Thursday, August 28, 2008


Some or all of you that read this may already know this but....Chris and I found out on Thursday after our sono that we are expecting TWINS!!!! Shocked does not even begin to explain all the emotions we have felt in the last week. Shocked/Scared/Excited/a billion other things! I think that my mom said it best "its like finding out your pregnant all over again" We have had a week to take it all in and I have to say this is how its supposed to be. It feels right and what God has planned for Chris and I. I have been very scared since we found out about all the things that could go wrong with having twins. I mean to the point of keeping Chris up one night for hours crying and telling him everything that could go wrong. (he gets up at 3 am to work at Starbucks which is why we have insurance! So go buy $$$$ coffee) It is completely amazing how much we both love both of the babies already and can't imagine it being any other way. I also want to to say how amazing Chris is being through all of this. As soon as the lady said "oh its twins" he grabbed my hand and has been so supportive. I think sometime he is more excited than me! I know that he loves his babies and is going to be a GREAT Dad. I can't wait for him to see them!
I spent the day waiting for a life long friend to deliver her little boy, Nathan. I got to hold him and was shocked at how it made me feel. I CAN'T wait to hold my babies!!!! I almost started crying, and I don't cry about babies. We need all the prayers we can get for our family for two healthily babies that don't come to early.

For those of you that read Suz's or my blog know that we are friends. Yes we all think that this is funny that I meet her and her quads and now we are having twins. I now believe more than ever that God put her in my life for a reason. The Steece's are such a blessing to us, more than they will ever know. We love you guys!

I am typing on my laptop and don't have the sono pictures on it. Sorry will get those up.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Leaving the boy!!!

This weekend we went with my family to take my brother to ACU . I am so happy for him and I really hope that he loves his time there as much as I did. He seemed like he was really excited about getting there, and if any of you know Andrew you know that is something. We went on Saturday and moved him in and stayed the night. Sunday we got up and went to church and ran to Wal-mart for last minute items. (if you ever moved to college you know that is a must stop) It was raining in Abilene like crazy so that was fun moving things in and out! I took pictures of all of us but because of the rain we all look HORRIBLE so I am not going to post them. When I say we I mean me! I am so glad that I was feeling good enough to go. It was nice to be able to spend more time with him before we left him there. Here are some pictures of his dorm and moving in.

Andrew doing the important stuff like setting up the computer and printer!!!

Family moving him in and Chris looking at me thinking "why does she have my camera"

Monday, August 11, 2008


Well thats right! I found out while Chris was in Africa! Talk about hard. I told him on the Sunday he got home. I am about 7 weeks along and have my first appointment on Thursday. I have been so sick and can't keep ANYTHING down. I have already lost at least 7 pounds (which I know happens to a lot of women) We are super excited and can't wait for March 24th!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

HUGE NEWS...more to come later!

Ok, I don't have time to write the post that I want to but HUGE NEWS on the Tarrant Front.
This weekend we are driving to houston for one of my best friend's wedding. I will post the HUGE news when I get back!