Friday, March 7, 2008


If you find yourself wondering what is going on with the Tarrant's, you have come to the right place. We have kept ourselves pretty busy but we are having a good time. As most of you we love the camera so I am going to use pictures to explain what's going on.

He actually did it, he jumped out of an airplane! His brother turned 30 and this is how they celebrated. We drove down to Austin on Saturday morning and spent time with Chris's family. Then Sunday morning we, I mean they went skydiving!!!!! Here are some pictures from the weekend!

We always go eat here when we are in Austin.

Chris Signing his life away. No really that piece of paper said I know that I could die! He still did it, crazy boy!

The Walk of death.

Chris and his brother practicing, I think!

Chris had a funny landing.

He made me do that! I am just glad that he is still alive! HA
We took my brother, sorry mom! He wants to skydive now. It did look like a lot of fun actually.

Ok, to the rest of our lives. Chris has been really busy at church with LTC stuff. The youth group made a short film and actually their film was chosen as a semi-finalist at a film festival we are going to tomorrow. I will have to post a link if anyone wants to watch it. Chris had a lot of fun working on it with them, that kind of stuff is right up his ally. (I mean like he has a degree in it) haha! Other then that it has been normal day to day stuff keeping us busy. Chris is going to Africa this summer for a month so he has been sending out fund raising letters. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and to everyone that will keep him in their prayers while he is gone. Ok, me too--a whole month.

I'm still getting to go and see the quads once a week. I absolutely love that I get to go there. I love the Steece family so much and love that I get to be a part of their lives. I thought I would post some pictures I took of them. They are so cute and joys to be around! I took these last week while I was there. Hope you enjoy.

The twin boys. Andrew in strips and Drew in the Transformer outfit. (hope I am right) I just love the picture of Drew. He was making faces at his brother.


Suzanne said... the pics! and i still cannot believe chris jumped for his life! (however, i would TOTALLY do it! well, pre-quads i would have without thinking...i might give it a second thought now) that is so cool! glad you updated! love you!! ;)

Linda F. Gibson said...

Such precious children - they are love by so many people - me being one of them ! Glad you went with Suzanne and me today - it was a nice drive to Plano - well really to Murphy.

You never said any thing about this today! Chris jumping out of airplanes! OH MY!