Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We went today and had a 3D/4D sonogram today. I decided that I wanted one and we found a place that was running a holiday special. We loved it and loved getting to see the babies again. They told me with twins that its best to do it at 24-26 weeks. I am 24 weeks and today was the only day for a while that both of us could go. All that to say that they are not as clear as singletons that get to wait till later but we love them anyways. Kinley was not feeling the camera today and Madelyn was all about it. Totally the opposite of them normally.
Laying their heads together.

Kinley(not loving the camera)

Madelyn(loving the camera)
Sucking her thumb!



Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness..they are too cute! I love the one of her sucking her thumb!!

Following Him said...

This is SO SO SO COOL!!! I am amazed!

Kelly said...

You are looking great, as are your sweet baby girls!!! I hope you have recovered from your sickness and are getting some sleep!!!