Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Please start praying!

As you all know now I am volunteering with quads. The mother of those quads has recently met another mother who is going to have quads. She is having a C-Section today and I would love it if you would all pray for her and those babies. The crazy part is that she lives in the town that I Nanny in. Crazy huh? It's a pretty small town. Her name is Casey Gerwer. Please just keep praying for her family. Anyways I am texting back and forth with my friend who is there and will keep you guys posted. Sometimes I wonder if God might be preparing me for something. QUADS QUADS quad mom friend (SUZ) always jokes about that. Well maybe not quads but I am sure around a lot of people who have four children. So maybe God is preparing me or giving Chris and I birth control. Oh well glad I can help with the Steece quads and would really love to meet the Gerwer Quads.

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Suzanne said...

well well well...miss tarrant....i did not know you had a blog!!! woo hoo! i will start stalking! ;)