Monday, November 17, 2008

22 weeks!

We ended up having our sonogram on Friday. The girls look great and are getting so big. Baby A (kinley) is one pound and Baby B (Madelyn) is 15 oz. I love getting to see them but it makes me sad too that I don't get to see them all the time. I can't believe that I am already 22 weeks it's crazy, seems like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant. I am feeling really good lately. I do not miss the morning sickness at all!!!! I am really starting to have trouble sleeping though. I just toss and turn all night. I have always been such a light sleeper anyways that having a huge stomach doesn't help or having to use the bathroom all the time. I am feeling both of the girls move now. It is really a neat feeling. It's not usually big kicks but more like flutters still. However some times one of them will kick pretty hard. Chris really wants to feel but so far no luck. He is being such a cute daddy already to his girls. I love listening to him talk to people about them. I know he is really excited to hold them.

My mom and went to babies R us and I think we picked out cribs. We have not bought them yet just in case we find something else. I really think I like this one though.

I guess thats it for now. Have a great week!



Following Him said...

I am SO excited for you!!! Bring on the girlies and oh I LOVE the names :)

Holly said...

I love the girls names!!!! I also love the crib!