Monday, June 30, 2014

Catch up...part 2

This year has been full of memories and fun times. I wish time would slow down just a little.

Madelyn and her Bestie dressed like Indians

 Awful pic but Kinley and her bestie!

One of the "joys" of having the girls in different classes at school is Birthday parties. One of the girls Kinley plays with all the time had her party at build a bear.  Who passes up a Build a Bear!!!! We had to go!

Kinley with Beary...we need to work on the naming of things

We used this time to enjoy one on one time with the girls. Kinley and I had lunch after on our mommy/Kinley date. 

Don't feel too bad for Madelyn I did it all over again for her the next day! 

Madelyn with Bun Bun...yep still need a little work ;)

 My BFF Suz needed a little help with her boys one day. Poor Sav was sick and She needed to stay home with her. I got to attend (more like run back and forth) all three turkey feasts of the boys. I thought two was hard. I got a little taste of what she does with four. 

Three of my favorite boys in the whole wide world and my awesome triple dates! Love them like my own!

The girls went a little stir crazy one day and started playing "cruise ship" Yes, they are swimming in the bathtub.

Thanksgiving is always so fun but gets a little crazy figuring out fitting everyone in. This year we did my family a couple of days before.
At my Parents enjoying dinner

One of my favorite things is to watch the parade and the Dog having the memories with my girls. 

 Then we hurried for lunch at Chris's aunt's house

Then stopped by my cousins to say hi! 

 My mom and I were one of the crazies that went Black Friday Shopping. We had so much fun! 

I'm getting there and trying to catch up!!!! I promise I will.....

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