Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Birth Story part 2

Alright, so everything was set for 8! I was super excited and nervous, so many emotions running through my head!!! Chris had run home to get some things when the doctor came in and said that it was planned for 8. He walks in with movies for us to watch that night. Ha, cause we were going to have time for that now.
Anyways, the whole time I was in the hospital I was told you do not want Magnesium Sulfate, it's horrible!!! The nurse that knew how I felt about taking this, comes in and says "I hate to tell you this but the Dr. wants us to give you Mag". What else was I supposed to do...ok, I say. By this time Suz was there which was nice because she knew what it was like. HA, everything that I had ever heard about it was true. The nurse put it in my IV and it started to burn. Over the next hour or so, it started to feel like my insides were on fire!!!! I am not kidding, it hurt! The only positive thing about it was that it can calm you down. I totally needed that! Earlier that day I was given something that made my heart race, made me shake and my face itch. I was also given another steroid shot. By this point the steroid shot was no problem. I had been poked so many times.

A lady from the NICU came and talked to us about what was going to happen with the babies once they were born! I felt completely calm about them and felt like they were going to get very good care. It was all just happening so fast!! I got so many texts and phone calls. I knew that the three of us were being prayed for by so many, some people I didn't even know.

The anesthesiologist came and talked to me about all that was going to happen. WOW, this was the part I was dreading all day. Let me tell you I had the absolute best anesthesiologist in the world!!!!! Everyone really liked him.

It felt like time was going so fast and slow at the same time...I don't know how to even describe it. Visitors were coming in and out, I don't even remember who all was there. Nurses keep coming in prepping me for surgery. Like I had said earlier I had never been in the hospital as a patient before. The thought of surgery was pretty scary much less the thought of being awake through the whole thing.

While we were waiting for my OR to be ready, they had to let another lady go before me. Finally they came in to get me...I said goodbyes to my parents, and Suz. Everyone else was in the waiting room. They were telling me on the way that Chris would have to wait outside till I got my spinal and epidural. I was wheeled in and got up on the operating table. I was feeling pretty calm at this point. My anesthesiologist kept talking to me the whole time...he was such a blessing. As I was getting my spinal I was aware the people in the room were just talking and acting like this was no big deal. Of course they do this everyday, it was me that didn't. I was all hunched over and then a nurse comes in and asks, "how are you going to pay for this?" I sit there stunned at this question, thinking, wow what a weird time for them to ask that. I say somewhat drugged " my purse is in my room or my husband is outside" They laugh and say no she was asking because we are all ordering dinner. I remember thinking, wow, why are they talking about ordering dinner when I'm about to have babies.

At this point I am laying on the table and they are starting the pin poke test to make sure I can't feel anything. I start to feel like I am going to be sick. He said I am giving you something for that. In about five minutes I started feeling better. I ask if Chris can come in who had been waiting in the hallway. Who I found out later was doing this...wasting time taking pictures. He told me later that he was so worried about me while he was out there.

He comes in and we have about three minutes to talk. They tell me that I should not be alarmed if the babies do not come out crying, that's normal. They would at least show me the baby and then take them to be looked over. Looking back on it now I believe I felt so removed from the whole thing. Like I was watching someone else. I couldn't fathom that I was going to be a mommy.

Dr. Cornwell comes in and tells Chris that she does not care if he takes pictures. Which was really nice of her. There were so many people crammed into that room waiting on Kinley and Madelyn.
Some of the wonderful nurses!!!
NICU nurses who we came to LOVE standing waiting by Madelyn's bed!!

It all happened so fast. They pulled out baby A (Kinley) and said it's a Girl, and she is peeing all over me. I heard her cry. They very briefly showed her to me and took her to my right side. I could sort of see her but not well. In two minutes they pulled out baby B (Madelyn) and said it's a girl, and she is peeing on me too. Such a look into the future, I swear they pee on the doctor every time we go now.
While they are pulling out Madelyn they are cleaning Kinley off. They brought her over to me and let me "hold" her!!

I'm still not sure what to think at this point. I just looked at her thinking wow, this just came out of me. After a little while they took her away.

Chris comes over and says that Madelyn is having to go on a cpap. They had told me all this and that it would not be strange for a 33 weeker. Because she was needing more help Chris was not allowed to take as many pictures of her.

Sweet little Madelyn!

They did wheel her by me but I could not see her well because of all the tubes. Chris asked me if I wanted him to stay or go with them. I wanted him to go with them. They finished up with me and wheeled me back to my room. I did it! I was not pregnant anymore. For the first time in almost eight months they were not with me, a very strange feeling! I didn't get to see them until the next day! You can read about my first visit here!

While writing this I didn't realize how emotional I would get. Looking back at pictures I can see how far they have come!!! Thanks for reading! I know it took me a while but I am so glad I finally sat down and wrote it!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Birth Story, Part !

It all started on a Friday, I was having my usual weekly appointment. I was in my 33rd week and my feet and ankles had been swelling like crazy!

A few days before my appointment!

While waiting I kept telling Chris how nervous I was. I didn't know why but I felt like something bad was going to happen this visit. They weighed me and
I had gained ten pounds in one week. I knew that wasn't good paired with my swelling. We went into the room and the nurse took my blood pressure....not good either. She measured me and I was measuring like I was 42 weeks pregnant with one. After what seemed like forever, I figured my doctor would come in and say "well, you need to be on bed rest" I was wrong. She came in and said "you are going to the hospital, we may be singing Happy Birthday tonight or we may not".
I just sat there stunned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I had a few more weeks!!!!!! I had up to this point a great pregnancy. No problems, only great news. In fact the visit before this one she talked about if I went all the way to 37 weeks.

I started running through everything I needed to do. I asked could I go home and get my bag (not packed). She said no that we needed to get to the hospital. Wow this is not how I had planned it. I was fine until I called my mom...I lost it. I could not stop crying. I was super nervous about everything. I had never been to a hospital as a patient. We get to the hospital and get checked in, get a room. We start calling people, I get really nervous still. They put me on a 24 hr urine test. I could get up and go to the bathroom and that was it. Once I got all settled in, Dr. Walker had ordered that I go ahead and have steroid shots for the babies. I got the first one, in my butt. Let me tell you it stings going in.

My blood pressure was not going down at all. I had some visitors come, and by the end of the night it had not come down so the nurses made everyone leave. They were monitoring the babies off and on all the time and they were doing fine. Although one time they could not find Kinley's heartbeat which made me worry for a while. I could never feel Kinley as well as I could Madelyn.

I was given some sleeping medicine which didn't help. I would have to wake Chris (not easy) up every time I wanted to go to the bathroom to help with all the IV's and wires. Around five in the morning the nurse came in to look at my legs. They decided I need to have an ultrasound on my legs to make sure I didn't have a blood clot. I g
uess because my legs were so swollen, it hurt like crazy while she was pushing on them. I made Chris crawl in bed with me. I'm such a baby.

So many things were going through my head. Were the babies going to be ok, was I going to be ok? After the leg ultrasound, they gave me a catheter. That was probably one of the worst things I had done to me while I was there. All this before 7 in the morning. I then called my mommy to come be with me. Yeah, I needed my mommy! I should have mentioned that I had two showers that weekend. I was totally bummed! My friend, Becca who was coming into town for my shower came to visit. I was allowed a few visitors at a time. We had a nice visit while I ate lunch. Sometime after lunch the nurse came in and said basically I was not peeing enough. They were going to give me more IV's and wanted me to drink lots of water. I should say all through out the day Chris and I would text Suz and ask what all the medical terms meant. Should we be worried or not? I don't know what we would have done without her during this whole birth but that is a whole other post!!!
My hospital Room!

Anyways, The nurse comes in and asks if the contractions are bothering me. I was shocked I couldn't feel anything. Not that that is a bad thing!!! The doctor that was doing rounds came in and said that I was in there for the duration of my pregnancy. I had a silly idea I would get to go home...I guess I was wrong. The nurse checked my cervix, I was doing nothing. Overall I was in a moderate amount of pain from just being pregnant and then they kept poking me with everything. The worst part is my Doctor, who I absolutely love was not there. I seriously have the best doctor. I was given one of her partner's that ended up being great too. About five minutes after the nurse hooked me back up to the IV's she came back in and took my water away and said I was having the babies today. Dr. Cornwell came in and told me that I was not peeing enough and was worried about my kidneys and that my blood pressure was not going down. The OR was booked for eight o'clock!!!!!

Ok, Sorry I don't have many pictures. I know we took more I just can't find them. Part 2 has LOTS of pictures!!! Photobucket

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2 months!!

WOW! I'm really going to try to get better about posting. We have been sick and went out of town this week. I am going to try to catch up on all the things over the next week.

The Twins turned 2 months old this month. I can't believe how big they are getting!

Kinley Margaret

7 pounds 5 oz.
almost 20 inches.
smiled once or twice.
On track for adjusted age (age she would have been had they been on time)
starting to like the swing.
Wearing preemie clothes but some newborn.

Madelyn Clare
7 pounds 9 oz
almost 20 inches too.
Will look around when she hears talking.
On track for adjusted age.
Still wearing preemie pants but in mostly newborn.
Can be really cranky but also very sweet.

I just like this picture! I love their little hands and feet.
Kinley(left) Madelyn(right)
The girls are so sweet and are doing so well. I am enjoying staying home with them. I am always busy!!! There is always something to do. We are starting to get out more and more. We attract some attention sometimes. Everyone knows someone who has twins or having twins. It's fun, unless you are in a hurry. My favorite question, are they twins? Followed by are they the same age?? Seriously, people say this stuff to me. I think they are not really listening to my answer though.

Ok, See you soon...I hope!!!!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Easter!!!

I am so far behind in blogging that I thought I would just start at Easter and go backwards. This is mostly just pictures!

Our Easter this year was so different from any other year because we had two little additions that we didn't have last year. I have not totally gotten used to getting them ready and myself for church yet so this Sunday was even harder because we really all had to look our best!!!

Madelyn waiting for her mommy to dress her!

After the girls were fed and dressed we let them see what the Easter bunny brought them. They have bibs on because I knew if I didn't do that there was no point in their Easter dress. They got a little lamb and a little Easter bucket because let's face it...They had no idea whats going on!!!
Kinley on the left and Madelyn on the right!

MadelynAfter we were all dressed and ready to go we headed to church. It was great to be normal and get to go out like a normal family. After services and classes, we had an easter egg hunt. It was raining so everything was inside. So hard to find eggs on pews!!! As most of you know Chris is the youth minister at our church and the youth group is in charge of hiding eggs.

One of the great girls in our youth group. Cheyanne. She has been so helpful to Chris and I. Her and another girl named Jera even came over and helped me finish the girl's room before they were born!

Cheyanne and Jesika! We love you guys so much! It's a lot of fun seeing them all love our Kinley and Madelyn! I love that our girls have them to look up too.

After the egg hunt it was picture time with the girl's "cousins". It's a whole other post to explain. Let's just say we all love each as much as family. All of them have always called me Aunt Liz and call Chris, Uncle. We love them just like they were really our nieces and nephews!

Christopher holding Madelyn and Lily holding Kinley. There is supposed to be a another little boy inbetween them, Issac, but he isn't sure if he likes the babies or not. He is only four.

Lily looking at Kinley. She is so sweet to the girls and so helpful. She is going to make a wonderful big sister! Her mom is having a baby later this year!! Madelyn and Kinley are so excited to have a little playmate coming!!! Ok, Aunt Liz is super excited too.

Our Family!The girls in our Easter duds!
The really cute bows the girls have on were made by my new friend, Amber. She has made the girls so many cute things. I will post pictures of the way cute outfit she made. We took their two month pictures in them. Overall we had a great Easter with friends and Family.

In other news I am sick this week so pray the girls don't get sick!! We were told at their last appointment that we could drop a night feed. So.... We fed them at midnight and waited to see how long they would sleep. They are now sleeping to almost five!!!!! Well most of the time. We will take it!!!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter...sorry it's been so long!!!

WOW!!! It has been such a busy last two weeks. I have so much to catch up on! I sat down on the computer to do so and spent an hour trying to figure out whats wrong with the internet. I fixed it and now it's feeding time again. I will have to make you wait again. I'm so sorry but I will have tons of really cute pictures to make up for it! The twins had a wonderful first Easter even if it was raining!! Again I'm so sorry!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Things I love revisted!!

I figured since since the girls are almost two months old (tuesday) that I would blog about things I love!

The Diaper Champ

We have one in the girl's room and it is great. Totally keeps the smell out and uses any kind of bag. I don't know if other babies have as many dirty diapers as our girls but it is ridiculous. The diaper champ is great.

30 Rock

My brother in law gave us the first season of 30 Rock after the girls were born and I love it. Even while the girls were in the hospital and I had to wake up and pump I would watch it. After the girls were home Chris and I watch TV to get through those night feeds. It gives us something to look forward to.

I pod

Wow, these girls are Chris' because they love music. We started playing music for them in the car if they seemed upset and they would calm down right down. Now they never get upset in the car. After that we decided to put an Ipod in their room. They do great with it and calm down...most of the time.

Car seats

Chris and I are very lucky that they LOVE their carseats. It is great! They will be content in them for a long time. Sometimes when we get home they will stay asleep in them for an hour. We just hope they still like them this summer. We are driving to Atlanta for a wedding.

Double strollers

It makes life so much better with a stroller I can just pop their carseats into. It is how I do things. The three of us are taking baby steps about going out. Mostly because of RSV season. We have been to Target, Hobby Lobby and Babies R us.

Lavendar lotion

Every night we put this on the girls as part of our night time routine. I don't know if it really helps them settle down but I love the way it smells!

Alright I know I have said it before but I am really going to post my birth story. Two months isn't too late yet is it!?!?