Thursday, September 17, 2009

A peak into our world as of lately!

So Kinley keeps getting this rash on her face. It comes and goes, but seems to come when she gets warm or is in the sun mostly.  I try really hard to keep her out of the sun but sometimes it happens anyways. Of course everytime we go to the dr for check ups it is never there.  

Here is Kinley right before we left to go the the dr!
I just love this dress on the girls! Their cousin Sarah spoils them ROTTEN!!!!
This is so not as bad as it has been. 
This is what it looked like the first time it happened.
 We were at the beach(I know I never finished our trip blog, working on it) 
Yes she was wearing lots of sunscreen!
The doctor looked and looked, asked me lots of questions and said "I'm stumped" She is sending Kinley to a dermatologist. She told me it might take a few weeks to get an appointment. We could not get in until November 4. So I won't know anything till then. I have a few ideas about what I think it may be. We will see. 

 Since we were there I decided to ask the doc about the girls HATING their food. She said due to their smaller size they really need to be eating things other than just formula. Which they have decided they are not crazy about that either lately. She gave me some tips, some are sort of working... They also got their flu shots while we were there! Can't be too careful! 

Kinley's new way of eating! 
She looks like a hamster drinking a water bottle. 
Later that week while I was packing I put the girls in their swings. I came into the room to find this. 
Madelyn fell asleep while chewing on the tray!
I of course got a few pictures before she woke up.  Look at her poor face! 
I have so much to catch up on! We have been housesitting/baby-sitting this week, I am finally home and trying to play catch up. For now however I am going to bed! 


Suzanne said...

LOVE the pics! LOOOOOOVE those girls! and my-oh-my does that feeding pic with kinley TOTALLY take me back to my little diva on her stomach- taking her bottle! hope the feedings get better, i know how ridiculously frustrating that can be!!! love you!!!! miss you!!!

Kristi said...

How funny, we are still the same way, sometimes you just have to let them do what they want as long as they are eating. We have those same blue dresses. So cute, they really make our eyes look blue. Her poor little face. I remeber the different places we fell asleep. Precious.

Stephanie said...

They are just too precious! Love the one of her sleeping on her highchair!!
Good luck eith the doctor and their feedings!

Celeste Smith said...

Hey! Maybe K is like her daddy and needs SPF 1000 to keep from burning?

In all seriousness I hope you can get to the bottom of it! Too cute about M falling asleep like that...makes you wonder how they can stand it!

Jennifer said...

ok I feel like helping you out in the feeding front. So in the video, I noticed that the rice cereal was REALLY try watering it down a bit? What we did with Jacky was we put rice cereal mixed with formula in a bottle with the hole in the nipple cut a little bigger. We had specific bottles and marked the bottom of the nipples for the rice so that way we didn't accidentally put just formula in it, because they'd flow really fast then. We gave her two "rice bottles" a day, and she plumped up really well after that!

If I can remember right, we put in a formula scoop of rice for every three ounces. I'd have to refresh my memory though. But I do know that with a rice bottle, we still put in a regular amount of formula in it.

Hope this helps! :) They are just TOO cute!

Holly said...

First off, your girls are just so so so adorable. I want to see them NOW! We will have to get together real soon.
Both of my kiddos have suffered with some form of rash since they have been born. So, I relate. I wish you could get into the doctor sooner. Why couldn't they squeeze you in???? AHHHH! Tell Chris hello and I think you two make great parents!