Monday, July 7, 2014

Catch up...Remodel

During last year we decided to remodel our living room/entry/dining room area. Our house is not huge and we wanted a more open feel. If you ever decide to remodel...DON'T, just move. Well maybe that is a little drastic but it isn't too far from the truth. We planned to do another part of the house too but after this decided we wanted to take a small remodel break! 

This used to be a closet....I don't have a before pic.

Did I mention we had popcorn ceilings...ugh the mess. 

We were all so ready for the mess to be gone. It even sucked up through the intake vent and went through the whole house. it was AWFUL. 

When you walked into our house you walked into a hallway type area. This is what that wall looked like.

 I will admit the demo could be a little fun! 

 We even got a few mishaps with all the construction. 

One of the things I was soooo anxious about was replacing our floor. I am kinda of a freak about clean floors. This light wood drove me NUTS. 
I fell in love with the floors we picked out. Love them!!!

Thank Goodness for my Dad. We would still be in the middle of all this if it wasn't for him! If you know my Dad you know how good at this stuff he is! We are truly lucky!

Ok, this is the picture of the wall before we changed it up. I think this ended up being my favorite part. We were going to tear down the whole wall...

The wall from the living room

During!!! The armoire in back ground is another project I had going...

The bar...probably my favorite thing in my house. Yes, it was Christmas time...such bad planning..I actually think this was taken Christmas Eve, chris had the flu and my entire family was coming over the next day...

Finished!!! Ok I don't know why I took the pic before the outlet cover was put on.

My awesome Bestie gave me her bar stools when they moved. They are prefect for our bar! 

My new front door!

It was A TON of work and we were pretty much grumpy the entire time but we love it now. We still have a lot to do to make the rest perfect. I don't know if we will ever do all of it but for now we will enjoy this! The girls always say Mama I like our new house better...

Monday, June 30, 2014

Catch up...part 2

This year has been full of memories and fun times. I wish time would slow down just a little.

Madelyn and her Bestie dressed like Indians

 Awful pic but Kinley and her bestie!

One of the "joys" of having the girls in different classes at school is Birthday parties. One of the girls Kinley plays with all the time had her party at build a bear.  Who passes up a Build a Bear!!!! We had to go!

Kinley with Beary...we need to work on the naming of things

We used this time to enjoy one on one time with the girls. Kinley and I had lunch after on our mommy/Kinley date. 

Don't feel too bad for Madelyn I did it all over again for her the next day! 

Madelyn with Bun Bun...yep still need a little work ;)

 My BFF Suz needed a little help with her boys one day. Poor Sav was sick and She needed to stay home with her. I got to attend (more like run back and forth) all three turkey feasts of the boys. I thought two was hard. I got a little taste of what she does with four. 

Three of my favorite boys in the whole wide world and my awesome triple dates! Love them like my own!

The girls went a little stir crazy one day and started playing "cruise ship" Yes, they are swimming in the bathtub.

Thanksgiving is always so fun but gets a little crazy figuring out fitting everyone in. This year we did my family a couple of days before.
At my Parents enjoying dinner

One of my favorite things is to watch the parade and the Dog having the memories with my girls. 

 Then we hurried for lunch at Chris's aunt's house

Then stopped by my cousins to say hi! 

 My mom and I were one of the crazies that went Black Friday Shopping. We had so much fun! 

I'm getting there and trying to catch up!!!! I promise I will.....

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Iphone pics catch up...part 1

I am so behind on blogging or keeping up with our life in anyway. I figured using my phone was the best way to catch up. I would love to say I will some day scrapbook the girls life but at this rate I'm not sure I will so I better do this!! ;) So if anyone actually still reads my blog, Hi out there! I hope I can keep this up. 

The girl's school in the beginning has many theme days...or color days. They get to be a little challenging but the girls think they are awesome...joys of school and parenthood! 

 Pajama day and Teddy bear day!

 Red day!!!!
So in Madelyn's class they had to take a "Me" bag with all things that they like. It might have been my favorite project. I loved watching her pick out things and talk about it. Now it is so fun to go and watch her and see how far she has come!!! Where are my babies!!
This is her practicing 
 We are lucky we live in a town with lots of activities and we never get bored. The Doc mobile came and we got take our stuffed animals for a check-up. We were LUCKY and got there when they opened and didn't have to wait. The line was over 2 hours long once we were leaving. We even got to meet the real DOC!

 This was before Doc came out (I can't find the picture) They even had cute lab coats for all the kids!
One of the things that changed this year was some of our besties started Kinder. We sure do miss them being around all the time but so fun to go have lunch with them! We hope the girls get to go to that school next year...fingers crossed!

 Purple day...
 One sad event this year was our sweet Cousin Elayna moved FAR FAR away. She decided she was too cool to hang around here and moved to LA. Excited for her but we sure do miss her.

We went swimming at her apartment one last time
The adults took a little time before she left to go see the Rangers!!! We had weird seats and Chris was behind us. Got to love 3 dollar tickets off stubHub!

Orange day. Some of the days were hard to find. We have a lot of PINK

 I just think this is cute. My dad got the girls fishing poles. They were OBSESSED, Madelyn even slept with it!

 My sweet itty bitty can't keep the movie chair down...cracks me up!

 Daddy went out of town for work one week and the girls and I went with him. We hit up the small town zoo and had a WONDERFUL time. I miss the girls short hair....might be time for a cut!



Ok super fun looking back at our year. Hope to finish the catch up this week!!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

First day of school!

The girls started their second year of preschool this year. WoW, Kindergarden is next year. I know people say this all the time but holy cow I can't believe they are almost 5!!!!! Jeez, my heart hurts a little, not gonna lie. 

I LoVE this picture it shows their personality so much. 

My Kinley girl

Maddie patty
The day before girls had meet the teacher! The girls got a little overwhelmed again this year. Started talking about wanting their sister in their class. Always a little hard to hear as their mom but it works well for us to be in different classes! 

Madelyn with her class mascot! 

 Kinley with hers!

 Madelyn with her bestie!! They are pretty close to inseparable in class. 
 Making little teacher survival kits...bless them! 18, 4 year olds!!
 Daddy got to come drop the girls off with us before heading to work! The girls were so excited!

We are completely blessed by the school the girls go too. We LOVE it. So glad we got to go there 2 years. I am a little sad we can't next year! :(