Sunday, July 6, 2008

Needed to write...

I am housesitting so I don't have pictures yet.

I am totally ready to be back in my own Apartment and more back to normal day to day things instead of being at a different house. I mean this house is so much better then my apartment but there is something about being with all your own stuff. I miss my bed, my bathroom, even the huge mess Chris left from packing. Ok, I don't miss the mess but I do miss that I can't clean it up. I miss Chris too, but so proud of him and what they are doing in Africa. I have felt the need to write down some thoughts I have been having. I have sat down several times to write a blog and I had no idea what to write.

I finally heard that Chris and the rest of the team (including my brother) from our church made it to Africa! I wasn't worried but its glad to know that they are safe.


Linda Frances said...

so you added a "live feed" to your blog site - it is so interesting to see where people live who are looking at your blog - and if you are not "home" where are U - you can tell me in an email if you want to -

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