much! I thought I would blog about some things that I use every day and love!!! or at least use now and didn't before.

Boppy pillow!
I love this thing. We started working on nursing this week and it helps so much!

We found out this week that we are going to be a Pampers family for sure! They used Huggies on Madelyn and Kinley and everytime they leaked through. I'm not talking about a little either. It was crazy.
Preemie Sleepers!
We go through lots of these! I remember thinking we probably won't need these very much. Ha, was I wrong.

Butt Paste!

Kinley had horrible diaper rash this week . They were thinking it was a yeast infection but decided it was just plain ole diaper rash. We used this stuff and it went away!Shout and Dreft!!!
Like I said after the huggies trial and the fact that we are having some spitting up issues. I am learning that I love these two products and will go through lots of them. Thanks, Suz for getting me started with the biggest Dreft ever and the advice about the Shout.

I am loving my new role as a mommy and can't wait to really be one at home. It feels so different now when we are at home without them. We don't feel complete without all four of us together.
Don't worry I'm posting pictures of the babies too!!!


She lays like this most of the time! She has the longest skinny legs, fingers and toes!

Holding on to her Grandpa's finger. It melts my heart when they grab on to me like that!

We have also been trying to finish their room since they came a little early. As soon as it is done I will post pictures. It's turning out really cute I think.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our First Valentine's Day!

Madelyn and Kinley had their first Valentine's Day this Saturday. We decided that we wanted to spend time with them on Saturday as a new family. It was great. The night before we brought the nurses a basket of goodies which completly paid off. They were so nice to us, not that they were not before but we got the special treatment. They were bringing us pillows and what ever we needed. The nurse offered to take our picture together as a family for the first time. The best Valentine's Day present I could ever get.
We spent time feeding the girls and we actually got to put them in clothes for the first time. It was so much fun getting to see them in regular clothes.



They were both so cute in their pink little outfits for about two minutes. I looked over at Madelyn and she was spitting up all over herself and her clothes. I was trying to find a rag or something to clean her up and couldn't find one. I ask Chris to check Kinley's bed for one and he says she is throwing up too. We find some more clothes, change the girls and in about 10 minutes Kinley poops through her second set of PJ's. They had put newborn diapers on them instead of preemie. They are too big and they just kept leaking everywhere. All we could do was laugh and say welcome to our new life! I love it!!!!

At the shift change we had to leave because the NICU is closed for hour. Chris and I had a date at the hospital.

After going back to the NICU we feed and put the girls to bed. We were so tired we decided to go home and sleep. We walked into the door and found our table set with our wedding china (we have never used) and my mom had ordered us dinner. It was amazing.

Overall it was the best Valentine's day ever! Thanks mom for the nice dinner!
The girls are doing well in the NICU. We are really trying hard to take the bottle every feed in addition to breastfeeding. It's going ok, neither one is doing amazing at taking the bottle but we will get there. I am so ready for them to come home. Kinley made it over 4 pounds today, hopefully she will stay there.
I am still recovering but I did find out that my blood pressure was still high. I am taking medicine for six weeks, and it's already going down. I was also having some issues with swelling. Thanks to some tension hose I finally have my ankles back. YAY!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Introducing our little girlies!!!

This week has been crazy with all the running back and forth to the hospital to see the girls. They are doing amazing!!! We were told today that they are doing so good for 33 weekers. The only real thing that they are having trouble doing is sucking and taking a bottle. I am finally getting a second to post some pictures. We have a TON but I won't bore you with all of them. We are just a little in love with the two of them. It blows my mind how much you can instantly fall in love.
The Proud Daddy waiting to meet his little girls!
Me getting to meet Kinley for the first time. Madelyn was having a hard time breathing so I didn't get to see her up close. She was on a CPAP for a little while before they took her off and she has not been back on since!!!!

3 Pounds 13 oz
8:45 PM

Madelyn Clare Tarrant
"Baby B"
4 Pounds 9 oz
8:47 PM
Well, that is just a few of the thousand pictures that we have. They are a week old and we are loving every minute of being parents. Oh I also got my hair chopped off this week. Thanks Suz for taking me. I love it!!! Can you believe we have 6 kids between us?? I know I say this all the time but I don't know what I would do with out Suz. She was such a blessing to all of us during the birth of the twins. None of us know what we would have done without her. Thanks Joe for sharing her. I can't wait for the twins to meet the quads!

Going to make Chris post something this week about our new little family!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well you all already know this thanks to My wonderful friend Suz! We are parents to two of the prettiest little girls I have ever seen. We are still trying to figure out how all this parent stuff works. Sorry I have not posted before now. We were trying to get things flxed at our new house and get internet was one of them.We had lots to do before we thought we were having these babies. WOW! Lots has changed!!! I promise we will post pictures before the week is over. I just wanted to get on to say thanks to all of you, you have NO IDEA how nice it was to read your wonderful comments. The girls are doing great and seem to be right on track for babies born at 33 weeks. Chris and I are completly in love with our two little girls.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Pictures of the Girls

Liz had a great night of recovery...some pain, but no complications whatsoever. I stopped by to visit after church and was able to accompany Liz (and Chris) on her first trip to the NICU to see the girls since the OR! It was SO neat!

Madelyn is completely off CPAP. Such a cute little face! They both have beautiful heads of hair and perfect little features: nose, ears, fingers....simply adorable!

Madelyn (the feisty gal! Exactly like she was in utero!)

We don't know if the girls are identical or fraternal...but should be able to find out with some blood work. Madelyn

Such a sweetie pie! Madelyn

Liz was able to hold Kinley for the very first time! (Doesn't Liz look GREAT?!!)

Kinley--more laid back...just takin it easy (exactly like she was in utero)

Proud Daddy holding his baby girl for the first time as well!

Kinley- peekin out to see her Dad---yep, he's already wrapped around her tiny little finger!

(Suz) for Liz

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Welcome to Tarrant County, M & K!

(Dad jotting down their weights/lengths in the OR...who needs paper, right?!)

Baby A, Kinley Margaret
3 lbs 13 oz
17 1/4"
room air

Baby B, Madelyn Clare
4 lb 9.3 oz
17 3/4"

The girls came into this world kicking and crying! Mom did GREAT during the delivery and was recovering like a champ! I'm so proud of Liz! and Chris was adorable!!! Just beaming from ear to ear...such a proud Papa!

Liz was able to hold Kinley for a second in the OR, and she glanced at Madelyn as they wheeled them away to the NICU. Both girls are stable and doing well. Madelyn needed a small amount of oxygen via nasal cannula. Liz has yet to visit the girls in the NICU, so I turned down the request to see them in person. I want Liz to be able to see her precious little miracles before I do (just doesn't seem right!), I promise to have MANY more pictures tomorrow!

Thank you so much for the prayers! Chris and Liz appreciate you more than you know!
(Suz) for Liz


Tarrant Twins Will Be Born TONIGHT!!!

Yes folks, you read that correctly! This is Suz Steece guest-blogging for my ever-so-sweet friend, Liz!

Liz will be delivering her twins, Kinley and Madelyn, tonight: Saturday, February 7 at 8:00 pm! They will be born via C-Section.

Please keep Liz, Chris, the girls, and the entire medical team in your prayers as we eagerly anticipate meeting these precious angels face-to-face! Can't wait!!! I will be keeping you updated until Ms. Liz can get back to the computer.

I will try to post again, later tonight! (Hopefully with pics!)--so excited I'm shaking!
Love and prayers!!!

(Suz) for Liz


Thursday, February 5, 2009


I thought I would write a post about Chris. I have been blessed with such a wonderful husband. I don’t always realize it or give him credit for all the wonderful things that he does for me. Chris is one of the hardest workers I know. Since I have been pregnant and things are getting harder and harder as I get larger and larger, Chris is right there taking care of us. He is gets so worried to leave me and that something is going to happen while he is gone.
Since I have had to quit my job, Chris has really been having to work harder and work lots of hours at all his jobs. Chris works at Starbucks for our insurance which is such a blessing with this twin pregnancy. Chris also works at our church as a part time youth minister. Which doesn’t really exist because there is no such thing as a part time youth minister. He works contract for Time Warner Cable shooting various sporting events and with his own photography/video company. I know he enjoys all of them but they still take up time. He wakes up before the crack of dawn to go to Starbucks and doesn’t always get as much sleep as he should. He NEVER complains about any of this and is also willing to help around the house. This week I have had major problems with swelling and have been doing a lot of keeping my feet up. Chris has done lots of the house work and putting things together for the girls. He as been completely amazing and made me fall in love with him all over again. He is so excited about his daughters coming…nervous too. I can’t wait to see him be a Daddy and know that he will be amazing.