Friday, May 29, 2009

Not much to report!

Well not much is going on in the Tarrant household this week. I have been trying to think about what to blog about and I was not having much luck coming up with anything. We did go to Austin last weekend but I took pictures with my camera and can't find my cord. I hardly use it(until the twins were born) but now I am in the market for a new camera. Any suggestions???

So after the trip I have had a normal week for the most part. I did get a morning off from the kiddos and got to scrapbook with one of my best friends. Thanks Chris!! I have not scrapbooked since way before I was pregnant. So now I have officially started on the twins scrapbook. I have two whole pages done!!!

Anyways, I could not think of anything to blog about so I thought it would be funny to show you some outtakes from our 3 month/mother's day photo taking. I think we got some really good shots but for those 5 or 6 good ones I think we got 100 not so good. I do however like to keep some of the not perfect ones because it shows what it is really like.

The girls were not crazy about laying on their stomachs and looking at the camera.
Madelyn, not loving the bucket!

Not one of these turned out good and only lasted about 3 seconds

Kinley showing her dislike with the photo shoot!
There are lots of others that look about like these!!! Hope you enjoyed. We have a few things going on this weekend so I should have something to blog about. Have a great weekend!


ARKmom08 said...

What precious hats!

I bought those baby jeans at Old Navy. Online probably has more size choices than in the store. In those pics they're wearing the flare style in 6-12 month size.

Stephanie said...

Love the pics...poor baby girls! lol
Sometimes its just as fun to look at those pics as the good ones!
Yeah for their scrapbook! Its taken me 6 years to finish Landons first 2 years! :)
Good luck!