Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Names and a fender bender

Well not much is going on with us since my last update. We have been trying to figure out some names for our babies for the last couple months. I always thought this would be so much fun but oh no...it's not. I was so overwhelmed by the baby name books and the fact that everyone around you has a thought on the subject. Before we even knew we were pregnant with twins we have had a boy name and a girl name. Kinley and Canon. When we found out we were having twins everyone thought it was a boy and a girl, so we thought we might already be done with the whole name thing. When we found out it was two girls I felt like we were at square one again. I was not sure I even wanted to use Kinley. AHHH, its been an adventure, trying to find names that both of us like. Anyways I think we are stuck on two names now. I did come around back to Kinley (chris's middle name is Lee) and Madelyn. Which for ones of you that read the Smith blog, I know her cute little girl's name is Madelynn (spelled different) but I really like it and didn't realize I was stealing until after I feel in love with that name. Thanks Smith Twins. As far as middle names go we are not completly there yet but working on it.

Ok, as far as the fender bender goes...I was in the smallest wreck ever. In fact I was not even sure we hit the lady but had just slammed on our brakes. Anyways I was not driving and neither was Chris but as soon as the insurance found out I was pregnant with twins they freaked out. I went to the doctor and had some tests ran. I am currently waiting for them to call back and schedule my sonogram since I was in a wreck. They were supposed to call yesterday and nothing so far....so annoyed. I am sure I am fine, and have heard both heartbeats so the girls are fine too. I just hate waiting around. Alright I guess thats it for now. I have been doing some shopping for our little ones(I can't help myself) and I have come to the conclusion that having little girls is going to be expensive!!!



Luckygirl said...

Not that my opinion matters (no one's does but you and Chris:) but I love the names Kinley and Madelyn!

Suzanne said...

girl, you will ALWAYS be taking SOMEONE'S name! you guys go with what you BOTH really love---(and, btw, i just happen to love Lee Lee and Maddie--oh yes...i just did it...i shortened them for a nickname!) gosh, i want to go girlie shopping with you!!! yes, it is going to be expensive, but your good friend suz is going to help you out a bit! ;)

also, stay on those nurses lizzie! glad you all 3 were ok after the bender. love you!

Stephanie said...

I think the names are just beautiful! All that matters is the 2 of you..people will always have opinions! ;)
Girls are expensive...but OH so worth it!!

Anonymous said...

I love those names!!
Girls are expensive, SHOOT, kids are expensive!!
We miss seeing you! I would love to love on the belly and give you a big hug!

Kelly said...

Love the names. They are beautiful! Our daughter's name is McKenna Leigh and her nickname is Lee Lee!!

I can attest to the fact that girls are expensive!! I was blessed with three handsome boys and one sweet baby girl (part of our twin pack)... man, I love to shop for that girl!!!

Holly said...

Liz, I am just so excited for you and Chris! You two are going to be AMAZING parents! PLZ send me a shower invitation when the time comes! I can't wait to get something for your babies! You look adorable pregnant!