Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Last day of school

SOOOO behind but what else is new...LOL! The girls finished their 1st year of preschool in May. I can't explain how much school has meant to us this year. It has been so great to see them grow and learn. I mean truly amazing. They were so sad to be leaving school this year. I know that won't last long!! 

Our 1st and Last day pics...
Can't BELIEVE how much they have changed...
Kin Kin

I had the girls draw pictures for their teachers and tell me what they wanted to say to them. We added them to the teachers presents.

Madelyn to Mrs. Irons. 
 Kinley to Mrs. Melear 
 Madelyn to Mrs. Harris 

They had their last day parties in which I ran back and forth to each girls party...Man it is hard sometimes. The girls don't know any different so that is good. I had an emotional day watching them have their last day. I didn't expect that at ALL It was just weird watching my itty bitties finish their last day of school. It just the beginning of their school days and growing up!

Kinley in her Rainbow class
Since the girls were spilt up it was a little rough on them. They struggled a little at first. We were 100% blessed with their teachers. I mean each girl at least one teacher they were OBSESSED with. I know we will always always have a special place in our hearts for their first teachers. 

Madelyn and her teachers!!! 

Kinley and Her teachers!!!!
This was Mrs. Irons last year and to say that Madelyn loved her teacher was a UNDERSTATEMENT. Pretty sure Mrs. Irons liked Madelyn too. ;) This was Madelyn hugging her for the last time. They were both crying...It totally made this momma cry! heartwarming
The girls together at the end of the parties and ready to head home. Each girl's classmate loved when the two girls are together..."Look Kinley(or Madelyn) its Sissy" Pretty sure they assumed their names were sissy...cracked me up!!!

I struggled with the decision to put them in preschool, but now I wouldn't take them out for ANYTHING. It is wonderful for them and they LOVE it.

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Janet said...

Can't believe how big your girlies are. They are so stinkin' adorable!