Thursday, February 21, 2008


This last weekend My mom, aunt, brother and I went to ACU SING SONG!! I was not looking forward to driving in the freezing weather but I was so glad we went! We did get up way too early because we had to be there at 9 for Elayna's (my cousin) club breakfast. It was good and really good to spend time with Elayna.

My mom, me, Elayna, Aunt Cathy
For lunch, (we were not hungry) we met My grandfather, Kay, Chris, and Brooke for lunch! It was nice to see everyone there.

The Grand kids that were there and my grandad.

We went to Sing Song and Elayna's group was great! I thought that Sing Song was better this year over all than last year. I got to see some old friends that I have not seen in a while.

Becca and Me!

On our way back we had Smokestack! One of the best restaurants ever! That's it for now, I know that's not everything but a quick update on me. This weekend we are going to Austin for Chris's brothers birthday. Where, drum roll please.....Chris is jumping out of an airplane. I promise I will
post pictures after. He is crazy!
I just took this picture of Lynlee (little girl I watch) today and thought I would post it!!!

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