Friday, April 11, 2008


Well, life....Not a lot has happened since I updated last. I did start a new job...a night nanny! I have to admit that the first few weeks it was hard to adjust to not sleeping. I am starting to get my own groove and figured out what worked for me. They are two month old quads. Check out their blog!
Other than that our life is basically the same. Chris and I babysat the Steece's quads last weekend while Joe and Suz went out for a much needed break. I thought it would be good practice for when we have kids! Here is what you don't do to your husband who isn't completely sure about kids....take him to watch quads. J/K It was actually not bad at all because they are such good babies. Chris did however manage to make two of them cry!! No I am not joking. We also got to hang with Joe and Suz and ended up staying till 2 in the morning. Sorry guys but it was nice to hang out with people our own age! Not that we don't completely love our youth group.

I have been reminded lately how much I love my life! Chris and I may not have the biggest house or a house for that matter. We don't make the most money, we don't have everything that we ever wanted but we are totally blessed by the people in our lives. I will try to post pictures next time.

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Suzanne said...

amen sista! we had fun chit chatting with you guys until the wee hours of the morning as well!!! ditto on everything! ditto on your entire post! love you! ;)