Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday free time

Well it's monday and I am finally back to a normal schedule again!! Well sort of...we are housesitting & Babysitting for my aunt and Uncle. But the kids are at school and Chris is at work for the day. I have the house to myself. While this would normally not be a good thing to me all I have to say is YAY!!!!!!! I am away from my apartment so I don't have to do the hundred things I should be doing there. Like taking down the christmas tree!!! I could go home and take care of them but I am relaxing today. I took Defensive driving online last night and this morning so I am tired. I am going to the ladies devo night at church and thats about it.

LTC started big time on you know what that means. Chris has to be up at church until 4 on Sundays if not later. It wasn't that bad! We have such good kids.

I am still working as a nanny part time, helping Kimberly and Steven with Gillian on Thursday nights (when I can, Sorry!) I am also volunteering with a family that just had quads. The mother is becoming one of my good friends. I look foward to going over there every week. I will post another blog about them later with pictures. Chris's jobs keep him very busy and in turn sometimes keep me busy still...but we like to stay that way. I know that I haven't updated in a while but I thought I would start again...we will see.

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