Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Last weekend we headed to Austin to see Uncle Clint (Chris’ Brother) and Aunt Andrea to celebrate Christmas together! Since they don’t live super close and Andrea was graduating this weekend with her Master’s…CONGRATS ANDREA! We decided to head down a little earlier and start some new traditions, and just hang out in Austin!

They live in a SUPER trendy apartment that is basically in a mall…that’s right they live in a MALL!!! Their apartment is over the American Eagle. I could have totally gotten used to that! The girls loved it…it’s an outdoor mall and the weather was FANTASTIC. We spent tons of time walking around outside. I didn’t get many pics or any really of the adults! OOPS, oh well!

The Girls taking in all the beautiful decorations


Watching the fountain…we spent lots of time there. IMG_8102 IMG_8103

We had tons of fun going to a Christmas Party, lots of good eating, looking at Christmas lights and making Christmas cookies! The girls got sick Saturday night with ear infections so they were a little grumpy but other than that we had a great time and CAN’T wait to do it again next year!

IMG_8106 IMG_8108 IMG_8109 IMG_8111 IMG_8113 IMG_8117 IMG_8138 IMG_8139 IMG_8140


Janet said...

LOVE the Christmas tree glasses! Your kiddos are too cute! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

What?! How did we miss this! Wish we could have gotten together! Looks like y'all had a blast!

Hannah said...

They live at the domain?!? How cool is that. We were actually there for about 30 minutes that weekend. We stopped at the apple store for my laptop on our way out of town to San Antonio (for sea world). Wish we had had more time and could have seen you guys!

Anonymous said...

Aww shucks, thanks Liz!

We DID have a lot of fun! :)


Kristi said...

Looks like yal had fun! Love those girls in their super cute Christmas shirts!