Monday, May 31, 2010

Busy Weekend!

A while back Becca asked us if she could come and stay with us while she was in town for Special Olympics. YES, OF COURSE! For the last three years Becca has been apart of this event riding her bike with a sweet lady with Downs Syndrome as a unified team. It was a 15K and they both take turns setting the pace. It was SOO neat to watch! Becca just finshed the MS150 a while back they ride their bikes from Houston to Austin!

Aunt Becca with Madelyn

and Kinley...the girls weren't sure of the helmet at first.

The night before the race Becca and I got to go out to dinner with a college friend for dinner. It was so nice to catch up with Kim even though she lives about 20 mins away I have not seen her in forever! She came to watch Becca and Finally got to see the girls...sadly this was the only picture I have! Welcome to having twins there is ALWAYS someone under your feet!

So last week we got to meet the Hutton's of The Hutton House blog. After meeting them and getting to play with their little girls we knew we wanted M&K to meet Alex and Avery. The opportunity came pretty quick. They told us they were going to be in Austin because Brad was running sound for Austin Wine Festival. We decided to head south and make it happen. "Aunt" Becca was still in town and decided to go with us...It is ALWAYS nice to have an extra set of hands especially with two sets of twins, both 15 months old!

The girls together for the first time.
This picture cracks me up, it looks like Alex and Avery are thinking..."wait, there are two of them too"

They all started playing together around the wagon. It was soo cute to see them all play together. So FUN.

Kinley just couldn't stand it and started chasing A&A
(she started really walking this week, post coming)

LOVE this! Look at those good Daddies walking with their girls.. Let me tell you, they are two VERY good Daddies! You can tell how much they both love their girls.

Those Sweet Hutton Girls! I just LOVE them!
The girls used their wagon pretty much for the first time (other than around the neighborhood) They seemed to think it was fun, I think it was different from the stroller and they thought they weren't strapped in...HA! Thank you Grandma (Chris' Mom) for our wagon, they had gotten it for their birthday.

We did a little Stroller/wagon swap! I thought maybe my girls would nap in the stroller...HA, There was just too much going on.

We decided to go cool down in the RV for a while...I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of the girls playing together inside. It was just fun to watch them together. After we cooled down it was back outside to listen to music!

They thought the wagon was lots of fun to play in!

All four looking at the camera! New BFF's!
We had such a good time visiting and playing. I feel like we hit it off so well and it was like we had been friends for a long time. Brad, Kristi, Alex, and Avery, Thanks for inviting us to hang out for the day. It was such fun and we ALL had a wonderful time. It was so nice to talk to people who know what it's like! We can't wait till we can all do it again...soon! We only wish you all lived closer. Oh well four hours isn't too far!

Becca, Thanks for tagging along and helping! We love you and don't know what we would do without our Aunt Becca. Can't wait till next time!!! We will come to you next!

After we said our goodbyes we headed over to see Uncle Clint and Aunt Andrea who had just got back from their honeymoon. They had a quick dinner with the girls before we left. They had not seen the girls since it was nice to catch up!

Being silly!

We had such a good weekend and can't wait for what else the summer is going to bring!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Eating with the Tarrant's

I got brave and decided to let the girls use spoons again, but this time get it on video. It didn't go any better. Kinley is on the left and Madelyn on the right.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Weekend...away!

Our first full weekend away from the girls, to sum up in a word was...RELAXING! I love my girls but man, they are alot of work! It was nice to step away from everything and enjoy it!

It started early Thursday morning, we left before the girls woke up. Worked perfectly because when they woke up Mimi was here and let's face it they were super excited I'm sure. We drove to Austin and checked in to our hotel. The boys went one way and the girls another...Manis and pedis! I was all sorts of ready for someone to pamper me and catch up on all the gossip mags! My mother in law surprised me and treated me to all that for my birthday!!!

After that, we had a wonderful dinner at the Salt Lick
You are missing out if you have never been to this place! A must have in Austin.

Friday was all about the wedding! In grand wedding fashion most people involved were running from place to place with finishing touches!

Andrea and her Dad (her parents are about the nicest people ever, LOVED THEM)

Sorry the pictures are not great, I had Chris's camera and it was DARK! We didn't take many pictures all weekend because we forgot the charger and didn't want the camera to die.

Chris was the best man
If any picture sums up between the wedding and the reception it is this....

Never a good sign when GPS looks likes this and you have NO idea where you are going...Anyways we got there finally and all was well ;)

The Four of us...Yes I know my eye are closed but this was the only picture we have!

Chris and I enjoying the night!

Congrats, Uncle Clint and our new Aunt Andrea! We love you and wish the best for you guys!

After the reception we headed to San Antonio for two nights...It was wonderful and we slept in both mornings...Has seriously not happened for me since before I had the babies!

Our Hotel...

A few pictures of our time on the Riverwalk
It sure was nice to just be a couple again instead of parents for a few days. I think we both came back well rested and ready to be better parents. I highly recommend it to any parents, take some time for's worth it!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My New "REAL" life friend

We have just gotten back from a WONDERFUL weekend! We were kid free and got to be carefree for the whole weekend! I have not had time to download pictures from the weekend yet but I wanted to blog about meeting a VERY special person today!

For over a year now I have been emailing, IMing, and facebooking with a dear friend. She has twin girls that are five days younger than mine. We both had to deliver at 33 weeks due to preeclamsia. We just have lots in common! I have enjoyed getting to know her and her family online, until today!!!! I got to meet them in real life!

Kristi even sent us clothes when we first starting chatting! I don't mean a few things but TONS of stuff that her girls couldn't wear anymore. Even though our girls are 5 days apart our girls are pretty different size wise. We have gotten SO much use out of the Hutton's clothes!

The Hutton Girls

The Tarrant Girls

We enjoyed getting to chat with Brad and Kristi and then getting to play with Alex and Avery too! Man, those girls are SOOO cute!

Me with Alex and Chris with Avery

The girls minus K&M

I feel so lucky that I have this blog to bring some of us together! Thanks for becoming one of my very good friends, girl! I can't wait for our girls to meet. Chris and I are going to make it happen very soon.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shopping with the twins lately

So lately shopping with the girls has gotten quite interesting. In addition to the normal grabing everything and whining when I don't hand them everything they have become quite the daredevils!

See how sneaky they look!

So the other day at Target, I was running into the store just buy diapers. (which face it never happens at Target, I always buy tons of stuff!!!) Anyways I decided that I just wanted to load them into the shopping cart so I parked next to the shopping cart drop off. I parked too close to it and couldn't fit the cart on both sides of the van. I loaded kinley first then parked her at the end of the van to get Madelyn. (quickly I might add) I was watching her the entire time except when I had to unbuckle maddie. I turned around and didn't see the cart or kinley! Ok, freak out moment. Run around and see kinley and the cart rolling down the parking lot!!!! Seriously she was at least three cars away and smiling like she was on a rollar coaster. I looked like a crazy person running down the road carrying another baby chasing a runaway cart. Madelyn and Kinley thought we were playing the whole time laughing!

Then the other day I decided to do a little clothes shopping. Madelyn who is turning out to be my monkey, was completly out of her belt and looked like this!!!!

I have no idea how she got out of the belt but she did! I quickly took a picture with my phone so it's not that great of a picture.

Never a dull moment!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I know I am behind but I am trying to catch up...famous last words! A few Sundays ago our church had Church in the Park. We do this twice a year and it is always lots of fun. Last year Kinley was sick and only Madelyn and I got to go. It was fun to get to take both girls, but man were we tired! It's hard enough to get them to sit still during church much less when it is at a park! We only snapped a few but I thought they were cute.

Kinley, her hair is getting longer!

Madelyn was completely asleep swinging with Lauren (her cousin)
After church some friends of ours and us decided to go take bluebonnet pictures. It didn't go great but we got some ok pictures. Kinley started running a fever that night so it explained them not really wanting to sit in a field of flowers and cooperate! We didn't get any of them not crying and both looking at the camera. Hey, we do what we can!

Our family



Like I said the picture taking didn't go well and there was lots of pictures that didn't make the cut, I figured I had to include some outtakes. They really show how the girls felt about the flowers!
Kinley was quite unhappy

We are doing something different this week...Mimi and Poppy are watching the girls for a few days while we go to a wedding! Wish us ALL luck!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

So nice to have friends!

Suz, Casey, Me and Ashley!
Recently I was luckily enough to be able to sneak out and go Celebrate Suz's birthday! Let me tell you how much I LOVE these girls.

Suz, My ROCK! This woman was there for me before I was a mom to twins! She got me through my pregnancy and spent time with us, while I was in the hospital and the girls in the NICU. She (and Chris) were with me when I met the girls for the first time after birth I can't imagine having anyone else there. She loves my girls like her own.(I am pretty fond of her kiddoes too) She is there whenever I need her. For those of you that don't "know" her she is a mom to quads and still always willing to help out! She is amazing and I look up to her and her advice ALL the time. I don't know what I would do with out her. Joe and Suz's are truly special people to Chris and I and I know we can't imagine life without them!

Casey, also a mom to quads! She is truly one amazing mama, and in all her "spare" opened a online store called Designed for Babies (lots of fun stuff for moms and babies!) I was actually a night nanny for the Gerwers quads for a few months once they came home. She helped me get ready for the sleepless nights I would have at my own house the next year. I actually found out I was pregnant the week after I stopped night nannying. I have loved getting to know her kids and watch her become this amazing mom! Casey you are truly amazing and an Inspiration!

Ashley, Wow! I don't even know where to start with her...Ashley and I were pregnant at the same time. Our due dates were days apart...When I became friends with Suz, we figured out her brother and Sister in law (Ashley) lived down the street from where we were going to move. Once our babies were born our friendship really started to grow. I don't know what I would do without her! She makes me feel sane most days...She is my diet buddy, workout buddy, walking buddy, complain about name it, anything! We LOVE getting to play with Carter and her.

Girls, You make my life better! I don't know what I would do without you!

Picking up the birthday girl!

Totally melted my heart when Sav ran up to me when I came over!

Monday, May 10, 2010

15 month check-up

WOAH! We just got home from a BUSY weekend of housesitting! We also attended my cousin's graduation from ACU! Let me tell you what's not fun...riding in a car with 15 month twins for 2.5 hours, get out sit at a college graduation where they have to sit still (WHICH THEY DIDN'T) then get back in the car to ride home! There was a family behind us at the graduation with itty bitty twins that couldn't be over 2 months old...I know they were watching us and thinking...WOW, that is what we have to look forward too! Then mother's day, but I will post more about those later...Camera is dead and I just wanted to write down about our 15 month appointment before I forget!

17.15 pounds (not on charts)
28.3 inches long

17.5 pounds (who for the last 6 months or so has been heavier) (not on charts)
28.7 inches long

Kinley is having some STRONG dislike towards the doctor's office...well most people actually. That girl is my right hip...she won't go to Chris most of the time. She about lost it when they tried to measure her head...I don't mean didn't like it, like screamed like she was dying.

Because the girls are not walking yet.(kinley has taken some steps) We are having the girls looked at by ECI (early child intervention) The pedi along with me think it's not completely necessary but might help them reach this milestone.

She is glad that they are drinking out of sippy cups...they aren't drinking quite as much milk but she did say that usually happens when you switch them over.

Wishes they were gaining more weight but isn't too concern.

Since the girls have turned one, and really started watching baby Einstein, Madelyn squints some of the time. I told the pedi about this and she wants me to take her to a eye doctor. Making the appointment today.

Leaving the appointment I can't help but feel a little overwhelmed with all this information. It must have been obvious that I am just a little stressed...She asked "do you have help, like that comes over and entertains the girls?" Ha, I have been pretty bad accepting help but I guess I should just get over it.

I know there are no pictures today I really just wanted to get everything written down before I forget!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This is the life!

This weekend we are housesitting/kid watching for my aunt. Her kids are older so we really just there to get them to and from me it's worth it to have someone to occupy the twins. They LOVE Spencer and Logan!

Tonight we played outside in the backyard all evening! They seriously have one of the prettiest backyards I have ever been in! It was so nice we decided to grill out and have steaks. It was wonderful! After the week we have had it was so nice to relax. Kinley ran a fever for a couple days and has now broken out in a rash (viral) Madelyn has had a snotty nose and both have been in bad moods. Two nights this week Kinley woke up pretty much every thirty minutes all night long! So relaxing the evening away was just what we all needed!

Madelyn has taken to climbing on everything! She is trying to escape baby jail!
We forgot the camera, I was so disappointed so I tried to snap a few with Chris's phone.

After chasing the girls around the yard, this is how we spent the rest of the evening!


Madelyn a little upset she didn't get steak and all she got was a cookie!

After playing outside our Stinky girls needed a bath! They LOVED this big tub!
(we had the towel in there to keep them from slipping)