Monday, May 12, 2008

A post about Suz!

This past weekend was so wonderful. We were invited to spend the evening with some really good friends on Saturday! It was Suzanne's birthday and we went to Joe T. Garcia's in downtown Ft. Worth. Let me tell you about her for a sec. I don't really even know where to start about this woman.

Sorry this might be a long post.

First off for those of you that do not know Suz, she and her husband have quads!!!! One day at our church they announced that there was a family that was needing some help with their quads. They were about to bring them home from the hospital and were needing help right away. I thought about it for a while and thought "no, I hold enough babies already" . Time went on and I actually forgot about the whole thing. Another Sunday they brought it up again, I thought the same thing again. However this time I kept thinking about and it kept weighing on me that I should at least go to the meeting. So I did and thought well I will at least go and help for a while. The first time I went I was actually kind of nervous to meet this new family. People that know me know that I hate when people don't like me, so I was worried they wouldn't. I remember walking up to the 2nd floor and seeing FOUR crying babies laying there. I picked up a few and instantly fell in love. I talked with Suz and instantly felt like we were friends. I hope that we will be friends for a long time. The only thing I wish is that I would have met her earlier.

I admire Suz so much that words can't even express. She is such a loving person and a wonderful friend. I am blessed by having her as a friend and I thank God for putting her family in our lives. I watch her being a mom to her precious babies and I hope that I can be half the mom she is. I have learned so much just from being her friend and watching her. Also I totally scammed these pictures from her blog. Chris's camera is broken so I can't get my picures.

I love you Suz!!!!

I will post pictures and a post about Barkley when we get a new camera!


Suzanne said...

oh liz--you are THE BEST! thank you for such a sweet post--my goodness! i LOOOOOVE you so much!

you light up my day
when you come to play
with one crazy momma
and four precious ba-bays! ;)

hee hee....i'm such a dork, but its true!!! so blessed to have you in our lives--couldn't say it enough!

Ashhog said...

What a sweet post! I'm so sorry about your dog-I know that's got to be hard. I hope everything else is going good for ya!

Collegegirl said...

Liz-you sound like the best person in the world! I keep up with Suz and she always raves about you. Keep up the good work!